Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D) from Minnesota Omits “Under God” From the Pledge of Allegiance on House Floor

Look, if she’s an Atheist, then so be it.  However, her staffers claimed that she omitted “under God” because she was just catching her breath.  As the video proves, she intentionally omitted the God part of the Pledge:

Hey, who are you going to believe; her lame-ass story or your lying eyes?

Vote her out for being a liar, Minnesotans!

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16 Comments on “Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D) from Minnesota Omits “Under God” From the Pledge of Allegiance on House Floor”

  1. tgusa Says:

    I won’t argue about the pledge but I will say that women like this are the greatest threat to our civilization that we have ever faced. We have seen hard times and tough wars but never did we have the mommy dearest type woman among us in any number or wielding any power. Our society used to be set up to root out these types but now that has changed. Like the Chinese professor sez, Americans, not content with their freedom and prosperity have handed it over to their adversaries. One has to wonder, if women like this even survive birth with their future communist overlords. Dumber than a rock, Lindsey Lohan smart, that’s what we see today, across the board, with every leftist female out there.

  2. MadVoterInMN Says:

    This was originally posted on my blog a few months ago; I am glad it has gotten out. More on my blog about Betty McCollum, and why we need to vote her ass out next week!

    Keep spreading the word!

  3. MN04 Says:

    Congresswoman McCollum has led the Pledge of Allegiance on the House floor several times before. Check out It’s all there.

  4. MadVoterInMN Says:

    And here is the response to what MN04 just posted. In Betty’s press release, all she did was point out that if you disagree with her, than you are an extremist and radical.

    The only ones not pissed about this, are the libtards that are still going to vote for her.

  5. MadVoterInMN Says:

    Thanks Doc! Go figure! And they used their work email?

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