Christians Flock to South Sudan, Fear Future in North

The results are not official yet but it looks like the people have voted and soon Sudan will become two nations: one, Christian and one, muslim.

All of you Christians reading this need to help your fellow believers, discuss this at your own Churches, the worlds newest Christian state will need support, pray, donate and help them. Do not worry about the muslim north, president obama will ensure that they have everything their hearts desire.

Unless you help all the Christians, many of which abandoned everything they own to head south, they will suffer greatly. Their fate and their nation are in your hands, they will be saver but hardly safe. They need your help.

By Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, 20 Jan, 11, WFAE
Pronouncements by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and his government about creating an Islamic state governed by Shariah law — if the ongoing referendum splits their country in two — has many among the millions of Christians living in north Sudan fearing for their future.

No attacks against Christians have been reported during the referendum period. Nevertheless, Christians and church officials interviewed said they are taking no chances.

Many Christians living in the north are originally from the southern part of Sudan. Thousands have been packing their belongings and returning to their homeland. In Jabarona, a slum on the outskirts of Khartoum where many displaced southerners live, arguments erupted recently over whose belongings were loaded onto the moving trucks first.

Everyone there seemed to fear being left behind.

One resident, Joseph Yel, said that he and other Christians have long felt mistreated by the police. He said the punishment is harsh if they are caught drinking alcohol, which is prohibited under Sudanese law because it’s forbidden in Islam. Yel predicts things will only get worse if Islamic Shariah once again becomes the law of the land, as Bashir has pledged.
-It will be much worse, people will die and the Christians will get zero help from authorities.

“When we drink alcohol, the government comes and take us away,” Yel said. “Police officers beat our kids and take them to prison and say it’s Shariah.”

He adds it’s better to go south to an ancestral homeland, where many of them haven’t lived in decades, than stay in the north.

Saints Peter and Paul Parish, the second-largest Catholic church in greater Khartoum, has already lost about three-quarters of its parishioners, says the Rev. Musa Timothy Kacho. He adds many have moved south for good because they fear that fundamentalists and state security forces will come after them if they stay.

“They may take another step of expelling the priests from the north,” he says, saying he heard this from someone in the government.

But Khartoum officials vehemently deny they are going after Christians, even if they do favor the ongoing exodus of southerners. They argue the southerners can’t have it both ways, so if they secede, they will lose the right to stay in north Sudan.
-Cleaver, the officials will not go after Christians but he knows the muslims will. He just told them that the remaining Christians have no rights.

Their departure would leave behind a population the government says would be 98 percent Muslim.

Christians who remain behind have nothing to fear from a new constitution based on Islamic law, said Ibrahim Ghandour, who is secretary of political relations for the ruling National Congress Party.

“You can see that the church is by the side of the mosque,” Ghandour said. “Christians in the north will do better; their rights will be ensured. They know very well that Islam in Sudan is a religion of forgiveness.”

All of the Christians interviewed for this story said they don’t believe it. The Sudan Council of Churches, which represents 14 denominations, issued a decree last week calling for a Sudanese constitution fully guaranteeing all citizens’ rights.

Others, like one Arab pastor for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, say they are thinking about seeking asylum. This pastor asked that his name not be used for fear of arrest.
-He fears arrest because he spoke his mind, a future that we could soon face.

“Now that our brothers and sisters from the south are going, we feel like we are losing our shield, or our umbrella, so I think the situation is going [to be] worse,” he said. “We don’t know what is going to happen but we can guess that persecution is coming.”

The pastor is especially in danger because he converted from Islam to Christianity. Some interpretations of Islam view such conversions as punishable by death. What Sudan will do is not yet known.
-BS, everyone that watch’s islam knows, he will be killed unless he flees.

His friend and fellow convert is a sociologist, who also asked his name not be used. He said even before the referendum, his situation was getting tougher. He recounts how a couple of months ago, a local newspaper outed him and others for converting to Christianity many years before.

The writer asked why Islamic groups weren’t going after the converts, the sociologist said. Afterward, his wife was attacked — in their home — by a man with a knife.
The sociologist says he hopes people will pray for Christians who choose to stay in north Sudan.

Those who stay may find refuge at shelters being set up by some churches — like at Saints Peter and Paul. Kacho says he is stockpiling water at a local school in case violence breaks out. He says he spends most of his time easing parishioners’ fears.

“Now, we are trying to prepare people slowly,” Kacho says. “We are trying to tell them now, ‘You try to be calm as long as the voting is going on and try to be calm when the results is announced.’ ”
-Keep dreaming, no matter what the vote shows the muslims will riot and murder Christians.

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8 Comments on “Christians Flock to South Sudan, Fear Future in North”

  1. “Christians in the north will do better; their rights will be ensured. They know very well that Islam in Sudan is a religion of forgiveness.”

    Um… What? What the hell have the Christians in Sudan done to need “forgiveness”? Last time I checked it was the Muslims that were butchering Christians and Animists all over Sudan not the Christians. The Muslims were even butchering other Muslims there. What Southern Sudan is going to need if help building infrastructure, a constitution based off of freedom, human rights, and a free market economy and a whole ton of weapons to make sure Norther Sudan doesn’t change their minds about this “forgiveness” thing.

    And all the people in Norther Sudan who are not Muslim or at least not crazy should all probably arm themselves and move to the South right now.

    • Gonzo Says:

      This is very much like the Pakistan/Bangladesh split, only for them it was islam and Hindu. Funny how it is always the “religion of peace” that is at war with any other religion and/or political system. It is too late for islam now to ever be a religion of peace. The only way that will happen will be when there is one muslim left in the world, and she converts to some other religion.

  2. I see that yo reported about the palestinian flag in washington . Well I asume it’s OK that you critisized it , just like some other americans and canadians I saw on the web , but unfortunately it will not help to improve your image here in Israel. This incident made more israelis hate you now . I’ve seen some israelis on the web saying americans are “not welcome” in Israel (there are many american tourists here , espacially on Christmas) . I just hope israelis will not start to boycott america as they threaten to do . Many have started to boycott America as a travel destination . They claim israelis are not welcome in America and israelis who go there are treated badly like terrorists . Am I the only one here who’s sane ?

    • Gonzo Says:

      Hey, idiot, America has sent billions of dollars to Israel for years in aid. The only reason Islam does not go in to Israel and blast your country to kingdom come is because they know America would show up with both barrels loaded if they tried.
      AS a matter of fact, this has to be a troll by some muslim or something. No self-respecting Israeli is this stupid.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Remember Lebanon? Yeah, Lebanon was supposed to be for Middle East Christians. Down the road there will be a lot of people scrambling to say that they didn’t support the hostile muslim invasion of the world. Western supporters are accomplices and should be judged so and them banished to muslim occupied countries, this is way worse than just executing them, even if we did it cruelly and unusually.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Before America’s entrance into WWII it was illegal for Americans to volunteer to fight alongside the British but Americans went to Canada in order to head over to Britain just the same. Where are the African Americans heading to Africa to help their former countrymen? Where is the African American version of the Flying Tigers? And frankly, Mexico is right next door, just a walk in the sun away, so where are the volunteers? It’s as if some people just don’t care, or perhaps, just, different values.

  5. farhan Says:

    new news sent me

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