Egypt’s lesson for the youth trapped in the ummah

By Ronin, 12 February 2011
The problem with islam starts with mohammed. His teaching of sharia, terror, jihad and rage doomed generations of muslims. It held them back culturally, while the rest of the world progressed. Until muslims can admit that mohammed’s ways belong locked into the seventh century and have no place in the modern world, muslims cannot escape the trap mohammed designed for them.

Because of islam and its backwards ways, the west with its concept of freedom. Freedom to dream is what built empires, factories, designed miraculous machines, advanced medicine, science and entered space. Freedom, has to be pursued, fought for and defended.

Islam managed to crawl at an impressive rate but accomplished little to nothing. The successes of islam are measured by more victims, more clerics, leaders that are more corrupt, more oppression and more blood lust. For centuries, the youth of islam were wasted by old men for their personal gain under the name of an ideology that benefited only the ruling elite and the insiders of the religious orders, pushing the system along.

The world will never know what could have been gained if the generations of islamic youth had worked to discover, to build and had been given a chance to succeed. Their talents, ability and dreams were traded for territory, often left without the ability to support its new populations, trapping new muslims into generations of poverty. Basic research will prove this to anyone willing to look. While the poor of islam fight for a meal a day, the poor in the west eat three meals a day.

Today, a small minority of muslims have looked up, looked around and decided to fight back, more will follow them. The rulers of the ummah and the clerics will resist, try to regain control and blood will flow. The ruling elite and the clerics will demand their slaves bow down. Some of the ruling elite in the west will back them and demand the youth be pushed back down. The ruling elite is corrupt everywhere, they want to maintain control.

Islam needs to fight this fight, unless the youth see that it is not the west holding them back it is islam, its clerics, its rulers and its teachers are all corrupt. That are the root of their problem. Freedom from tyranny starts with a desire to be free. Desire means nothing without a plan and a realistic goal. The youth will eventually own everything; they can desire to be free or desire to continue a very old system designed to empower an elite few.

A simple comparison between free societies and the oppressed is not possible. Individual abuses will be touted as proof positive that one way is better and “those” people are worse, to be scorned. Is any of it true?

In the past, the youth of islam depended on truth as taught by the ruling elite and the clerics. Today, they can learn the hard way, through honest discussion, hard work and research.

Today, the world can speak, it can teach the truth. A muslim youth from the sahel can discuss freedom with a non muslim living in the west, or a free muslim living in Israel, Australia or anywhere they desire. It starts with a thirst for knowledge and ends with the ability to use an open mind.

Today, the youth of islam can see for themselves that there is an entire world not dependant on anger and rage but built on principals that stress individuality as an opportunity to grow, to compare, to build and most importantly to succeed. Not success measured by numbers but on advancements, on success and on progress.

Today, the youth of islam can learn that other cultures and peoples are different but not their enemies, not their targets and are not filled with the rage being pumped into their blood. Today, the youth of islam can learn to view the world through their eyes and decide their own future, their own path and set their own goals.

The road is ahead, it is filled with traps, switchbacks, danger, obstacles and trickery. The road also holds a path to freedom. Freedom, to decide your own future, freedom to advance humanity, not on doctrine found in a book, any true deity would welcome the growth and advancement of its youth.

Freedom comes at a high price, I hope that you find it and if not can at least glimpse it and encourage another generation to reach for it.

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4 Comments on “Egypt’s lesson for the youth trapped in the ummah”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    The youth in islam can rid themselves of theocracy and use Western concepts without the immorality and corruption the can easily liberalize thier ‘faith’ and bring thier countries into greater futures!

  2. Big Frank Says:

    Most of the Islamic countries are religious concentration camps masquerading as nations. Egypt IMHO in the coming months is only going to have 1 chance to become if at all a republic with some kind of order. Working against that are the forces of radical Islam and the devious behind the scenes stealth SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS. Aside from these facts, who and what wealthy individuals and financial institutions will profit handsomely from all of this political chaos, upheaval, and turmoil? As always follow the money. This so-called ‘revolution didn’t just happen it has the markings of our ‘Dear Leader’ and his commie cabal all over it. In the future what nation will trust the USA after he and his henchmen tossed the Brits, Mr. Mubarak, and possibly Israel under the bus?

  3. Dukem Says:

    Democracy is suicidal and has failed after every attempt. That is why the founders of the USA opted for a Republic. As competent as the Greeks were, even they failed at democracy. Wishing democracy on the Egyptian youth is wishing their demise. Whatever, if the Egyptian youth wish to better their lives, they must take the first step to recovery and renounce islam and their muslimania. Recovery can never progress if impeded by denial. (ref AA recovery steps) Islamiholics will never be rehabilitated if they think they can be moderate drinkers of islam. Either they abstain and renounce islam as part of the twelve steps of rehabilitation or they relapse.

    If muslims lack the capacity to discern the lying, thieving, murdering, pedophile, homophile, necrophile megalomaniac in the quran, how are they going to democratically pick an honest leader? The world expects too much from those having trouble with the simplest of tasks in recognizing quranic psychosis to ever successfully contend with black hearted politicians.

    Until the youth evolve to where they can figure out islamiholism, they have no hope for coping with democracy.

    • Ronin Says:

      I am good with them thinning each other out. If the youth win and toss out the old ways, the entire islamic ruling elite could crumble. If they are stupid and fall backwards to find themselves once again ruled by corrupt old clerics, we are right back where we started.

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