Indonesian mob of muslims murder three muslims

The victims in this story fell into the oldest trap in the cult of islam. When one group of muslims decide for themselves that they are even more muslim than another group, violence is almost a certainty. Usually, there is also an islamic cleric spurring the violence on.

The pedophile mohammed taught them that real peace only occurs when all your enemies are dead or slaves. Old mohammed was an evil bastard and his words continue to inspire members of the worlds largest and most violent cult today.

It does not matter of members of the Ahmadiyah sect are “true” muslims or not, what matters is so called religious people attacked them because their own clerics told them too do so.

6 Feb, 11, (AP)
JAKARTA, Indonesia—Police say a machete-wielding mob of Muslims attacked the home of a minority sect leader in central Indonesia, killing 3 and wounding six others.

Local police chief Let. Col. Alex Fauzy Rasyad says about 1,500 people—many with machetes, sticks and rocks—attacked about 20 members of the Ahmadiyah Muslim sect who were visiting their leader in his house in Banten province on Indonesia’s main island of Java.
-1500 against twenty, including women and children, just more proof of what I always say, islam has no brave muslim warriors. Unfortunately for the victims, islam does have hundreds of millions of mindless attack drones.

The attackers stabbed to death at least three men. Rasyad said Sunday that six others were rushed to a nearby hospital, four with critical injuries.

The attack was the latest targeting the Ahmadiyah sect in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Some Muslims see followers of Ahmadiyah as holding heretical beliefs.
-Who decides what it heretical in islam, which crazy imam gets to pick and by what metric? By all modern standards the cult of islam is the most violent blood cult ever formed-is that heretical? No, it is true. Judge islam by the actions of cult members and not by the lies they tell

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2 Comments on “Indonesian mob of muslims murder three muslims”

  1. tgusa Says:

    We will probably see less of this as muslims infiltrate the west and realize that there are many liberals yet to be dealt with.

    Also, one positive thing in all of this is western feminists will finally get the beatings that they have been begging for.

    it almost makes me want to help, almost.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    The Ahmadiyah sect does hold some odd beliefs:

    In the comments section of the holy quran authored by maulana muhammad ali… he mentions the following…

    that islam supposed ties in all religions (2:4a) “Faith in all prophets P. I-39” Which of course means that ahmadiyahian islam would be part of religious sycretinianism trying to blend all religions and thier teachers into itself.

    “Hell is meant for purification I-49”

    This of course flys in the theological face of shia and sunni islam that of course are no better than other islamic sects.

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