Canadian accused of organising Al-Qaida suicide bombings

You can expect the usual claims that this is an isolated event, it is incorrect or it is just one example of a problem within a very small percentage of the large muslim population living in Canada.

The muslim population in Canada did not offer this information to authorities, they did not immediately offer their services to authorities to help monitor mosques, translate documents or join the Canadian military to help protect their homeland. Canadian muslims are no different then the cult members living else where. Some are more violent than others are but all of them worship the same pedophile and read the same text.

Do not misunderstand, there are muslims helping to fight the blood crazed believers but only because they have seen them destroy their own neighborhoods and are no longer foolish enough to believe moahmmeds lies.

By Florian Flade, 21 January 2011, the Periscope Post
Abu Muhammad, a policeman in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul explained to the news media what he had witnessed in the morning of April 10, 2009, while he was on duty in the southern part of the city. The policeman said saw a truck, filled with about a ton of explosives hidden under grain, driving right behind two US Humvees. The vehicles were travelling on the street leading to Mosul’s police headquarters, located right next to U.S. Military’s Forward Operating Base Marez.

The American vehicles entered the compound and stopped. The next moment the truck driver rammed his vehicle through a metal barrier and slammed into a sandbagged wall. As Iraqi guards shot at the truck, the driver detonated the explosives next to the Humvees, about 50 yards from the gate.
-Many of the Iraqis have learned the hard way what the real cost of jihad is. They want nothing but the destruction of al qaida and its minions.

Five US soldiers died in the blast that left a 60-foot crater in the ground and destroyed the two US vehicles in the convoy. “There was more than 1,000 kiloggrams of explosives in the truck, which leveled three buildings,” an Iraqi police official said. Staff Sergeant Gary L. Woods, 24, of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky; Sergeant First Class Bryan E. Hall, 32, of Elk Grove, California; Sergeant Edward W. Forrest Jr., 25, of St. Louis; Corporal Jason G. Pautsch, 20, of Davenport, Iowa; and Army Private First Class Bryce E. Gaultier, 22, from Cyprus, California – all lost their lives in the suicide bombing that is said to have initially targeted the Iraqi police headquarter of Mosul.
-Rest in Peace.

The next day, one of the leaders of the terror cell that orchestrated the deadliest attack on US troops since March 10, 2008, chatted over the Internet with a man living in Canada. “Did you hear about the huge incident yesterday? Is it known?” the Canadian resident asked the Iraq-based terrorist. “Yes,” responded the member of the Iraqi terror network. “He was one of the Tunisian brothers,” explained the man in Canada, whose name is Faruq Khalil Muhammad Isa (alias “Tahir Sharif Sayfildin”).

The 38-year-old resident of Canada was obviously proud of the action of the Tunisian suicide bomber. He had reason to be proud, because he allegedly was the one who sent a group of Tunisian jihadis into battle in Iraq. Isa is suspected of being a member of the terror network that conducted the deadly bombing. He was arrested yesterday by Canadian authorities in Edmonton on charges filed by U.S. officials. Prior to the arrest, U.S., Canadian and Tunisian authorities cooperated to gain and share information about the terror suspect’s involvement with the Iraqi terror group.
-The muslims in the supply line are cowards, they do not mind sending others to die but will never face a single member of the American military themselves. At least the suicide bombers are true believers.

In a complaint filed on January 14 by prosecutors in New York City, Faruq Khalil Muhammad Isa is charged with providing support to a Iraqi bases terror network: “The defendant is charged in connection with his support for a multinational terrorist network that conducted multiple suicide bombings in Iraq and that is responsible for the deaths of five American soldiers.” The defendant Faruq Khalil Muhammad Isa is also suspected of being involved in another suicide bombing on March 31, 2009. That day, two Tunisian militants who traveled to Iraq via Libya and Syria in October 2008, with the bomber who killed the five US soldiers in the April ’09 Mosul bombing, attacked a police station and killed seven Iraqis.

“A day or two after the bombing, the brother of one of the bombers received an anonymous phone call in which the caller repeated three times that the bomber had “been martyred two days ago in combat with the Americans in Mosul,” the U.S. complaint of the Department of Justice reads. Canadian Faruq Khalil Muhammad Isa allegedly recruited eight Tunisians via the Internet and organized the two groups’ travels to Iraq, where they joined al-Qaida. In March 2009, he tried to recruit a another group of Tunisian jihadis, according to the complaint. “Try to delete everything… off your computer. Don’t leave one character of information or anything behind… Don’t leave any trace… Do not forget to keep reading Qur’an and repeat the famous prayers on the way until you meet with God,” Muhammad Isa told one of the Tunisians in online communications. Upon his departure from Tunisia the militant was arrested by Tunisian authorities.

“There is no more pressing duty after the declaration of faith than fighting the enemy,” the Canadian man told his motives to another person in January 2010. “Fighting comes before the other four pillars of faith…I slam came for the good of humanity. So if someone doesn’t like good, we fight them, like those dog Americans.” That same month, Faruq Khalil Muhammad Isa talked to the leader of an Iraqi al-Qaida cell about his plans to come to Iraq and take up arms against US troops. He was “1,000,000 percent” committed to the cause of Jihad in Iraq, Isa explained the Iraqi terrorist leader. “Even if I can’t work over there, I can work here,” he allegedly stated.
-Once again we see murder justified by ideology. In truth, any deity that requires a human sacrifice is not worth pissing on. Muslim often claim the suicide bombers are soldiers but that is false. Soldiers are professionals and do not set of bombs in cities, they do not commit suicide nor do the murder innocent citizens. They also do not justify violence in the name of a factious god named allah.

According to the complaint, which includes information received by wiretapping, in November 2009 Isa told his mother his greatest wish was to die a martyr. On May 28, 2010 he told his sister living in Iraq she should “go learn about weapons and go attack the police and Americans.” He said, “Let it be that you die.”

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6 Comments on “Canadian accused of organising Al-Qaida suicide bombings”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Classic moon god worship. Is it any wonder why I write check all Mosques for hate speech, weapons, and C-4? It’s what they do.

  2. Annmarie Says:

    The whole world has a big problem with Muslim’s, they want to take over, our world..They talk with a fork tongue, say one thing to the western press and another thing in Arab to their country men..I am sorry to say one cannot trust them, not an inch.. The Israelites have found this out, the hard way, in trying to deal with them..Some religion of peace, don’t make me laugh..

  3. D. Vogt Says:

    “The muslims in the supply line are cowards, they do not mind sending others to die but will never face a single member of the American military themselves.”

    That was my thought when I read the article, too.

    I would have liked to see him tried in Canada, though. He lived here, he committed a crime here. I don’t like the thought of handing over our people to America to be tried for crimes committed here. We have courts, too.

    • Ronin Says:

      Agreed, he should be tried at home but politics aside, the US will use him to track down every member. His entire up line will be hunted down. I look at things like this as a favor to Canadian taxpayers. Let us spend some money and send a few UAV’s to visit his extended family.

  4. Gonzo Says:

    The most radical of the Islamic sects is the Wahhabi’s. One of the tenants of Islam is to believe in the “End of Days”. Many Muslims, especially the Wahhabi’s, believe that before the End of Days can occur the Jews must be exterminated from their home land, Israel. The Wahhabi’s not only believe this because of their strict interpretation from Islamic writings, but they also believe that it is incumbent upon all Muslims to fight all non-Muslims and those of non-Sunni sects. It is this sect that has spawned violent terrorists organizations, funds Muslim political organizations in the free world, is funding Mosques throughout the free world, sending like minded clerics to those Mosques, and has developed a plan to infiltrate the free world in an effort to spread Sharia law as the only legal system in the world. Starting with the radical Muslim Brotherhood, the Wahhabi’s have found a home in Saudi Arabia as that country lives by the most strict form of Sharia Law and has used the vast wealth from the Saudi royalty to fund their extreme agenda.

    To date, 80% of the Mosques in America are Wahhabi sect. Our government since 9/11 has pressured the Saudis to control the clerics in the US from preaching subversive messages and inciting violence, and while they had for awhile, the home grown terrorists in America and Europe are the direct result of Saudi clerics inciting violence. One of the most effective strategies by the Wahhabi’s is to recruit from those who are already disenfranchised members of a society, usually those serving time in prison.

    I can cite a plethora of resources that prove my assertions. Google is just as powerful of a tool for others as they are me, but I would be happy to supply resource links to anyone interested. We must get past our political and fuel cost concerns as relate to Saudi Arabia, and cut off our relations with them. The FBI is in possession of the ‘percentage’ plan used by radical Islam which diagrams a plan to use the free worlds rights and freedoms against them to affect Sharia creep. This plan has been successfully implemented throughout the world and is currently causing significant problems for European countries.

    In short, there is a sect and segment of Islam that has insidious intentions toward the US and the rest of the free world. While it may not be fair to discriminate against all Muslims for the actions of one sect in particular, it is incumbent upon the free world to educate itself and remain vigil against the tactics of the extremist Wahhabies.

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