Health & Ethics Professor at George Mason University Tells NPR Listeners that Obamacare Opponents Should Wear “Gold Stickers on Their Foreheads”

Gold stickers, you say?  Oh, you mean like those gold stars teachers use to motive their students, right?  Gee, who else was forced to wear yellowish-gold stars to identify themselves in public?  Hmmm… I wonder…

Obamacare Advocate: Make Refusniks Wear Gold Stickers

Method of persecuting people who refuse to buy mandatory health care invokes holocaust imagery

Paul Joseph Watson
A leading advocate of Obamacare told NPR yesterday that Americans who refuse to pay for health care should be forced to wear gold stickers on their foreheads and refused emergency hospital treatment, in a chilling throwback to how Jews were persecuted by being made to wear yellow stars by the Nazis during the occupation of Europe.

In an article carried on the NPR website entitled Alternatives To Mandating Insurance? Maybe, Dr. Len Nichols, Professor of Health Policy and Director of the Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics at George Mason University, and a staunch advocate of mandatory health care, came up with a novel idea “to make the consequences of not having insurance even more dramatic.”

For example, he says, perhaps if people don’t buy insurance when it is first available, “if you ever try to buy insurance again, you’ll have to pay three times the market price, and we will put a gold sticker on your forehead and say to all hospitals, ‘You do not have to treat this person; this person has forfeited their right to uncompensated care.’ ” (Click here for audio).

Given the brazen insensitivity of the comment, NPR presenter Julie Rovner immediately tries to downplay its vulgarity, insisting, “Nichols is only half serious about that gold star.”

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10 Comments on “Health & Ethics Professor at George Mason University Tells NPR Listeners that Obamacare Opponents Should Wear “Gold Stickers on Their Foreheads””

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    Yea, and hitler was only half serious, too. The other half was deadly.


    • tgusa Says:

      Just about every liberal/liberal group is blaming the Jews in Israel for all the worlds problems. Today’s American liberal reich is indistinguishable when compared to yesterdays European third reich.

  2. tgusa Says:

    And people call my state the fruit and nut state. Well, I will take fruits and nuts over jihadists and Nazis any day. What’s the state motto over there, Virginia, its not just for jihadists? Sure glad my family had the good sense to move out of there a couple hundred years ago, I coulda been stuck there! The horror!

  3. tgusa Says:

    The day that NYC disappears in a blazing ball of fire and crumbling brimstone remember this, training provided by American Universities, financed by the US guvmint. This is a helluva a way to fight a war.

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    Reprobate thinking by the leftard. As if he could do anything to anyone physically. The Wanker.

  5. 1389AD Says:


    The jihadi indoctrination in the educational system proceeds apace at, of all places, VMI:

    What To Do about Enemy Propaganda at VMI

  6. So even if I have enough money to afford whatever health care I need I should still be refused at a hospital? What? If I have 8 millions dollars in my bank account I don’t need insurance I can just pay for what I need when I need it (I don’t I have insurance through work) what can’t I? I don’t have Beer insurance I just buy what I want (or need) when I’m at the bar. I don’t have food insurance, should a grocery store refuse my money because I didn’t have a card? I don’t advocate violence but in this situation I will. If the government every tries to make you wear an identifying mark (and it isn’t a uniform, police, military, ect) for any reason start shooting, shoot a lot, and keep going until they people that want to to do it are dead.

    • tgusa Says:

      Don’t worry. Chances are that no matter how much money you have you will still be operated on by a drooling leftist who graduated from a state sponsored medacul scool. My advise is, if you are having any sort of amputation get a extra large can of rust-o-leum and clearly mark the target limb, and even still, your chances are at best 50 50 that they get it right. I’m already nervous and I’m not even sick, yet.

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