Ban Congress not guns

By Ronin, 11 Jan, 11
As expected, some of our beloved elected officials (sarcasm) and non-elected political obama appointees (thugs aka czars) want to take advantage of the latest tragedy and push their own personal agendas.

Our leaders are cowards; they want to stop people from discussing and exposing their corruption, agendas and yet they still demand protection. They want to limit guns around them. Now, from a “protect me, I am a coward” standpoint that seems like a good idea. From a “what about the voter perspective” they have a lot of nerve.

A young Black male has a much higher chance of being murdered by a firearm than any member of congress, despite that, there is no bill being introduced to protect them, no funding available for lobbyists, study grants or calls for laws to demand that gunmen stay 300 feet away from Black males.

Although it might not be used to protect anyone, additional money to protect voters living in high crime areas might be available had we not-bailed out failing companies, failing banks, un-necessary special interests, political pork, governments that hate us and only God knows what else.

If we ban congress and or buy every American voter guns and ammunition, our beloved elected officials (sarcasm) just might think twice before spending our money and refusing to respect the voting majority, our constitution and our rights.

Just for clarity, I will admit that I respect most members of al qaida more than I respect most members of congress. I like the honesty of the islamic extremists; they have zero problem admitting that they want me dead because I am a hopeless infidel. I will never worship a 7th century pedophile no matter what they do to me. Many of their supporters stop by here on occasion just to wish me an untimely demise. I love you people too.

Many members of congress want me dead broke or a slave to their will. They are not brave enough to admit that. I hope the ones falling into that group roast slowly in hell for their greed and cowardly attempts to fool the people they publicly swore to protect.

Since our beloved elected officials (sarcasm) will soon silence voices like mine. While it is still legal, I want to send one simple message to our beloved elected officials (sarcasm) You suck!

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16 Comments on “Ban Congress not guns”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    As usual the politicians of the Americas have absolutly no idea how to solve the problem of violence. So thier first inclination is to “Ban guns” and then Ban ammo etc.

    Pretty soon the “nanny” state will try to ban knives, rocks, tree limbs as weapons and whatever else a fairly sane person could use as a defensive (Or offensive weapon).

  2. tgusa Says:

    Yeah, what a bunch of wussies, the white on white murder rate has not changed since at least WWII, which was about the time they began tracking it to begin with. Even better, these guys live in elite white neighborhoods, they move in elite white circles, there are no guns, they’d just end up shooting themselves on accident. These circles, one can rarely find someone capable of changing a tire.

    And I believe this recent insanity proves my point. We got about a decade of insanity in three days, and thats, so far, its still early. They want to ban guns, images and symbols of guns, vitriolic rhetoric regarding guns. Heck, I heard they want to silence the voices that supposedly led to this shooting. Voices in this guys head they want to ban, voices in his head that evidently were heated in their rhetoric, or something.

    But of course he also read books, many of them were made into movies, so that complicates matters even more, in their small chipmunk like minds. Guns, books, movies, symbols, vitriolic voices in your head, what the heck is left? Sheesh, I never thought I’d live to see the day, well, any part of any of these last few days, insanity.

  3. a jew from israel Says:

    the israeli atheist is no representive of the israeli public . This guy is stupid . He loves americans more than his own people , at least that’s how it seems . How can he even say americans love israel ? we all know they hate israel like everyone else . They mistreat israeli tourists and want all israelis out of america . They always say jews\israelis can’t be trusted , and they don’t think of us as allies . They despise us , and treat us like dogs . We israelies are tired of you and your hatred . We are more welcome in Germany than in the USA . Americans don’t want any israeli visitors and that’s why they treat us like dirt . When israelis go to Germany they’re always welcome . I have nothing against america , only against it’s people who hate me , and I didn’t even hurt them … and never will .

    • Ronin Says:

      No need for the name-calling, he is allowed to have his own opinion. Where I live in the south, I do not know a single person that dislikes Jews or Israelis. I doubt more than a handful of us have ever met one, even then, they would have fallen into a very small group: immigrant, tourist or student. Even less would be able to find Palestine on a map or care about their so-called “cause”. We do not buy into “Jews control all the banks” or “Jews oppress Christians and Muslims” we also do not hate. Well, we do “hate” crooked politicians but most Americans do.

      Your opinion of my country is based on your perception and that is ok but realize that America is a very big place and a few miles can mean a complete change. The southern US and the North is as different as Jerusalem and Gaza

      I suggest if you decide to visit the US you come to the south, you would be welcome. We even allow our Yankee cousins to visit (we think they will freeze over the winters if we do not). Yankees are funny creatures, they work two jobs their entire lives just to retire here, we do not even visit them.

  4. israeli atheist Says:

    Dude , AM I STUPID !? OR IS IT YOU !? another jewish paranoid falling for the lies of the israeli anti-american media ! I went to the USA so many times and was treated like a true ally ! americans were happy when I told them I was israeli . I have experience unlike you ! I know some americans can be dumb , but most of them just aren’t . Israelis think americans support Helen Thomas after her hate speech against Israel . How dumb can the “chosen people” be ?

    • israeli atheist Says:

      oh yeah and one more think in a language both you and I understand : תפסיק לדבר שטויות ותתחיל להיות מציאותי ! טמבל ! I hope you understand that you fool !

  5. israeli atheist Says:

    I always wanted to date an american woman , but I realized it ain’t gonna happen . They prefer british guys over israelis and no american girl will ever date an israeli . So therefor I am now dating a christian girl from the Netherlands , she loves israeli guys . I also dated a german girl once . I love foreign girls . I also love the american ones , but they don’t want an israeli , they just want a british guy .

    • tgusa Says:

      Baloney. There are plenty of American girls that would date you. The only girls I know who are looking for a particular guy are girls that you don’t want anyway. They end up being bossy and a real pain in the arse, not worth the headache.

  6. israeli atheist Says:

    islam not for me – how did you understand the hebrew comment by the way ?

    • islams not for me Says:

      You can use a online translator by copy pasting the comment and then selecting from Hebrew to English.

      This works for Microsoft windows called “translate with live search” it works with most languages.

      I have translated comments from several languages to english.

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