Our government sucks

Even though it seems to be missed by our own government, I realize that there are multiple groups attacking islamic countries and for multiple reasons. Egypt and Tunisia are not anomalies.

As young men are worked into killing frenzies by corrupt muslim sheiks and imams, they are standing right by people wanting jobs, freedom of choice and politicians that work for the people. That last goal mirrors what Americans want. Not relevant to my main point but I needed to rant.

Since our own country fell, we have seen attacks by corrupt leaders on our basic freedoms:

Free speech; including TV, Radio, News and now the net itself. Our politicians want everyone but Americans to have the ability to discuss current affairs unencumbered by censors. Our rulers are idiots; we built the net and can by pass their attacks on it.

The right to assemble; the tea party were verbally attacked for doing what our government praised the Egyptians for-speaking out. Our government has also attempted to silence Christians by why quibble?

The right to limit congress and judges; our government has used unelected czars to take over commerce, power and industries, we are no longer a constitutional republic.

State rights are currently under attack on several issues. Members of congress are angry that state officials have read that annoying bill of rights and constitution-how dare them question government rule.

Gun ownership; currently under attack; apparently attempting to bomb NY parks and planes, shooting soldiers and police is fine but one congresswoman is hit and it becomes a rally cry to limit guns for everyone. Frankly, I am never surprised when people attack political rulers; instead, I am always thankful that armed groups do not.

And the list goes on. So is America next? Is it time to march on Washington, burn congress and execute corrupt politicians and the unelected czars? Fortunately, no. We Americans are better than that, we will continue our fight for freedom using non violent methods to replace the thieves in power one at a time.

Step one saved the house, step two is coming. My advice to incumbents is do not waste your time, we do not want you and will not waste a vote on you.

My advice to Arabs seeking freedom, use your resources. You, not the politicians run everything, turn back on your own phones and other resources, and print out the addresses of your political and religious officials, their homes and businesses and hand them out. You, guard them, feed them, and you know where they are hiding. Certainly, no political or religious leader should fear the very people they have served-right? The politicians have the military to protect them, just like the Egyptians. Oops, looks like they sided with the people.

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10 Comments on “Our government sucks”

  1. tgusa Says:

    I’ve had enough of DC to last several centuries, they’re beginning to make me sick to my stomach, I’m becoming really fed up and I’m starting to blame all these pathetic’s that need their noses wiped at every turn. I would wager that there are many others that are feeling the exact same way. Even though I won’t write it down, just assume I am calling them every foul name in the book.



  3. Leatheneck Says:

    I believe we are watching history unfold as G-d stated it would. Egypt will be against Israel, and the there will be a global government.

    It appears, the USA will be a part of this global Marxist agenda, and debt maybe one of the ways that it occurs.

    The religion of peace, and the illegal alien are helping divide our nation. They perform their roles well by causing extreme emotions dividing religions, and groups. A country can be controlled faster that way.

    This has been going on for almost fifty years. It is a full court press, and includes abortion, homosexuality, and drug abuse. The government plantation is at the forefront of said agenda.

    All Nationalists must secure their positions. The elimination of debt is the largest anchor.

  4. islams not for me Says:

    I agree Leatherneck…

    First the debt…

    Then the traitors…

    Perhaps then we can keep America together…

  5. tgusa Says:

    The only thing that can save the republic at this point would be the states coupled with the citizens of the individual states standing up and taking back control of their respective regions. Since the civil war there has been an effort to erode the states power and you know why, the 21st Ms Infantry, the 2nd Missouri or the 11th Illinois, etc etc.

    Think about it, if the state and the citizens of the state rally together and then all fifty states rally together, well, united we stand. If there were to be a second civil war it would be a 57 state event, parts of states would battle other parts of the same state, well they will if leftist usurpers decide to show up for the fight. IMO, that is the fundamental problem with the TEA party, the media has tried to paint them as nationalists, when really we should be constitutional statists and then linked together through constitutional repubicism.

    United we stand, because right now the powers that be in DC are playing, divide and conquer.

  6. tgusa Says:

    When the trouble begins it will be between the left and the law, the law will be under attack from the left and that is fitting because the law and the left have played a dog and pony show for quite awhile now, with Tea partiers throughout the states paying the bill.

    This weekend, out here, the left make arrangements with the law to storm a conservative meeting, that is a direct violation of constitutional rights, you have a right to protest, yes, but not the right to interfere with other Americans legal and legitimate goings on, but the law went along with the left. The two of them have conspired to negotiate our demise, intentionally or unintentionally. But here’s the thing, we pay the bill but do you know why it takes but one single deputy to patrol my city? It’s because we generally respect the law and we are armed and will use them to protect ourselves.

    I have nothing against the law, but I will not allow them to tell us and our city what to do if trouble comes, we have always been on our own. As the lone sheriff can attest to, he has the easiest job in law enforcement that you can get, and a 99.999999 % chance of retirement too.

    The law needs to wake up and smell the coffee, because this conspiracy threatens to destroy the credibility of the law among the law abiding. And Sheriff Dipstick and his ilk are a big part of the problem.

  7. tgusa Says:

    Think about it, Bill Clinton’s wife is our Secretary of State, at a time when we are at war with violent islamists we are given, Bill Clinton’s wife!

  8. You’re right! Our government sucks but we have other ways to confront them and to tell them outright that what they are doing is enough. We will find every possible means to address issues non-violently hoping that our politicians will listen.

    • Ronin Says:

      The plan is simple and non-violent, we vote them out. Every incumbent should be replaced within the next 4 years. We already got the first third. Let them find work in the job market they helped create.

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