Is it Just a Coincidence that ALL the Signers of the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” Pledge Were Voted Out of Office?

Hmmm…  Very interesting question, indeed!  Perhaps the moral to the story is that Liberal and Conservative bloggers will actually form tenuous alliances to take down anyone in government who dares touch the internet!

‘Net Neutrality Protectors’ Swept Away by Midterm Wave
by Capitol Confidential –

Ninety-five Democratic Congressional hopefuls signed last week a pledge to support the Federal Communications Commissions proposed Net neutrality rules. On Tuesday, all ninety-five “net neutrality protectors” lost to their Republican opponents.

Among the measure’s endorsers–or victims, as some campaign insiders suggest today–were would-be senators Alexi Giannoulias, Jack Conway, Paul Hodes, Joe Sestak and Lee Fisher.

With the nation’s economic recovery still in uncertain territory, opponents to the FCC’s redesign of the broadband regulatory regime point to regulation fatigue as the critical precursor of Democratic losses Tuesday.

“Candidates who support creating burdensome new Internet regulations were handily rejected at the polls,” a blog post at Broadband for America (BfA) reads. “The message from voters is that unnecessary regulation is a losing tactic.”

After House Democrats recently fumbled legislation to adopt reasonable broadband reforms, radical progressive groups have begun reapplying pressure on the FCC to unilaterally enforce Net neutrality rules by reclassifying broadband a Tittle II carrier.

The reclassification bid was so noxious that the groups faced opposition even from Democrats. At least eight-five House and Senate Democrats expressed reservations with the FCC reclassifying broadband.

Tuesday’s election returns appears to have validated BfA’s over-regulation fatigue rhetoric, with at least fifty-one of those eighty-five Democratic hopefuls surviving the Republican wave.

A full list of Net neutrality pledge endorses found below.

Harry T Crawford Jr – AK-01
David Whitaker – AK-03
Scott McAdams – AK-Sen
Steve Segrest – AL-03
William Barnes – AL-Sen
Joyce Elliott – AR-02
John Thrasher – AZ-02
Rebecca Schneider – AZ-06
Rodney Glassman – AZ-Sen
Ami Bera – CA-03
Clint Curtis – CA-04
Loraine Goodwin – CA-19
Tim Allison – CA-24
Russ Warner – CA-26
Patrick Meagher- CA-41
Steve Pougnet – CA-45
Kenneth Arnold – CA-46
Bill Hedrick – CA-48
Beth Krom – CA-48
Ray Lutz – CA-52
Kevin Bradley – CO-05
Jim Bryan – FL-01
James Piccillo – FL-05
Heather Beaven – FL-07
Charlie Justice – FL-10
James T. Golden – FL-13
Shannon Roberts – FL-15
Rolando A. Banciella – FL-18
Joe Garcia – FL-25
Robert Franklin Saunders III – GA-03
Doug Heckman – GA-07
Russell Edwards – GA-10
Bill Maske – IA-04
Matt Campbell – IA-05
Roxanne Conlin – IA-Sen
Scott Harper – IL-13
David Gill – IL-15
George Gaulrapp – IL-16
Deirdre ‘DK’ Hirner – IL-18
Tim Bagwell – IL-19
Alexander Giannoulias – IL-Sen
David Sanders – IN-04
Barry Welsh – IN-06
Alan Jilka – KS-01
Cheryl Hudspeth – KS-02
Stephanie Moore – KS-03
Raj Goyle – KS-04
John Waltz – KY-04
Jim Holbert – KY-05
Jack Conway – KY-Sen
Andrew Duck – MD-06
Fred Johnson – MI-02
Natalie Mosher – MI-11
Jerry Campbell – Ml-04
Shelley Madore – MN-02
Jim Meffert – MN-03
Tarryl Clark – MN-06
Joe Gill – MS-03
Dennis McDonald – MT-01
Johnny Rouse – NC-03
Bill Kennedy – NC-05
Jeff Gregory – NC-10
Elaine Marshall – NC-Sen
Rebekah Davis – NE-03
Ann Kuster – NH-02
Paul Hodes – NH-Sen
Gary Stein – NJ-02
Tod Theise – NJ-05
Nancy Price – NV-02
Joseph Michael Roberts – OH-03
William ‘Bill’ Conners – OH-07
Justin Coussoule – OH-08
William (Bill) O’ Neill – OH-14
Lee Fisher – OH-Sen
Joyce Segers – OR-02
Michael Pipe – PA-05
Manan Trivedi – PA-06
Lois Herr – PA-16
Dan Connolly – PA-18
Joe Sestak – PA-Sen
Ben Frasier – SC-01
Rob Miller – SC-02
Jane Dyer – SC-03
Paul Corden – SC-04
Greg Rabbidoux – TN-07
Ted Ankrum – TX-10
Tracey Smith – TX-12
Lainey Melnick – TX-21
Neil L. Durrance – TX-26
Morgan Bowen – UT-01
Wynne LeGrow – VA-04
Jerame Clough – WA-04
Julie Lassa – WI-07
John Heckenlively – Wl-01
Virginia Graf – -WV-02

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3 Comments on “Is it Just a Coincidence that ALL the Signers of the FCC’s “Net Neutrality” Pledge Were Voted Out of Office?”

  1. tgusa Says:

    If they keep this up they are going to have a war on their hands. Go ahead, toss me in jail, I will carry on the fight, and brutally, from there.

    • tgusa Says:

      The white bread left are the only leftists online anyhow. And beside, you need to be able to read in order to utilize the net, and the left is against reading, riteing and rithmatic.

  2. tgusa Says:

    I picked this up over at The Virginian who picked it up from the Instapundit.

    Andrew Klavan; Be A Reporter!

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