Illegal Students Scrambling to Stay

No doubt, that there are many more sham schools like this one set up to bypass our immigration laws. If you know anyone that hires employees, send them this story and ask them to check every foreign-born applicant’s alma mater.

by: Claudia Cowan, 7 February, 2011
Sources tell Fox News perhaps as many as 1,000 Tri-Valley University students are scrambling to find a legal visa and avoid deportation.

About 150 students showed up to take advantage of free legal aid that was being offered by the South Asian Bar Association. The weekend event was organized by the Indian Consulate in San Francisco.
-The tax paying citizens in California should be protesting in front of that consulate. Each student is a criminal, an illegal and should be sent home. If the Indian government cannot honor US law the consulate should be closed and its officials deported.

Immigration officials have indicated they may let some students stay in the U.S., but it is not expected to be a general amnesty. ICE officials say students will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
-WTF? Why? There are millions of honest and hard working people the world over that are willing to enter the US and replace these leaches.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in India confirms some of the former university students have been ordered to wear ankle bracelets so the government can track their movements.

Federal prosecutors say the “school” was a scheme to defraud the government and provide bogus immigration status for foreigners.

Officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) say every year, they bust hundreds of schools that served as fronts for illegal immigration operations, leaving thousands of foreign nationals who’ve paid tuition in exchange for a student visa in the lurch, while the head of the “school” often winds up forfeiting property, or, behind bars.
-Not our problem, send them home. If they were too stupid to understand that students attend class, write papers and attempt to learn then they deserve to be cheated and then deported.

The latest example appears to come from the San Francisco Bay Area: Tri-Valley University based in Pleasanton. Federal prosecutors say it wasn’t a school at all- rather an elaborate scheme to defraud the government, and perhaps the biggest scam of its kind.
-No wonder Kaliforniah is broke.

Open since 2008, TVU’s website touts on-line classes in engineering, medicine, and law, and a faculty list of more than 50 highly educated professionals. But those we contacted said they’d never seen the school, or taught a class. Many had no idea their names were on the site, which is peppered with numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes (“Now you graduate, we would like to hear from you, about life and how the study at TVU and the degree do to your career, not just your million dollar donation!”).

ICE officials noticed enrollment nearly tripled in a matter of months to over 1,500 students- almost all from the same region of India, and each paying $5,400 per semester to the schools founder, Susan Su.
-No doubt many of the graduates are working and earning big money with their bogus degrees, I suddenly feel like checking the status of every state employee.

Court documents say “since its inception, Tri-Valley University has been a “sham” university which Su, and others, have used to facilitate foreign nationals in illegally acquiring student immigration status that authorizes them to remain in the United States.”

In a raid last week, ICE agents seized computers and other evidence from four properties allegedly bought with millions in tuition money, including the school’s main office building, a converted condo, and a luxury home owned by Su.

She says the school is for real, and denies any wrongdoing. “Make millions dollars– that is true,” she says in her broken English. “You talk about our income, but we do not do cheating, we suppose to be right. This is the standard we charge, with so many students, we never forced anybody to sign up with us.”
-Well then, all is ok, back to sleep. I am sure that not a single fake student drew one cent of state funds for welfare, educational grants or deferred housing.

But in a government sting operation, Su was caught giving F-1 student visas to undercover agents posing as foreign nationals, who told her they wanted to come to the U.S, but had no intention of attending classes. According to the court filings, the university listed the same address – a single apartment in the Silicon Valley city of Sunnyvale – for nearly all the students. The fact that none were actually living there was a clear attempt, officials say, to conceal the fact that few, if any TVU students lived in California at all. It’s believed most were working in other states, and are now scrambling to either transfer to another school, or get a valid visa to stay here. It’s likely that many-possibly up to a thousand- Indian nationals will be deported.

As for Susan Su, the government just wants to seize her property for now. But criminal charges, including immigration fraud and money laundering, could be next.

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10 Comments on “Illegal Students Scrambling to Stay”

  1. tgusa Says:

    In this state we see a lot of pandering to foreigners/minorities whether they are illegal or legal, it seems that many of them require special attention and it has an unfortunate consequence. The people who are footing the bill, you know who they are, well, they are beginning to think that they are either going to be cheated by or wind up supporting these newcomers and they believe that the authorities could care less. In the past people would give newcomers the benefit of the doubt but that’s changing. It is a very unhealthy situation.

    Most of the people of the state that have been here and watched it all go down are losing respect for the authorities and they are starting to resent these newcomers. They are tired of being cheated and they are fed up with paying the bills. There is some good news though. You know those Hollywoodland homes of the stars bus tours? Well they are fired up again, this time its gangland that is the destination, oh joy

  2. P.L. Says:

    Updated news release:

    “Starting in April, a student assistant, Anji Reddy, who worked in TVU’s administrative office teamed with another student Ram Krista Karra, who also has a consultant company” to swindle international students who were asked to deposit their tuition fees into Karra’s personal account in exchange for a I-20 form needed for student visas.

    Read more at:

  3. P.L. Says:

    FYI – TVU has resumed classes and is back in business — two former Indian students and former workers at TVU have been detained for committing fraud.

    These two persons, Anji Reddy and Ram Krista Karra, had been earlier fired by Su. Reddy and Karra filed complaints against TVU as a vengeful act, but were the actual culprits frauding their own countrymen and women from Andrha Pradesh, India.

    More to come.

    • Ronin Says:

      Wait for the court to decide. This many students shows organization well above one or two people.

      • P.L. Says:

        Quite true that more than two people are involved — investigators have traced the actions back to two recruiting companies located in India: ABS Consulting and IAEC.

        Many more involved in the scam will be identified.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    This my friends is just the tip of the iceberg, while we in the USA work our tails off and sacrifice to educate our children, these scam artists are getting into our country and being educated on our dime.

    • P.L. Says:

      It actually gets worse if you can believe it — Their compatriots get hired; some rise through the ranks into hiring positions. Then they hire only their own countrymen and women.

      Without exaggeration where I’ve been working, in the programming ranks 100% of those hired are their own countrymen and women.

      I, as am American citizen, am now judged and hired or not hired by H1B’s who are now making the hiring decisions in American companies.

      Washington and corporate America needs to wake up and do something about this, having given away our companies and control to non-Americans. The standard of living for Americans has declined sharply, is there any wonder why?

  5. susie Says:

    @Big Frank

    what u r stating is just bullshit…They never studied on ur money or through funding…They spent their hard earned money which they got from their country…Infact the country is liable to these students as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement was wrong in judging this university.This university was approved in the SEVP list..Studetns joined thinking that its SEVP approved school by paying huge amounts of tution fee!!
    If you wanna comment or pin point then go ahead and show ur finger to Ms.Susan Su who cheated both the govt and the students and who raised whopping $1.8 million out of this sham university….Who would not be interested in joining a school if its cheap and its giving u a degree ? Will u be not interested if u r getting a pizza for free ??

    • Leatherneck Says:

      It is my understanding they are illegal alien students. Shouldn’t they be deported?

      • tgusa Says:

        Anyone who sneaks into our country and uses our resources is a criminal. Anyone who allows them to stay or helps them is a criminal as well. We are being told that we must cut back, that there is not enough to go around, that our lifestyles are unsustainable. In an environment such as this that makes those who have come into the country illegally and those who ignore them ever larger criminals. I’m also sick of this u and r crap on the internet, it is retarded and makes us look like a country of morons.

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