Missouri Alderman Censured for Sending ‘You Should Be Shot’ Email to Fellow Alderman Who Supports Hunting Deer to Cull the Herd

The Lame Stream Media probably won’t be reporting on the following incident.  That’s because Alderman Karney isn’t a Sarah Palin, nor a Tea Partier—he’s just another touchy-feely Libtard:

Town and Country aldermen vote to censure one of their own

BY STEPHEN DEERE – St. Louis Post Dispatch

For  Alderman David Karney [former mayor], the penalty for an anonymous e-mail telling a fellow alderman he ‘should be shot” was public humiliation.

The Town and Country Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Monday to censure Karney for “inappropriate and improper behavior.”

Karney even voted to censure himself.

“I should have known better,” he said.

Karney admits an e-mail with the threatening language came from his home computer.

But he denies sending it himself.

LOL! – That sounds an awful lot like someone is prevaricating.

Why do I say that?

Well, first of all, he’s a freakin’ politician!  But, seriously, he’s lying because if he didn’t do it, then he wouldn’t have voted to censure himself.  In fact, he would have been kicking and screaming and protesting his innocence.

Look at it this way; if your neighbor came over to your house to use your computer and then downloaded a bunch of kiddie-porn without your knowledge and then the FBI shows up on your doorstep with an arrest warrant, are you seriously going to show up at your trial with the line;  “Someone else did it, but I deserve to go to jail for it?”  Hell no!  You’d be dragging your neighbor into court kicking and screaming!

Ergo, my “Bullshit Detector” just pegged the needle.

Karney says he met with about six residents in his basement on Oct. 8 last year. The residents were angry over how Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith was championing the hiring of sharpshooters to kill deer.

One of them got on a nearby desktop computer and fired off an e-mail to Meyland-Smith, Karney said. The e-mail came from an account Karney had created under the alias “Jeff Storehouse.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” it read. “The deer are what make Town and Country such a nice place to live. It’s aldermen like you who should be shot.”

Imagine if it had been Sarah Palin or a Tea Partier who had sent that email…  Yup, MSNBC would be on it like stink on poop!

Karney won’t identify who sent the e-mail — even to police. He would only say it was a single mother who would lose her job if her employer found out.


Who says chivalry is dead?  Only one problem:  Politicians aren’t noted for chivalry—especially when their political futures are in peril…

Ergo, he’s prevaricating.

The St. Louis County prosecuting attorney’s office has declined to criminally charge anyone in the case, according to city officials.


I smell a rat…

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4 Comments on “Missouri Alderman Censured for Sending ‘You Should Be Shot’ Email to Fellow Alderman Who Supports Hunting Deer to Cull the Herd”

  1. Israeli atheist Says:

    about last post Islam Pushing Afghans Into Homosexual Relationships . It makes me realize how great this is that we don’t live in a muslim country . Israelis and americans can be proud . There are plenty of gay people and lesbians in israel . no one hunts them . Maybe that’s one of the many things americans and israelies have in common .
    Israeli girls are modern , just look at Bar Refaeli for example . also , i’ve noticed so many times that americans tend to sympathize more with israelis than with the palestinians . every survey shows that . The american public also put israel in third place of their ally list , after canada and england , and the general opinion of israel is always favourable among majority of the public . They cannot love israel that much can’t they …?

    • “The american public also put israel in third place of their ally list , after canada and england”

      And yet, Obama puts France ahead of England, Canada, and Israel… Very telling—he’s not an American.


      • tgusa Says:

        France?! Now I know he’s no American. 🙂

        I really don’t know who is number 1, 2, 3, whatever, I don’t like to rely on foreigners, no offense, but my favorite allies are other Americans, primarily.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Israeli atheist

    Americans and Israelis have more in common than simply sexual choices, deviancy whatever you care to call it.

    Freedom of: religion, movement, speech, thinking, skepticism…

    Admitedly there is alot about Israeli politics I dont know and there is a possiblity that I can be mistaken about what Freedoms exsist or dont exsist in Israel at present.

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