Another mosque controversy

Once again, we see muslims tossing the victim card and bitching because they did not get their way. What these crybabies refuse to recognize is the people rule America and the majority of the cities residents do not want an expanded mosque.

In reality, this was never about a mosque it is about control and domination. If the followers of the worlds best-known pedophile just wanted a bigger area to worship they could change the location by less than a mile and all this would end. They could build whatever they wanted. They will not do that, instead they will demand free legal help and get it and attempt to bankrupt a small city until it surrenders.

I am tried of these games, the people spoke and allah lost. When this gets to court, the bloggers will post a link so that you the people can donate funds to the city to help counter the lawsuit.

By Mark Davis, 23 Jan, 11, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The two houses on U.S. 29 don’t warrant a second glance. They’re ranch homes, typical of the era when there weren’t as many people in Lilburn. They hardly look like structures in a federal lawsuit and Justice Department inquiry.

Those two houses, and another building facing Hood Road, are at the center of a land-use dispute between Muslim worshipers and the Gwinnett County city.

The suit, filed by the Dar-E-Abbas congregation, has made Lilburn a reluctant defendant in a case that some say highlights a nation’s fears in a post-9/11 world. Others say the suit threatens their quality of life.

The U.S. Justice Department, which can investigate civil-rights matters, recently asked city officials about the dispute.
-They also investigate radical muslims, guess why they really care? Muslims are idiots, they are bringing federal agents right to their door. I hope that you like all the attention.

Dar-E-Abbas, a Shiite Muslim congregation which has worshiped in Lilburn since 1998, wants to buy four acres adjacent to its buildings on U.S. 29. It proposes building a 20,000-square-foot mosque and 200-space parking lot on the site. But to make the deal work, the city must rezone the land for commercial use.

That hasn’t happened. Following recommendations from the Lilburn Planning Commission, the city council twice has denied the rezoning — its latest vote last month. The council said the plans would create traffic and drainage problems.

Wasi Zaidi, who helped found the congregation in 1998, isn’t convinced those are council members’ and residents’ only concerns.

“I’ve never heard of people trying to build a church and having problems like this,” said Zaidi, who’s watched the congregation grow to about 90 families since its founding in 1998.
-There is the ever present distraction, there can be no connection between a church and an islamic worship center and they know it. They might as well have used a used car lot in the comparison but they wanted the public to feel a religion was behind this and a power grab

City officials declined to discuss specific issues in the case. Residents against the expansion say they’re opposed to the congregation’s plans, not its practices.

“People have made this into a religious issue, which it never was,” said resident Ilene Garry, whose home is near the mosque’s proposed parking lot. “Nobody is against their religious rights.”
-The fact they let the muslims worship there for over 13 years already proves their point, this is about ridiculous muslim demands for expansion and not about location.


Lilburn grew on the rails. The town was a stop on the Seaboard Airline Railway, a destination for cotton farmers who ginned their product and watched it roll away to far-off markets.

When cotton farming faded, so did the city. In 1960, according to census figures, Lilburn’s population was 753. Then greater Atlanta began booming and Lilburn mushroomed. In 2009, the latest figures available, Lilburn’s population stood at 11,642. Nearly 4,000 of Lilburn’s residents were foreign-born.

A soaring building on the edge of U.S. 29 highlights the city’s transformation. In 2007, devout Hindus from across the nation came to the city to consecrate the newly completed Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) temple.

Seventy-four feet tall and gleaming white, its spires topped with flags, the building looks like something from across the seas — not a house of worship sharing the skyline with steeples of Baptist and Methodist churches.

The city features the temple on the main page of its web site, offering a subtle message. The town where farmers once ginned cotton has changed.

“It’s a beautiful building,” said Lilburn Mayor Diana Preston, whose family has lived in Lilburn since 1975. “They [temple worshipers] are good neighbors.”

What has occurred in Lilburn mirrors changes across the metro area. The region is home to about 50 mosques, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Georgia.


Atlanta lawyer Doug Dillard, who represents Dar-E-Abbas, doesn’t think Lilburn has extended the same courtesy to his clients as it has to other religious organizations.

“I’m a Christian, but I believe in everyone’s right to worship as they please,” said Dillard. “The city of Lilburn doesn’t want Muslims to worship in their city.”

Residents and officials dispute that, repeatedly saying their concerns have nothing to do with religion.

Still, Dillard filed suit against the city in December 2009 after the council’s first refusal to rezone. In their original request, worshipers wanted to buy and rezone three tracts comprising eight acres.

Dar-E-Abbas wanted the land to build a gymnasium, worship center and cemetery.

Council members, who said they didn’t like the idea of a cemetery in a residential area, turned that down.

The congregation downsized its plans, saying it would build only a mosque and parking lot on four acres. That request failed last month.

“It’s time for these local governments to understand the Constitution,” said Dillard, who’s also representing an Islamic center in its efforts to rezone a mosque site in Alpharetta. “We’re not going to let a local government infringe on a most basic right.”

Lilburn’s situation isn’t unique, said Daniel Mach, who oversees religious-freedom issues for the American Civil Liberties Union.

The agency has an online U.S. map highlighting what it considers cases of “anti-mosque activity” since 2005. They show up as more than 40 red dots stretching from California to New York. Two — Lilburn and Alpharetta — are in Georgia.

Muslims aren’t the only religion on the ACLU’s watch list, Mach added. In the past, he said, the agency has defended Catholics, Jews and Protestants, often in rezoning cases.

Still, “there is a notable trend of opposition to mosques, nationwide,” Mach said.
The issue isn’t about religion, said Amy Henderson, a spokeswoman for the Georgia Municipal Association. The organization is an advocacy agency for more than 500 towns and cities.

“These kind of [land] disputes take place around Georgia fairly often,” she said. “It doesn’t have anything to do with religious beliefs. It has to do with qualify-of-life issues — noise, traffic and parking.”


The homes near Dar-E-Abbas’ mosque are single-family dwellings, most with deep back yards dotted with toys and swing sets. One subdivision, St. Albans, nudges the land Dar-E-Abbas wants to rezone.

St. Albans resident Lorraine Lobos fears what will happen to her neighborhood if the congregation gets the land rezoned.

“We don’t care about their religion,” said Lobos, who’s lived in St. Albans with her children for nine years. “We do care about the trouble [expansion] would make.”

On Fridays and Saturdays, said Lobos, she hears the faithful as they gather. Building a bigger mosque, she said, will bring more worshipers, more noise.

Zaidi disputes claims that 
the members of Dar-E-Abbas cause a racket. “We’re only trying to build a community,” he said.

City officials aren’t saying much. Asked to discuss the Justice Department’s interest in the case, city manager Bill Johnsa declined. A spokesman for the Justice Department also declined to discuss it.

Preston, meantime, said she wants the case to end. She would not say how, or for which side.

“Lilburn is a wonderful little community,” she said. “Sometimes, we need a referee.”
-No, sometimes you need to let the residents decide how their resources will be used and how much control you give outsiders, This is your home and your choice. Your investment in your city can make or break you, decide wisely. If your muslim neighbors are making such ridiculous demands now, just wait and see what they want next if they win. The new mosque is just the beginning of this story.

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23 Comments on “Another mosque controversy”

  1. again I say : the USA was always a country who tolerated and embraced different cultures from all around the world . Chinese , mexicans , jews , Black people , indians , japanese , vietnamese , europpeans etc . Only one group has managed to anger the so-tolerant americans : the muslims . I never saw americans so mad about a foreign group in their country until muslims showed up there . Well , that should be an achievement for muslims , making americans so mad and lose their tolerance for them and their religion.

    • Ronin Says:

      The USA does not limit muslims, we are very tolerant of them, when they obey the rules. The problems arise when mulsims start making demands for special treatment.

      Americans have finally learned to judge them by their actions and not their words.

      We will not tolerate using freedom of religion to oppress children, women and others.

    • viviandersen Says:

      You will recognize the same pattern in all the countries into where muslims have immigrated.

      In Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England – all over the Western part of the world.

      And also in the Eastasia …. every where muslims live outside islamic countries.

      Why ?

      Because – Islam is the problem and muslims are not
      humans who think for themselves.

      And they have another problem : the very special muslim mentality.


  2. islams not for me Says:


    “I’ve never heard of people trying to build a church and having problems like this,” said Zaidi, who’s watched the congregation grow to about 90 families since its founding in 1998.”

    So the ‘congregation’ is only about 90 fmailies and yet…

    “Dar-E-Abbas, a Shiite Muslim congregation which has worshiped in Lilburn since 1998, wants to buy four acres adjacent to its buildings on U.S. 29. It proposes building a 20,000-square-foot mosque and 200-space parking lot on the site. But to make the deal work, the city must rezone the land for commercial use. ”

    Do 90 families REALLY NEED a 20,000 square foot mosque in the middle of cotton country?

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      “I’ve never heard of people trying to build a church and having problems like this,” said Zaidi, who’s watched the congregation grow to about 90 families since its founding in 1998.”

      How about the Greek Orthodox church near ground zero that has been trying to rebuild since then, but the city keeps blowing off all their applications for building and help?!

      He’s simply not paying attention. There are zoning issues with churches pretty regularly. There was the dust-up out in Calif. last year (I think) about a bible study group meeting in a home and the neighbors complaining about folks parking. That particular incident the authorities took a bit too far, but nonetheless, it was a Christian group.

      You also don’t generally find churches trying to commandeer a neighborhood for their worship space. Christians typically will work within the rules and regs, appropriate number of parking spaces, appropriate facilities for bathrooms, kids, etc. These guys will throw up anything anywhere. Just look at the issue that talks about in Brooklyn that is occurring now.

      Unfortunately, in NYC the zoning and council folks are either too afraid or on the take for the mosquers. Apparently, in this little suburb, they’re standing their ground. Good on them!

  3. islams not for me Says:

    Israeli athiest

    Trying to push the idea that islam is somehow a race eh?

    Islam has been and always will be a Theocratic system.

  4. islams not for me Says:

    Found this…

    “Lilburn Resident: ‘I Don’t Like Muslims’
    Comments Made About Why He Doesn’t Want A Mosque To Expand
    By Mike Paluska, CBS Atlanta Reporter
    POSTED: 6:05 pm EDT October 23, 2009
    UPDATED: 10:11 pm EDT October 23, 2009”

    Look here:

    “The plans include building a 10,000 square foot worship building. The building is modeled after a shrine in Karbala Iraq, for the Shrine of Abbas. The mosque also wants to be an 8,400 square foot indoor sports facility. The site has been occupied by the mosque for the past 11 years. In that time membership has grown from 10 to 70 with attendance of 250 or more during special religious ceremonies. A cemetery is also in the plans.”

    “I don’t have a problem with it being a place of faith I have a problem with it being a cemetery,” Resident Rod Oaks said. According to the letter filed with the rezoning office the cemetery would only take up 1 acre of the 8 acre site.”

    I dunno makes it look like these moslems want more than they are deserving if you ask me.

    • Ronin Says:

      It was never about a mosque, this is an attempt to force a city to rezone for one isolated group. By claiming discrimination and intolerance, they are using freedom of religion as a club to beat the town down.

      If there was a legitimate reason to expand, the simple solution would be to relocate the planned expansion to an area where the zoning rules allowed it. That is what any reasonable group would do.

      • viviandersen Says:


        You are right !

        Take a look at THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD´S plan for (also) USA, called :

        ” THE PROJECT ”

        That tells a lot, a la “When we have taken all of the USA then it will be a piece of cake to take the rest of the infidel world.”

        It is not written so in ” The Project”, but the meaning is the same !

  5. Ronin- I understand you when you talk about special demands of muslims . Demanding a mosque at the ground zero is absolutely dishonor . If I were someone who lost someone dear on 9\11 I’de sure be pissed off . You guys would feel the same way . Islam not for me – I never said islam was a race . It’s a religion . Americans have the right to dislike someone who thinks he can do whatever he wants in America , forgetting it’s someone else’s country . Same goes for jews . They also dominate america and cause damage . But somehow americans are silent about it . they don’t care . I don’t understand it .

    • Leatheneck Says:

      Which Jews dominate America SFB’s?

    • viviandersen Says:


      Islam is NOT only a religion, Islam is an ideology with :

      a system of law and politic

      a system of social and economic

      AND then a religion which are the smallest part of it all !

      But muslims have been very clever to use the religious part to hide, to wrap in the very essential part of islam which are the systems I told You about.

      So it looks like islam is a religion.

      That is very clever done !!

  6. islams not for me Says:

    Israeli atheist

    Jews as a culture or religion arent nearly as harmful or dangerous as moslems.

    Yes we tolerate alot of people, religions and cultures in America. That is until they start to make bad choices to impose thier will on those of us who dont beleive as we do.

  7. A jew from israel Says:

    israelatheist – again you and your anti-jewish feelings . If you love americans so much why don’t you just go and live with them ! But I doubt they’ll even let you in ’cause they hate israel and want to destroy israel and all jewish people . Americans are just hate filled people with nothing to do but hating jews and discriminating them everytime they see them . They hate Israel and want all israelis to die . Some allies they are …

  8. I wish all your soldiers will die ! I will dance on their graves ! F–K AMERICA ! I have no respect for your f–king country ! If you don’t respect mine I’ll never respect yours ! And never show your face in Israel ! I’ll celebrate 9\11 and burn your flag on july 4th ! Nazi scumbags !

    • This is what the man wrote in some website on the web . Don’t listen to the jew from israel . I truelly don’t respect him … He wrote it in american website using the same name as here . I copied it for you . We all know the nazi scumbag is …

      • and here is an advice for the cruel jew from israel – GET A LIFE ! are you happy that soldiers are dying ? will you really burn the american flag and celebrate 9\11 ? I wanna see that ! Call me when you do and I’ll shoot a rocket on your house you motherfucker ! You want people to respect you ? start respecting them first ! I’m sorry you guys had to see what the man wrote . I didn’t want to publish it here , but I wanted to show how fool this man is . He is the one who’s hate filled . Not you guys . Just never mind him . Glad I’m sane , will never celebrate people’s death and will never burn someone’s flag .

  9. islams not for me Says:

    Israeli atheist

    A pity you didnt give us the website link that the ‘jew’ from israel used.

    Obviously this individual is about as Jewish as anton levay was shinto. In other words yet another moslem / 1488 moron who is making false claims.

    Americans are not nearly as bigoted towards Jews as this mentally sick person thinks.

    • every word you say is correct . I am not american but reading what this man wrote shocked me ! I could not believe there are people like this in my country and now I’m really ashamed . I don’t remember the website since I don’t save it . I just so the comment and copied it . Than I lost the website . But that doe not matter now . I’ll just keep being your friend and will not listen to the idiot anymore. Life has a very simple rule : be respectful , be respected . I suggest mr. jew boy takes that advice …

      • I copied the comment so everyone can see who the real hate filled man is – he claims you guys are “Nazi scum,bags” “hate filled people” – now I proved him wrong . He is the one who hates . Hear that mr. jew from israel ? Leave my friends on this blog alone and get a f–king life ! You’re are a nazi scumbag and a hater and should be kicked out of planet earth to some other planet where you’ll not have anyone to hate anymore . Maybe you can hate the aliens …

      • janie hood Says:


  10. islams not for me Says:

    Agreed those who claim to be ‘Jews’ and yet write crap like that are fakes. Not real Jews or Israelis.

    And those who claim to be “American” and write hate against Israelis no matter what thier religion are simple minded bigots!

  11. janie hood Says:

    I have never saw a religon like this,terriorizing woman and children,1st hand,i don’t understand?We The People:(

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