12 Canadians Training for Jihad

Big shocker, more muslims training to murder in the name of the worlds best-known pedophile. How many more before the idiots in office can see a pattern?

17 Jan, 2011, Indianexpress. A group of 12 Canadians are reported to be undergoing militant training at an al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan’s lawless North Waziristan in apparent plots to carry out terror attacks back home.
-Or in the US.

The Canadians, who may have converted to Islam, were helped to reach the Darpakhel areas of the lawless tribal belt after joining radical Egyptian group Jihad al-Islami, Hong Kong based Asia Times reported.
-The converts are usually idiots. After all they converted into a cult based around the ranting of a madman.

Their presence in the camps in Pakistan’s tribal belt comes close on the heels of intelligence warnings that al-Qaeda is training armed cadres from several European
countries, including Germany, in such camps.
-Another shocker, the idiots in congress want protection for GASP, pakis. It seems only Canadian pakis are dangerous we must have gotten the good one (sarc).

Arab intelligence agencies have already warned that foreign recruits are being trained to carry out terror attacks in European mainland triggering a continent-wide alert.
-The global jihad needs converts to pull off spectacular attacks; it makes this a non-arab-non- muslims fight. Appologists for the death cult will point out that the attackers were not even “real muslims” just misguided youth. It will be much easier for someone using western travel documents to avoid suspicious officials looking for men with muslim names and beards.

“The Canadians went to Afghanistan in February 2010; there were 12 of them. After nine months, al-Qaeda’s leaders decided to send them to North Waziristan and they reached Darpakhel in November last year,” Arif Wazir, a local militant of Darpakhel, was quoted as saying in the report.
-Hopefully, all 12 will soon join mohammed in hell.

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16 Comments on “12 Canadians Training for Jihad”

  1. are these muslims canadian citizens ? wow , you cannot trust no one these days … even the citizens of your own country … pour Canada 😦

  2. is it a problem for americans as well ? having muslims living in your country while planing to kill its citizens ?

    • tgusa Says:

      Our elites think they are mostly here, picnicking.

      • already heared of a muslim from Oregon who tried to commit suicide and kill people on Christmas . There was another muslim in Sweden who tried to explode a car and kill people while they were shopping for christmas . Why do muslims wanna kill people especially on christmas ? jews in israel never hurt the christian community , and the christians here feel completely safe . We let them celebrate their christmas without being killed …

        • tgusa Says:

          I know, we don’t kill atheists here in America, either.

          • Good for you . Which means you’re always welcome in Israel . We treat tourists with respect and I never heared tourists complain . we have tourists from Europe , USA , and even Japan and Korea . Many american christians travel to Israel with confidence . They’re not being attacked or discriminated . Every tourist is welcome . But they’re not attacked in the arabian states as well .

          • tgusa Says:

            Thanks, but from what I see and hear I think I would rather attempt the north face of K2 in the dead of winter. 🙂

            Besides, this summer I’m going over the falls at Niagra, in a barrel.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    I’ll bet that is the tip of the iceberg with the religion of peace in North America. Check all Mosques for hate speech, weapons, and C-4.

    All Nationalist Americans better get your two weapons that you need PDQ, ammo, and gun oil. Don’t forget the 6 extra clips.

    The 6 extra clips goes on your H-harness in front of your canteens, but not so far you have trouble rolling from side to side in a prone position. Keep your head down. If you have the Mollie system, I can’t help you.

  4. Annmarie Says:

    12 Canadians training for jihad:

    The above item in the paper’s have been proven to not be true.. This was announced last week, by Canadian Security People..

  5. Annmarie Says:

    Well Tgusa, I have it on good account that your point is not correct.. I live in Canada and good news paper’s have also stated this fact..

    • Ronin Says:

      It is always hard to run these types of articles because if something written in it is not true it gives people the idea that there is no threat. I have seen nothing to convince me this one article was not true but that does not matter. The bigger issue is Canada does have radical muslim living alongside its citizens. The goal of islam does not change, bend or lesson when the cult members change locations.

      Jumping on a single article is misguided, muslims infiltrate and destroy from within, the pattern has been established and seen globally. Your insistence without proof that the article is false is a variant of someone denying honor killings by pointing out a single example of a muslim that is a good father. Those types of arguments are never valid and at best a failure to consider all of the issue.

      Even if you are right and this article or portions of it are proven incorrect; one or more of those accused are cleared, we could erase that article and within a few minutes find another showing how radical muslims living inside of Canada are training to conduct violent jihad. I would gladly print a retraction and admit that for once we pointed out the wrong group of men. I wish all such stories were false and all of the muslims in Canada could be cleared of suspicion, that will happen right after the Easter bunny teams up with frosty the snowman to open a furnace business.

    • islams not for me Says:

      Annmarie please send the link to disprove this news story if you can.

      • Ronin Says:

        I have yet to see any proof the story is false nor do I expect to find it. The bigger issue is there are more training and more planning and more being recruited everyday.

  6. Annmarie Says:

    I will be honest and say sorry I don’t have the link today, a week ago I did.. I am not stating that the Muslim’s here in Canada are all sweethearts, in fact they are no better than the lot you have in USA.. I will also state I don’t like them, trust them, plus i do know what their aims are, Taking over our Western World..I love Israel, & one has only to see what the darn Muslim’s are up to there, with their rockets and kid’s as suicide bombers… Some religion of peace!!!!

    • Ronin Says:

      Annmarie, I know that as a regular that you are more than aware of the threat. When I give lengthy explanations they are often used as a teaching point for new readers and as a comment to the original post.

      I looked for proof that that particular story was proven incorrect but found none. The story has actually grown and is still being ran around the globe.

      At this point unless a high level law enforcement officer dismisses it, and counter story would fall on deaf ears.


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