Shocker: UK muslims hold extremist views

From our: no sh!% department.

13 Feb, 2011, Hebden Bridge Times
Young Muslims are being taught extremist views in British mosques, an undercover investigation has found.
-I guess the brits did not get the message with the systematic rapes, stabbings, bombings, returning jihadi, forced marriages, demands for sharia etc.

Shocking footage of children apparently being hit by their teachers during lessons on the Koran will also be aired on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme on Monday.
-This will be hard to spin for the minions, look for the this is cultural and not islam and my favorite “this is not true islam”. No need to lie, a picture speaks a thousand words.

A hidden camera installed by a reporter at a school in Birmingham recorded a preacher telling pupils “the disbelievers are the worst creatures, they are the worst creatures”.
-He hasn’t met my dog mohammed, he is a dark evil dog.

The 11-year-olds are then told not to trust more liberal Muslims.
-Liberal muslim = backslider.

Their teacher said: “The person who’s got less than a fistful of beard, then you should stay away from him the same way you should stay away from a serpent or a snake.”
-Thank God, I can still hang with my Amish friends.

Another group of pupils are told in an assembly at the school: “The disbelievers, they are the worst of all people. The Hindus do, they drink piss, I’ve told you this. Do they have any intellect? No.”
-I am going to ask a hindu but I think he was lying, I think they do have intellect.

The school is inspected by Government-approved teams and is required to teach tolerance and respect for other religions.
-It is nice to see that the UK government is as effective at providing security to its citizens as our own (sarcasm)

Access to the school was gained when the undercover investigator got a job as a volunteer in 2009. He was allowed to sit in on some lessons, but he was not let into Islamic classes. In July last year, he went into one of the rooms where he heard Islamic studies was being taught and he left a secret camera.
-Looks like we now know the secret of islam, the cult is infested with muslims acting on islamic principles and values set down by a seventh century lunatic, child rapist and worse.

In more footage filmed by the programme at a mosque in Yorkshire, teenagers and a preacher are seen to be hitting younger children. Pupils as young as six or seven were caught on camera being hit and kicked by the people supposed to be looking after them.

-Considering the numbers of children sexually assaulted and murdered by muslims these kids got of light.

Dr Taj Hargey, founder of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, said: “This is totally against Islam. This is something that is deeply humiliating and shameful to Muslims to hear other Muslims describe people of other religions in such derogatory, disparaging terms.”

-The doc is a lair and a fool; we are onto the lies of the islamic apologists. The camera was not hidden to catch muslims behaving, it was left to expose islam for what it is, a violent and dangerous cult, full of sadistic overlords pushing themselves on their victims, both muslims and non muslims.

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19 Comments on “Shocker: UK muslims hold extremist views”

  1. tgusa Says:

    The same thing is happening in the USA only here we don’t call them extremists we call them democrats. The US and UK guvmints have turned their backs on those who have fought and died to preserve their governing power, they are, the worst creatures in the world. The sides are beginning to take shape, the line in the sand is materializing and there are those among us who will end up on the wrong side of that line.

    Fortunately, we won’t have to listen to America hating liberals and their causes for much longer, feminists and homos who don’t go along end up under the islamist/guvmint bus. Also, many other western minorities that constantly accuse us of racism are going to get some real racism when we separate ourselves from them, that is called, irony. Of course some people would call it karma but karma can be a real bitch. I’m beginning to believe that they deserve it.

  2. tgusa Says:

    The people of both our countries must rise up and throw off this modern day version of institutionalized slavery and discrimination. I loathe the president and his disgusting wife and most, if not all of our so called guvmint and representatives. I firmly believe that there is no going back from this point on, the table has been set, the sides assembled, there are clear and staggering irreconcilable differences between the opposing sides. The USA, as we know it, is over and so is the UK.

  3. tgusa Says:

    OT but semi relevant. Have you been following CPAC and Brietbart? Brietbart is being sued by pigford liberals, but they both deserve each other. Breitbart is a mouthy ex liberal who came to the conservative side and brought his leftist baggage along with him. I really hope they destroy each other.

    • Yeah, I saw that over the weekend. Apparently, Shirley Sherrod had Breitbart served at the CPAC event. However, having viewed the original Sherrod video that Breitbart posted back in July, I don’t know what she thinks she is accomplishing here. After all, the video clearly showed her explaining that she had once wrongly discriminated against a white person and is now a changed person. There’s nothing liable about that—and it’s all in her own words. It was the Lame Stream Media who seized upon the core story in the video and edited it so that Sherrod’s “Coming-to-Christ-moment” at the end was omitted and then blamed it all on Breitbart’s editing of the video.

      And one also wonders why Sherrod waited so long before filing a suit against Breitbart; choosing her timing to be coordinated with the release of the unedited Pigford footage.

      The only thing that seems to make any sense about the timing of all of this is that Sherrod and her commie buddies are trying to beat Breitbart into submission concerning the Pigford scandal.


      • tgusa Says:

        Sherrod has the same mindset as Van Jones and many other black leftists. Its a peoples temple ideology which is surprising because I thought all that was dead and buried. Take a look at what her body language is saying, it says that she is not being entirely honest, or she knows what she is doing is wrong but is still doing it anyway.

        Democrats are economic terrorists, from Jones to the ecofascists, they keep their victim groups quiet by giving them a welfare check and some food stamps while they stomp on the people that they have taken the money from.

        We basically have a guvmint that has declared war on the people, a war that is much larger than the war on (for) poverty, the war on drugs or the war on terror. The left reminds me of east German communists of the cold war, a place where they were literally shooting anyone who tried to flee.

        Perhaps Americans should take an example from the Egyptians, we do have a right to throw off and oppressive and tyrannical guvmint, even if it is smart, soft oppression and tyranny. WE need to do it before they explode a bomb on us that they have smuggled in through a leftist run union port.

        • tgusa Says:

          If you want to understand the plight of the black in America all you have to do is look at Sherrod. Sherrod and her ilk are why black males cannot graduate high school. They are the reason that black teens will end up pregnant before they are 16. They have failed in the most basic of tasks, teaching their kids to read and write. They are responsible for the fact that many young blacks don’t even know who their daddy is. They are hate, they breed and then nurture hate and they are the worst thing to happen to black American children over our countries entire history. If you were a Sherrod you might be looking to blame someone else as well. Everybody else is responsible for their actions and it is about time we start saying, no, it is you, you are the problem.

          Of course democrats tell us all the time that blacks are too dumb to recognize what is going on and many blacks show up to prove it every election. Black democrats need to shut up, no one is going to listen to them except white leftists who are, a tiny minority and primarily angry women or the white men that they elect. It must really suck to be one of these people. Obama would never have been president if his mom had been Sherrod, there’s just no way.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Here in America NYC is ground zero of the heart of darkness. The muslims would love to incinerate it, we would hardly miss it given what it has become. Its a helluva way to fight a war. They can take out SF right after that, it won’t make me any angrier than I already am.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Recently uncovered video of a spokesmouth for the anti islamofascist western dip-low-mat.


  6. dave Says:

    oh wow – a site like this can sure help us high school drop outs. I always wondered if someone figured out that muslims were scum sucking cockroaches and terrorists.

  7. Leatheneck Says:

    The only extreme Muslims are those who do not follow Mohammad. They are called Apostates.

  8. Lion Heart Says:

    I saw this program of DESPATCHES Channel 4 people like myself have know this for years what realy goes on in these viper’s nest’s they call Mosques im just surprised it has taken so long for it to have been shown but then it’s taken over 10yrs to bring to light the Muslim child prostitute rings targeting white girls as young as 9yrs my friend a police officer is dealing with a case right now i will inform you on this later if you would like to hear about it

    • Hey! Are you the same Lion Heart who was ordered arrested by the dhimmitards in the UK’s government a couple of years ago? Keep up the good work, bro!


      • Lion Heart Says:

        Well lets just say im not popular with are Islamic friends over here in England you see im politicaly incorrect and damn prould of it. But a bit of a light at the end the tunnel the worm is very slowly turning lets hope it continues growing momentum

    • Leatherneck Says:

      I read Mohammad married a girl at 7, and raped her at 9.

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