When China attacks

I should start by admitting that the only time I buy something “made in China” is to modify it for a useful purpose. I routinely buy their junk just to cut it up and build something useful from it, mostly tools but occasionally something that I need a small engine for. With a little American ingenuity, even Chinese made products can be made useful. Right now, a complete boycott of Chinese made junk is impossible but it is a goal of mine.

I look at Chinese products like I do things that I find in a flea market, I realize that I am buying junk and that I will have to work on it before I can trust it. When I do buy their junk, I buy it used. It is cheaper and it keeps my money in my own neighborhood.

China is attacking America, in 2009, it swindled obama into agreements on energy research programs that only favored China and hurt the US. No shocker to anyone that watches obama or China. The U.S. has filed a complaint at the World Trade Organization against China’s policies favoring its producers of wind and solar equipment. I expect the WTO is be about as useful as a Chinese made socket set, they look good but will break if used for its intended purpose, bottom line, is the WTO is useless.

Wrapped up into the myth of global warming is the global effort to control “green house gases” so far China has refused to play into that particular scam but still continues to keep the yuan low and hurt our non existent economic recovery. I cannot think of a single coworker, friend or neighbor that has seen any recovery-have you?

With $240 billion a year in trade, you would expect China to want a strong US economy but they are smarter than that. The Chinese are slowing buying America. Their cheap made junk is everywhere, and American made products are rare. Once they own Americas businesses, resources and real estate then you will see recovery.

In the name of global business and trade designed to ease global economic imbalances, America has lost its economic edge. With no money to buy and no ability to make, we can bitch, scream, cry and no one will really care. In truth we shot ourselves in the foot and now we complain about it hurting.

Our politicians are fools at best and traitors at worst. No amount of stimulus, tax relief or new economic policies means anything unless people are working. Without the ability to earn a wage, American families have no money for basic needs and without that they are desperate. Desperate people do stupid things like trust the very people that caused this mess to fix it.

China has played us and kicked our ass. Every time you buy anything new made by them, you stick another American in the back. You cannot avoid their junk it is everywhere. What you can do is buy local, used if possible. Better yet, find someone local that can make it or repair it and barter for the work.

This year, I repaired and sold several vehicles, all cash, no taxes and best yet no paperwork. Shocking, but it can be done. Guns, ammo, machines of all types and repairs to appliances, food and most basic needs can all be easily found, if you know how to barter. Am I encouraging you to avoid taxes, naturally I am. You need to get in charge of your own economic recovery and in helping yourselves also help the people closest to you. F-China and Washington. I have not seen a single penny of the billions spent by our government.

We are still a consumer nation but you can boost domestic consumption and help cut reliance on exports. American made still means quality, Chinese made means crap, just like the Chinese governments promises to help their American Allies.

Do what you can to break the cycle of dependence, buy local, and keep your neighbors in business, trade, barter and build. How many of you ever thought to ask the home with the nice fruit trees if they would be willing to sell you some? How many of you have searched free cycle and similar sites for needed items, or repairable goods? Get off your butts, cut your expenses while helping each other. Organize with neighbors, co-workers, friends and families, buy in bulk, identify what skill sets are available locally and empower yourselves.

Hold your elected officials accountable; never give any of them a single cent until they can show some progress. I am not surprised that some people hate members of congress, I am surprised that it is not as common as finding a Chinese made product at your local Wal-Mart.

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