Obama Administration Thinks Mubarak is a Coptic Christian

And you wonder why your government seems like it is run by a bunch of drunk sophomores at a frat house party:

Does the White House Think Mubarak Is a Coptic Christian?
February 2, 2011
By Paul Marshall – NRO

My esteemed colleague Lela Gilbert has forwarded this amazing post from an Atlantic blog. Marc Ambinder, White House correspondent for National Journal and a contributing editor at The Atlantic, reports (emphasis added):

A number of White House officials were given an Encyclopedia Britannica-like briefing about the basics: how many U.S. citizens were inside the country and contingency plans to get them out; reminders that Egypt wasn’t a Muslim country; Hosni Mubarak was a Coptic Christian of a certain sect; the Muslim Brotherhood was at once an opposition political party and a co-opted part of the social system . . .

For the record, Mubarak is a Sunni Muslim.

However, there is no shadow of a suggestion of a suspicion that Mubarak is a Christian (even of a “certain sect”), not even by al-Qaeda, which profligately applies erroneous religious labels, including that Mahmoud Abbas is a Baha’i and Barack Obama is an apostate Muslim.

Either Ambinder is gravely mistaken or, more worryingly, the White House is gravely adrift in the experts whose advice it seeks. Such a comment injures the Copts, since it ties them to a failing regime, and, if it is indicative of beliefs in the White House, bodes ill for us all.

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2 Comments on “Obama Administration Thinks Mubarak is a Coptic Christian”

  1. Ronin Says:

    It was no mistake, remember the white house has to paint the sunni muslim brotherhood as the good guys. It also slaps the protesters morale as they feel slighted and abandoned.

  2. Annmarie Says:

    Well the white house sure tried to use Murbarak like a Coptic Christian.. How come that the Christian people outside of Egypt don’t come to help the Coptic Christians, we stand by as they are raped, & murdered — we turn the other cheek.. We are not living up to our Christian duty..

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