Bill Maher Calls Americans Stupid; Andrew Breitbart Outs Him as a Socialist and NOT a Libertarian

Just like those in the Obama administration who think Americans are Homer Simpsons, Bill Maher admits that he believes Americans are stupid!

Also, despite years of Bill Maher fallaciously claiming to be a Libertarian, on September 24, 2010, Andrew Breitbart exposes Maher for what he truly is:  A Socialist!

Why?  Because no true Libertarian would support the large-scale expansion of government like Maher consistently does!

The look on Maher’s face when Breitbart finally outs him as a “European Socialist” is priceless!

Kudos, Breitbart!

UPDATE:  It seems the Lefturds at HBO have taken offense at my Fair Usage of a short clip from the Bill Maher show and had the YouTube Nazis remove it.  So, I have re-upped it at for your continued viewing pleasure:

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4 Comments on “Bill Maher Calls Americans Stupid; Andrew Breitbart Outs Him as a Socialist and NOT a Libertarian”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    Does the liberla European socialism work?

    I wouldnt know because according to bill I’m a ‘stupid’ American and yet I dont buy the Demo-crap or re-publican crud that the politicans spew currently.

  2. tgusa Says:

    So Americans who don’t trust politicians are stupid while Americans who do trust politicians are smart, ok.

    Has anyone noticed that the politicians are trying to ban sugary drinks, salt and stuff like that? Have you noticed that homosexuals spreading aids is still ok though? What costs more, aids treatment or salt overdoses? Democrats, they want a life filled with risky behavior for their own selfless pleasure, but they want the rest of us to pay the bills. Its not enough for them to pay for their own health care they want us to pay for them as well. Its really similar to what is done to men in the divorce courts, I want my choice! But I want you to pay for my choice mister!

    Now get your hand out of that cookie jar!

  3. tgusa Says:

    The talk show, such as this, is where they put you when you have failed miserably at your specific profession or talent. When you have been rejected by the people but you are a lefturd sweetheart, you end up hosting a little watched talk show, affirmative action, its not just for colored people. Ma-her, is just mad because he has almost zero impact on todays society, hes on hbo fer cryin out loud! Who pays for hbo?

    And he probably blames God for being a no talent hack too. Its your own fault Bhil.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Liberal, libertarian, progressives, they are none of these things. Think about it, consider Prohibition, the banning of alcohol and then consider what they are doing toady regarding Prohibition of not alcohol but everything else, sneaky. Think about it, back in the thirties the motion picture industry had a sort of code that stated what they could and couldn’t do or say. Today the motion picture industry has no such code that tells them what they can and cannot say or do, but the rest of the country does!

    Liberal, libertarian, progressive, they are none of these things, they are early 20th century prohibitionists.

    How come it took an amendment to prohibit alcohol but they can prohibit anything else without one?

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