Muslims and Commies Working Together

Need proof?  Here ya’ go:

That certainly goes a long way in explaining why Lefturds and Libtards embrace Islam while turning a blind eye to the violence inherent in Islam…

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6 Comments on “Muslims and Commies Working Together”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    Reminds me of the following examples of how muslims are to reach out to the lefties and others:

    “Priorities of The Islamic Movement in The Coming Phase”
    “by Yusuf al-Qaradawi”

    (Paragraph examples from the book I copied)

    “How Should the Islamic Awakening Deal with the Cultured?”

    “The approach of the Islamic Awakening to the cultured elite should take two directions: the curative and the preventive. The curative approach is a remedial of the wrong concepts harbored by the cultured, by bringing them around through quiet, objective, academic argument, not through insults, beating about the bush or enthusiastic eloquence. It guides them to the documented sources from which they can know what they should know about Islam, its Book, its Prophet, its Creed, its Shari’ah, its history and its culture.”

    “The second approach, the preventive, aims at establishing a sound, documented Islamic culture that combines academic accuracy with clear expression. The purpose of such a culture is to give adequate doses of understanding of Islam and rectify those wrong concepts that have proliferated among the cultured, in addition to countering the false and invented beliefs without explaining them in any elaborate manner. The objective of this approach is to protect the youth against poisoning by invading ideologies. The knowledge they will acquire would serve as a “vaccine” against the ideological plagues that sweep overtly over our land or infiltrate covertly into it.”

    “The Islamic Movement And The Masses”

    “Paying attention to the cultured elite does not mean neglecting the masses, as the two actions are not conflicting. Popularity is a main characteristic of the Islamic Movement. The Movement is popular in the sense that it is not a governmental or official movement, nor is it an aristocratic one. It is a movement that has emerged from the heart of society to express its feelings and interact with its masses, speaking in their behalf and supporting their demand for rights. The enemies of the Movement abroad, and their agents inside, have tried to isolate the masses from the Movement, sometimes by misinformation and distortion, others by coercion and intimidation, and still others by different means.”

    “However, it is more dangerous that the Movement should alienate itself from the people through arrogance, accusation, disregard, desperation or preoccupation. There is a real danger when the Movement forgets its interrelationship with the people, neglects their problems and woes and crawls into its shell, talking only to itself and hearing only its own voice, thus putting itself in solitary confinement away from the people.”

    “The Islamic Movement will be successful only when it manages to make the people move with it, supporting its cause, getting angry at what angers it, feeling pleased with what pleases it, appreciating its stances and efforts and cursing its enemies. It will be successful when it focuses its efforts on merging into the people, running through them like blood through veins, and mingling with them, like body with soul and vision with eyes, so that each cannot be separated from the other.”

    “This will be possible only when the Islamic Movement adopts the causes of the people and reacts to their feelings, feeling joy at their happiness and becoming sad at their grief, sharing in their bitter and worse times, and becoming one with them.”

    “The Islamic Movement And The Working Classes”

    “By working classes, I mean industrial workers and craftsmen of all specializations who form large groupings at present, especially in major towns and cities, and are united by organized trade unions that can bring daily life to a halt if they decide to call a strike in defense of a right or in protestation against an injustice.”

    “What meets the eye in this regard is that the Islamic Movement has had little effect on the worker community to date. The leftists are still more influential and have a louder voice in this sector of our society, and they can manipulate the will and voice of workers in their interest to a large extent.”

    “Is it the Movement’s failure to recognize and sponsor the causes of workers and support their legitimate demands vis-à-vis the greedy capitalists and unjust rulers who exploit them?”

    “Or is it the success of Leftists, who had planned well for influencing and patronizing the workers as a prelude to using them for promoting their destructive principles and materialistic philosophy. Leftists are well-qualified for such a task, and they also possess means of temptation and use tools that the Islamic Movement could never bring itself to use. Whatever the reason, the Islamic Movement should review its strategy in this regard, for workers are a vital group in our Muslim community. Islam is still a strong driving power and stimulant of the masses, particularly when they realize that Islam is the religion that best recognizes work and does workers justice. Islam’s economic, social and legal rules protect workers and workers rights and support workers against those who do them wrong or try to exploit or manipulate them. It also calls for providing work for every unemployed worker, and social care for every disabled member of society who cannot work.”

    “Perhaps a new factor is now at work in the Islamic Movement’s favor among workers: that is the collapse of the Communist philosophy and system which has consequently led to the foundering of dictatorial regimes in Eastern Europe. The workers have rebelled against the dictatorships that had spoken in their names. Even Mother Russia, the cradle of Socialism, has set itself on a new course leading to reconsideration and reconstruction of its community according to the philosophy of “perestroika” .”

  2. tgusa Says:

    So happy together.

  3. islams not for me Says:

    It seems to me that both ‘systems’ are willing to use each other to try to overcome Capitalism and other systems.

    They are each others idiots.

    “Islam’s Useful Idiots”
    “Monday, 07 August 2006”

  4. Ronin Says:

    This conflict within islam needs to happen. There are plenty of muslims that understand that now is their chance, their only chance, to fight back and end islams choke hold on them.

    The cultural muslims are outnumbered, out gunned, out funded and yet they still resist. It is better to die free than support the pedophile worshipers.

    If nothing else comes from their efforts, the ruling elite of islam, the islamic clerics and dictators haven’t been able to sleep in a week. They are scared.

    I do not know which side is bigger, the commies and radicals or the real freedom lovers but I do know which side I support.

  5. tgusa Says:

    We also have a global media that is fueling unrest as they ask for respect or protection of reporters. Its beginning to cause a lot of problems globally, they need to stop.

  6. tgusa Says:

    If it is the last thing I do on Earth I am going to try to make sure that the commies get exactly what they are asking for, a home right next to Osama.

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