California: Elementary School Commits 6-Year-Old Child to Psych Ward Without Parental Consent

Welcome to our new socialist utopia, folks.  This is just reason number nine-hundred-ninety-nine bazillion as to why parents should do their best to homeschool their children:

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Mom Upset After School Has Son Committed to Psych Ward
Mom says her son suffers from separation anxiety

Syndi Dorman has faced a lot, raising two kids while her Army husband spent time overseas. But what happened a few days ago was right up there with her worst nightmare.

“I said, ‘Can you do this?’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah,'” said the stunned San Pedro mother. “I’m just like, ‘What? Can I get a lawyer? How is this happening?'”

Dorman said what happened to her son could happen to any school-age child and that’s why she’s speaking out. On Monday, her 6-year-old son Jack was committed to a psychiatric ward against her wishes after he drew a violent drawing at school and wrote that he wanted to die.

“They said they were concerned about a picture he drew. I said he plays video games and it’s a picture from a video game.”

Dorman said her son suffers from separation anxiety and has seen a therapist in the past. On the day he drew the disturbing picture, he was upset that he couldn’t stay home with his family.

“I explained to them what was happening, that my husband was being deployed to Iraq, that he was upset when he came to school today, that he wanted to be home.”

School officials at Taper Avenue Elementary in San Pedro were so concerned, they called a Los Angeles County psychiatric mobile response team, which determined Jack needed to be committed to a 72-hour psychiatric hold at a local hospital.

“I’m saying, ‘I will deal with it, that we have a therapist, we’ll make sure he’s seen today.’ “They said it was out of my hands. They said they were in control and they could do this and had already called an ambulance.”

Dorman said the ambulance ride was traumatizing for her son.

“I was trying to reassure him it would be OK and he asked if I’d come back for him, and I said of course I’m going to come back for you.”

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines released a statement, saying in part, “When any student indicates a desire to take his or her own life, the LAUSD is required to follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of the student … The safety of LAUSD students is paramount. We did the right thing here.”

No you didn’t.  You didn’t respect parental rights, you ignorant Lefturd fascist.  If it was safety of the students that was really paramount, you could have just as easily expelled the child citing safety concerns.

Jack was released after 48 hours, but his mother says the experience will have lasting effects.

“My son doesn’t want to go back to school. He’s afraid they’re going to take him away again.”

Video follows:

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14 Comments on “California: Elementary School Commits 6-Year-Old Child to Psych Ward Without Parental Consent”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Things like this happen, then a Teacher gets followed, or seen at the store, and the Teacher gets their arse kicked. All because some Teacher thought they owned the world.

    I hope nothing happens to the stupid Teacher, but you never know what some Father might do when their child is abused.

    Good luck Teacher.

    • tgusa Says:

      You’re right. If they took my kid and told me to bug off I would find Ramone and beat the snot out of him in front of a bunch of teachers, that sends a message that they cannot ignore. Its like the police or the guys in white coats, going after the officer on the street is a waste of time, kick the crap out of their commander if you really want to make a difference.

      What is this kid doing living in San Pedro? There isn’t an Army base anywhere near SP. Its right on the county line, right next to Long Beach, yeah, who would want to live there either? This kid probably wants to kill himself because he lives in LA county but who wouldn’t. Perhaps he feels that even though he stays in school he will still end up stuck in the Long Beach/San Pedro area. Someone once tried to steal my car in San Pedro and that was twenty years ago.

      If you decide to pistol whip one of these people make sure you draw some sort of picture, preemptively, that way you have a good defense in court.

      • tgusa Says:

        meanwhile, some maniac ran down several dozen infidels in front of a San Diego nightclub, the police think he may have fallen asleep at the wheel, wink wink. The remaining crowd woke him up with an ass kicking. Sounds like a commander in need of an arse kicking. People are tired of being maimed or murdered by islamic maniacs while the authorities are playing spot the psycho with six year old kids.

  2. changedforever Says:

    Not long ago my son drew a picture for one of his classes of someone blowing something up. On the picture he wrote “I like to see things blow up.” The teacher was concerned but unlike the teacher mentioned above she sent me an email and told me of her concerns. I assured her it was nothing to be concerned about that he was born into a Marine Corps family (his grandfather was a Marine) and that one of his video games has people blowing things up on it. He wants to learn how the process happens so that in the future fewer civilians will be killed or injured, etc and that he is a highly intelligent kid who is constantly learning and wanting to learn more. She replied and told me thank you for emailing her back. That she thought that was all it was but wanted to make sure she was correct. I appreciate her email and her as a teacher for contacting me first and not blowing it out of proportion like other teachers in other districts have and or are doing. Shame on the teacher and school mentioned in this article for overstepping their boundries and taking away the parents right to have their kid treated by their own therapist and for traumatizing this kid. I hope the parents are able to obtain a great lawyer who will put the teacher and school in its rightful place!

  3. Carl W. Goss Says:

    LAUSD did the right thing. If the authorities think the kid is a danger to himself or others they are obligated to call for psychiatric evaluation. Nothing unusual about this, happens all the time with children and adults.

    I’d watch that language if I were you tgusa. If something like what you described actually happens guess who the police will look at. Yeah, that’s right , YOU! Remember, the LAUSD has their own security force. Think about that, before you pump that crap out in public.

    • tgusa Says:

      Right buddy, I’ve lived my entire life respecting the law but you go ahead and make me a criminal over my speech. You are a disgrace and another reason not to trust authority today, do you really call what we have, legitimate authority? Parents might be bad but the authorities have been proven even worse, but it all boils down to jobs and security for some, doesn’t it? Don’t play that, its for the kids game with me.

    • tgusa Says:

      But then, most of us who don’t live in LA county don’t really care what you do up there, as long as you stay up there. We don’t frequent your county for a reason, its always been that way. Now go tell your chief of police to stop the islamopandering.

      • tgusa Says:

        And don’t think its just us Carl the people on your northern border don’t like you either, I wonder why that is? Well, its probably a reflection of the majority of the state, yes, you guys have a real bad reputation, your county does, yes, most Californians don’t like you, although you are probably popular in some parts of San Francisco.

    • Leatheneck Says:

      What’s up SFB’s? It appears you think the State should review tgusa speech. Meanwhile the Westboro Church calls dead children Fags, and will burn in hell as warriors for Lucifer.

      Who is supporting Lucifer? Those who think the State is G-d, or Americans following the Constitution of these United States?

      If my child gets handled by some left wing POS, I will handle them. Do you have a problem with that boy?

      • tgusa Says:

        Carl is a LA county administrator, it probably sez Carl W Goss on his big important desk in his big important department, yes, a parasite, but a dictatorial one none the less.

      • tgusa Says:

        Goss may remove his head from his ass the day after islamofascists descend on Malibu Beach and behead all the Bikini clad women lying around, well, maybe.

  4. tgusa Says:

    I would ask what the hell are Carl and other LA county people thinking, but they are not thinking. Carl does not realize that LA county is in the midst of devolution and the further man devolves the more harsh the repression that is needed to control the devolved. Remember the OJ slow speed chase? A real money maker. If you are suspected of beheading your wife you deserve every courtesy imaginable. If you are a forty something dad who runs over his daughters head screaming alla fwackbar, away! Well, you deserve every courtesy JUST THE SAME, but not if you are a six year old kid, an ordinary citizen.

    Carl is a hideous reflection of the leftist mindset where stick figures are a threat and homicidal madmen are not. Carl and his type will get a lot of good cops on the street killed but don’t worry cause he has the rest of us to confine, proactively, but then, when Carl has locked us all up he and his friends will be all alone with those who do not respect the authorities, thanks Carl!

  5. tgusa Says:

    And there you have it everyone, Carl is not only a disgrace to the USA but an even greater disgrace because of where he lives. Yes, this used to be an great place to live, pre Gossism.

    And prosperous too, thanks Carl!

  6. tgusa Says:

    And truthfully, I have noticed the fascittic transformation of our schools take place and it has been pretty frightening. I think it is reult of ignoring really bad behavior by older people young adults and such, its a transferrence of blame game and it is disgusting and criminal IMO. What has occured in this state compared to what it was is abominable, but some ares stay pretty much the same in spite of it all, there are reasons, is a reason, the ADULTS of those areas are a direct reflection. I wouldn’t care except that I don’t want it to spread. Stop the northeasternization of the state! Make California something to be proud of once again, a state of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, JUSTICE and PROSPERITY, there is, after all, a link.

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