DemonRats Pass “Marshall Law” Bill

This one slipped under my radar yesterday.  It’s nothing short of a communist coup de’tat by the DemonRats.  Incidentally, just like the communist Health Care Deform legislation, not a single Republican voted for it:

Where’s the Tax Bill?
The Heritage Foundation


Politico also reports that Senator Reid is trying to add online poker gambling to this legislation:

Reid is trying to use the tax cut package President Barack Obama brokered with Republicans to legalize online poker, POLITICO has learned—a move that could further complicate the deal Obama announced Monday.

What else is on the table to be added to the bill? We will not know until they are voting on it. Remember Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D–CA) words that “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it”? It looks like the American people will find out what is in the bill well after it is signed into law.

Yesterday, the House passed a rules change (215-194) on something called “Marshall Law.” The House passed H.Res. 1752, the Same Day Consideration Rule. This rule waives all transparency requirements in the House and allow bills to come up in one day, without any hearings, significant debate, or any time to review.

Here is how this may play out over the next 72 hours.  The Senate is expected to take up an existing tax bill on the Senate calendar. They will strike all the provisions in the bill and then schedule a vote on the complete substitute to that bill. Senators Bernie Sanders (I–VT) and Jim DeMint (R–SC) have pledged to filibuster the bill; therefore this may extend the amount of time that the amendment is considered on the Senate floor. If the Senate passes the bill, then it is sent to the House. With Marshall Law adopted in the House, House leadership can pass that bill in one day. It is possible that this radical change in tax law could be on the President’s desk by Friday or Saturday.

Whether you are for this plan or against it as reported in the press, it is an outrage that House and Senate elites are trying to pass it without the participation of the American people. Even though Obamacare did contain many provisions that were inserted into the bill at the last minute, the American people were allowed to debate and participate in that process for several months. We just found out about the Obama tax deal this week, yet some in the Senate want to vote on it before the end of the week.

This act by Congress would violate transparency promises and the idea that the American people have a right to participate in the legislative process. This process needs to be slowed so that average Americans can grant consent to their elected officials to move forward with this package of tax items, which reportedly approaches a scored cost to the federal government of about $900 billion.

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6 Comments on “DemonRats Pass “Marshall Law” Bill”

  1. John Sobieski Says:

    The Democrats legislative action is disgusting. It’s all for the socialist model, damn the process, rip and tear it apart, their days are numbered and they will do anything to get their laws passed. It is so appalling, yet I ask myself, would the Republicans behave the same way if they were the lameducks? I don’t think so but they may have in the past when I did not watch so closely.

  2. Appalled By The World Says:

    Calling the commiecrats thieving criminals would be an insult to average criminals and thieves the world over. Anyone who votes for them needs to have their head examined-and I mean this in all seriousness. Mindless leftism really does need to be officially classified as a mental illness-it has too many elements of juvenile behavior in adults and severe self loathing and selfishness to not warrant such a designation.

  3. Jack Smith Says:

    Learn to f***ing spell. It’s “martial law,” not “Marshall law.” F***ing republicrap idiot.

    Note: Potty mouth cleaned up by Dr. Bulldog.

    • Hey, Jack-off, did you, in your infinite “obtusity,” notice that I placed “marshall law” in quotes???

      That was to delineate it from the more commonly used phrase “martial law.”

      Read the article. The author of that article also put the same phrase in quotes.

      Gee, now why would that be? Could it be that the author is delineating the phrase so that you will know that the spelling is not his own?

      Therefore, it is quite possible that it was the DemonRats, themselves, who came up with that spelling.

      So, in essence, what you are actually doing is calling the Lefturd DemonRats effin’ idiots, you bantam brained libtard.

      P.S. – I’m NOT a freakin’ Republican, you hebetudinous butt-wipe. I’m an Independent with a Conservative ideology.

      Learn to effin’ read before opening your mouth.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      ESAD puke face!

      I will give you a hint. The letter E stands for eat, and the letter D stands for die.

      Thank you, now STFU!

  4. islams not for me Says:

    Well since its ‘martial law’ way to go supporting a communist regime ‘jack’ you demo-crapic jerk!

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