Campbell Soup Partners with Terrorism Linked ISNA to Bring You Halal Certified Food

See?  This is what happens when businesses buy into that whole “religion of peace” BS – they invariably wind up crawling into bed with terrorist supporting organizations like the ISNA!

I’m pretty sure that somewhere, Joseph Campbell and Abraham Anderson are rolling over in their graves:

H/T – Cavmom

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11 Comments on “Campbell Soup Partners with Terrorism Linked ISNA to Bring You Halal Certified Food”

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    “As part of Campbell Canada’s commitment to diversity…” What?

    The only diversity they should be dealing with is flavors of soup. Do they also have Kosher soup? If not, just how committed are they? The only things to show up on their website, not just the Canadian one, if you search on Kosher are recipes that use kosher salt, and one PDF with supplier requirements where it speaks of ‘religious requirements (kosher, halal, etc.)’.

    I wonder how much they’re paying ISNA to put the logo on the can? I bet that if one investigated, there would be some “back-scratching” going on with this deal.

  2. Appalled By The World Says:

    It’s really amazing-Mo’s minions number a relatively tiny minority (for now) yet it manages to secure its ever growing list of “requests” way out of proportion to its size. I can’t think of any parallel happening in any nation of consequence in history. Hitler’s monsters slaughtered tens of millions and failed to gain their objectives-these fiends kill 3000, combine it with pressure and scare tactics and are managing to slowly subjugate North America quite well. Unbelievable!

  3. tgusa Says:

    Campbells Black Label? Well my commitment to diversity is such that even though I happen to like Campbells soup I won’t ever be buying it again. Its getting so I have very few choices in this diverse world. Oh and when we hear about some Campbells people attacked and killed over some scribblings on their can, write it off to, they shoulda known better. Diversity through death threats and oppression! Eat your soup infidel! Watch out what you put in that alphabet soup!

  4. islams not for me Says:

    As a ‘duely deputized’ member of the filipino community (By marriage). Many of thier edibles are also halal in many cases.

    Its really kinda of a bummer because some of thier snack foods are yummy.


    Drat I gotta do more label shopping now…

    (No more halal for me thanks Im driving…)

  5. You know, these are only available in Canada. But that doesn’t matter, because obviously, Canadian soups are a threat to America! One sip of this soup will turn you Muslim! Soon, we’ll have screaming hordes of quiet, polite Muslims rampaging through the streets of Vancouver! The price of back-bacon will plummet!

    Dick Cheney’s former company, Halliburton, is headquartered in Dubai! Are you saying that Cheney is a closet Muslim? That explains everything!

    Just because Campbell’s has offered kosher soups since 2003 doesn’t mean anything! And who cares that there are almost a million Muslims in Canada? That doesn’t mean that any company should tap that market, does it?

    • Leatherneck Says:

      Eating food sacrificed to a false moon god brings a curse to a nation. Bringing in moon god worshipers to live inside a nation brings blood, and murder.

  6. islams not for me Says:

    Nice liberal blog cynic. Its little wonder why you typed what you typed.

    I suppose you do the usual mistakes by assuming all religions are the same. I noticed your skepticism of Christianity in your blog and that doesnt suprise me.

    Sionce you side with the lefties and other ‘defenders’ of izlam I was curious of the following.

    After 20 years of being in the US Military and duty stations in the Middle East did you happen to recognize the differences between Theocratic islam and western islam?

    As a atheist (or whatever) do you know the differences between your beleifs and the islamic system?

    If moslems buy halal they support thier system and that includes the jihadis. Since I have yet to find a Jewish or Christian Theocratic system that poses a danger both politically and religious to my own I am unconcerned about them.

    As a liberal you are obviously upset and fightened of Conservatives, Christians and others who uphold ideals you dislike so much.

    Take the time to read the quran and research about islam as a system before you make such silly comments here agian.

    • Aw, INFM, you read my stuff. I’m honored.

      There’s nothing about you that frightens me, little man.

      I don’t defend Islam (it’s customarily capitalized, being a religion and all, and isn’t spelled with a “z,” just so you know), it makes just as much sense as most other religions.

      Yeah, it has a few radical followers. But since 1 in every 5 people worldwide is a follower of Mohammed, you have to expect a few bad apples. You know, like the kind of people who put pipe-bombs in mosques, or gun down doctors in church. Like the Army of God.

      And by the way, if Muslims buy Campbell’s halal soups, they support a majority-Christian company (see? That word is supposed to be capitalized, too), run by Campbell’s Canada president Phillip E. Donne, and Campbell’s Soup Co. CEO Douglas Conant. Both Christians.

      But you’ll believe what you want, won’t you? Facts don’t seem to be something you worry about much around here.

  7. islams not for me Says:

    Yes I dont really care about halal soup or other types of issues where UK, Canada, US companies whoring themselves out to gain another buck.

    I do care about what Theocratic systems do to both believers and so far the ‘facts’ lead me to disbelieve thier claims.

  8. halal Says:

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