Why I side with the Freedom movement in Egypt

By Ronin, 31 Jan, 2011
I am going out on a limb and adding my support to the anti government movement in Egypt not because I think an oppressed people can just cast aside a system that completely controlled their lives easily. But because failure to try will accomplish nothing.

There are more than the hopes of a people involved here. Done correctly, the people will be allowed to determine their own future. One of the same goals as our own Tea Party; Americans filled the streets for similar goals, so have other nations. Occasionally, the people win and corrupt rulers are cast out like old garbage.

The old imams and political leadership in Egypt have accomplished nothing. They filled their pockets with the nations treasure by using division and fear to rule and control. I have never seen a hungry imam or a starving politician.

A nation controlled by fear and division cannot prosper and it cannot stand. There is a danger that a new government will be worse. There is danger that immigrants, Christian and foreigners will be attacked and islamic extremists will rule even harsher than anything the Egyptian people have faced.

There is also a hope in Egypt, a cry for freedom. So far, the people have resisted calls to turn this from a freedom movement into a blood crazed jihad bent mob. They legitimately seem to want only to cast off repression.

I think anytime a people rise up and ask for freedom we sould support and help them. We will watch closely for signs of intolerance and hate, we will expose if necessary. Equally, we will watch for signs of progress towards freedom.

Egypt, here is your day your time, win or lose, oppression or freedom, tolerance or chaos, you decide. Pick wisely.

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16 Comments on “Why I side with the Freedom movement in Egypt”

  1. Chris Says:

    History tells us that the idealism of young freedom fighters is often overwhelmed by the sinister motives of better-organized thugs who eventually take over. This happened in the Russian Revolution, Pakistan, and Turkey. Not only has the Muslim Brotherhood been around since 1928, but they have two militant orgaizational handbooks — the Quran and Sharia Law — which will give them a powerful jump-start on the young street-fighters (including naive ElBaradei). The new Egyptian democracy will be each one, one vote, one time. Then reality (and the Brotherhood) will take over. Our best hope for Egypt is that the military steps in, stabilizes the country, and moderates between the aspirations for freedom and the threat of Islamist fascism.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Having read that the opposition of the current Egyptian Gov has arrested members of the muslim brotherhood I am willing to back them spiritually in Prayer since I have NO real reason to care either way.

    The muslim brotherhood have obviously done nothing to help get thier own people food, money or jobs and with that they have shown themselves to be no better than any other corrupt politician in Egypt or elsewhere in the middle east.

  3. tgusa Says:

    I read an article written by a guy who was interviewing an Egyptian blogger and the Egyptian said that if the islamists were to take power most Egyptians would not care. He said that if alcohol was banned few would care as few Egyptians drink alcohol. The same thing went for books, few Egyptians read so few would even care, he says. He also said that many Egyptians wanted an islamist guvmint, that they needed to, get it out of their systems, and then move on. The interviewer mentioned the 25 years of Iranian islamist power and the blogger seemed to just shrug.

    What I see is that the radicalization is coming directly from the mosques and religious leaders and the young have been influenced by them, IMO, it is already too late to turn back,. I also believe that through our policies we have played right into their hands, both in supporting the dictators while tolerating the radicals. Everything we have said reinforces their view that alla is with them in this modern islamofascist march. I believe that everything, I mean everything that we see coming out of the muslim world, their leaders their mosques, is geared towards keeping our support, until the time is just right.

    IMO, if muslims are religious and attend mosques there is a great chance that they are part of it all, the ones that are not part of it are the one’s not going to the mosque.

    I don’t have a side that I would consider supporting in the ME anymore that’s my prerogative.
    Also, I am pretty tired of hearing about what muslims want, what muslims require, what muslims demand. You know what I want, I want muslims to leave the rest of us alone, or else, and I’m not fooling around.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    Yes, we can toss all of the possible outcomes around, but in the end the ineptness of our elected officials and the ‘have’nt got a clue State Dept.’ Egypt will more than likely go the way of the rest of the Islamic World and end up as just one more ‘religious concentration camp’ .

    • tgusa Says:

      That’s because our leadership are the quintessential man for all seasons, they stand for everything and therefore nothing at the same time. They have been trained in the art of tolerance, that’s right, they’re suckers.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Most Americans probably still believe that El Baradi is just a mild mannered UN scientist. Good gosh.

    • Ronin Says:

      You are right, many are fooled but do not be so quick to think the Egyptians are as unaware as the average American.

      • tgusa Says:

        If it turns out better for Egyptians I will be very happy. I just believe that the master manipulators are in the shadows waiting to take over. I don’t believe the Egyptians understand what they are getting themselves in to any more than Iranian students in 79 knew what they were getting in to. If it gets to the point where it is islamists vs Egyptian freedom lovers who do you think has the advantage?

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    All I see on the news about Egypt, is a country that needs the CFR Marxist diversity. I mean, everyone looks the same.

    El Baradi while working for the global Marxists was suppose to stop the spread of nuke weapons. He can not be trusted.

    I bet a pay check any warriors for allah the moon god can’t get to Egypt fast enough to help the Muslim brotherhood grab Egypt, or get your head cut off.

  7. ER Says:

    I, too, support them, even though I do not at all expect them to pick wisely. Abraham tried to help out God by having sex with handmaid Hagar to get his God-promised heir — instead he got Ishamel, from whom so many of the Jew-hating Arab peoples & Palestinians descended. The US made a deal w/ the devil in funding & training the mujahideen to fight the Soviet Union — & now we have the Taliban & Al Qaeda against us. The ends do not justify us choosing or supporting immoral means. At least now, Israelis & those who support them might share their insanely foolish belief that they can make more concessions, count on allies int he region etc, & hopefully they’ll trust in men less, & turn to God’s way more.

    • Ronin Says:

      I am not unaware of the power of the muslim brotherhood but since the press switched so quickly from support to mubarak and dismissal of the uprising to cautioning us about the “islamic radicals” taking over, I smell a skunk.

      Anytime the MSM lines up quickly get ready for a lie. So far, I have looked through hundreds of pictures, read dozens of accounts very few are blaming Israel or the USA. Few pictures or signs condemn anything but mubarak.

      I think we are seeing the real deal, an arab version of the tea parties. The youth do not want islam they want freedom from it.

  8. Dukem Says:

    There is a reason that the only stable form of government for muslims is an iron fist. Without that iron fist, muslims are into all types of unneighborly mischief. Dont be too quick to think setting muslims free is good for anyone. I wish it could be but we have to live with reality not bleeding heart fantasies. The quran tells what mohammad did with that freedom. If the muslim brotherhood are for this rebellion, then we have to wonder what our common interest is. Remember, Egypt was a pagan then Christian country until the muslims killed most of them. Now they are wanting to kill the Jews next door. Muslim freedom has not turned out well for many.

    • CavMom Says:

      Quoting NewsMax: “The Obama administration has taken numerous steps over the past two years to convince the Muslim Brotherhood that this White House no longer views them as an enemy.

      Two months before Obama’s June 2009 speech in Cairo, where he offered a “new beginning” to Muslims in their relations to the United States, he welcomed two members of the Egyptian group to the White House for quiet political consultations, according to the Egyptian army newspaper, Al Masry al-Ayoum.

      He also lifted a ban on travel to the United States on Tariq Ramadan, a prominent Islamist scholar who is the grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood, and went out of his way to invite Muslim Brotherhood members of Egypt’s parliament to attend his Cairo speech.”


      I do not trust our government leaders and am not thrilled with their apparent alignment.

      • Ronin Says:

        Only a few people in Egypt support the muslim brotherhood. Don’t fall for MSM hype. The military will rule not the MB and the people want freedom. Obama wants his muslim brothers to take control but the military will massacre them.

        The youth of Egypt are tired of old clerics and old politicians.

        Both sides (US and MB) want to scare the world into the myth of islamonazis so other islamic regimes will not also fall.

        The best thing for the world is the youth of islam to break away.

        • CavMom Says:

          Thanks for your insight. With the language barrier it is hard for people, such as myself, to get the truth about views of the people in the M.E.

  9. Annmarie Says:

    I have been listening to a talk by Professor Janice Stein, ( the director of the Munk School of Global Affairs in Toronto) She states that the people on the streets of Egypt are not in charge, and do not have the power — they have no leader..

    The Military and the Generals are in charge and the Kingmakers — they will make the discussion for Mubarak to stay or leave..They do have a big problem, the President Mulbarak is a General and a Military man, and one of them..
    1) if they over throw him, they stand to lose their positions, their salary, their pensions, and their Military careers.. In other words they have no job..Not a good thing in Egypt these days..

    2) Mohamed ELBarade, ( the guy who lived outside of Egypt,and arrived home last Thursday) He also worked for the UN.) would only be a Leader in transit, won’t last.. He is a stool, for th Muslim Brotherhood, they will take over from him.. Now Egypt will have a Fundamentalist Islamic Government like Iran, and they won’t want the Military people from Mubarak’s government –they are out of a job..

    At the last survey the Muslim Brotherhood only had 20% of the vote, but with all the crisis going on in Egypt, one can not be sure now of anything..When polled recently 59% of the Egypt’s said they would back Islamists and only 27% favoured modernizers..That is not a good policy for the USA regarding the uprising in Egypt..All this seems reminiscent of Jimmy Carter in 1978 regarding Iran..

    Like most Muslim countries there is a big difference between the rich and the poor, and very little middle class..

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