It is ok to hate congress and politicians.

That is right; I said it-H-A-T- E!

Hate is defined as-to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward.

Now before anyone worries, I am not a zealot, a cult member or a liberal or a muslim. My disgust for congress and politicians in general will not lead to violence but I think the term “hate” would still be correct.

Certainly a man my age that has watched as:

The US government, congress and politicians boosted:

Dictators, madmen, extremist religions, and refused to help the masses of humanity looking for freedom and democracy.

Members of congress have been caught in sex scandals, criminal acts, leaking state secrets, voter fraud and worse. Rarely are any of them imprisoned for their crimes. And yet, despite all proof to the contrary they often insist that we respect them as honest people. Respect has to be earned, so far none of them has earned mine.
Politicians have placed activist judges into office,

Ignored the will of the people and pushed private, self-serving agendas.

Trashed the value of our constitution or attempted to rewrite or ignore it.

Made our nation a laughing stock internationally

Spent billions of our dollars overseas while ignoring problems at home.

Played the race card when challenged, caught red handed or when called to account for their actions.

Yeppers, I hate them and what they represent: greed, graft, crime and self-serving or special interests.

Maybe it can be turned around. I do not hate all of them. A few of the newer ones I am neutral on. They often talk a good line but so far, I am not impressed. The others, I hate, they disgust me.

Politicians disgust me, they nauseate me and they flat piss me off. More importantly, I am not alone. I am no scholar, scientist or political science major but I have seen many better politicians fail, get voted out and some attacked by force. Am I worried that a similar fate is in store for our beloved politicians? Nope, I believe in justice; at some point, they will all pay and I’ll be more than happy to say “I told you so”.

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2 Comments on “It is ok to hate congress and politicians.”



  2. Big Frank Says:

    One example, just look at all of the crap that Ted Kennedy and baby faced Patrick Kennedy got away with, any of us mere mortals would be wearing those ever fashionable ‘orange’ jumpsuits, had we committed any of their crimes.

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