Developing: Bomb Blast Rips Through Moscow Airport

Gee, I wonder which religion of peace is responsible for such a heinous act of terror…

Suicide bomber kills 31 at Russian airport: reports
By Amie Ferris-Rotman – MOSCOW | Mon Jan 24, 2011

(Reuters) – At least 31 people were killed and more than 100 injured on Monday in a suicide bombing at Russia’s biggest airport, Russian news agencies reported.

Russia’s ruble-dominated stock market MICEX fell by nearly two percent following the blast, which ripped through the baggage claim area at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport at 1332 GMT.


Initial casualty figures were contradictory with ITAR-TASS saying about 20 people had been killed. A spokeswoman for prosecutors put the number of casualties at about 20.


The Kremlin is struggling to contain an Islamist insurgency in the mainly Muslim North Caucasus, and rebels have repeatedly vowed they will take their battle to the Russian heartland.

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5 Comments on “Developing: Bomb Blast Rips Through Moscow Airport”

  1. Joe Says:

    BS. It’s the Americans and Israelis using proxies. They’ve been bombing Russia all century.

  2. Leatheneck Says:

    Russia better watch their schools. We know what happen the last time moon god worshipers hit the school in Belson.

    I mean the religion of peace.

  3. John Sobieski Says:

    Well Medvedev and Putin could play the Queen Isabella card and declare the Muslims must convert or leave. Nahh, too drastic and way too politically incorrect.

    • tgusa Says:

      I noticed muslims are sending more and more women to do their dirty work. There is nothing they won’t resort to in order to kill or convert us. Kill or convert, eh, perhaps muslims are not really serious about their ideology.

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