House Successfully Passes Amendment Blocking Funds for FCC’s Fascist “Net Neutrality” Order

Nice!  Kudos to the House:

House Passes Amendment to Block Funds for Net Neutrality Order

By Juliana GruenwaldNational Journal

The House passed an amendment Thursday that would bar the Federal Communications Commission from using any funding to implement the network-neutrality order it approved in December.

The amendment, approved on a 244-181 vote, was offered by Energy and Commerce Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden, R-Ore., to legislation that would fund government agencies for the rest of fiscal year 2011.

Walden and other critics of the FCC’s net-neutrality order argue it will stifle innovation and investment in broadband. The order aims to bar broadband providers from discriminating against Internet content, services, or applications.

“If left unchallenged, this claim of authority would allow the FCC to regulate any matter it discussed in the national broadband plan,” Walden said.

If the defunding effort fails, Republicans are pursuing a second route to try to block the FCC’s open-Internet order. Walden and other Republicans in both the House and the Senate introduced on Wednesday a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act, which would give lawmakers a limited amount of time to try to block the FCC’s net-neutrality rules.


President Obama, who supports the FCC’s net neutrality order, has threatened to veto the spending measure if it cuts government programs too deeply. He was on the West Coast meeting with leaders from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and other technology companies when the vote came in.

Go ahead and veto it, O’bozo; by doing so, you cannot effectively blame the Republicans for the mess you’ve gotten us into.

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4 Comments on “House Successfully Passes Amendment Blocking Funds for FCC’s Fascist “Net Neutrality” Order”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Don’t buy anything from or through companies associated with Obama and the left. When you see these people get into bed together write them off your list, forever.

  2. tgusa Says:

    In related news, the leftist Egyptian google rep (O`google)who bragged about being a major player in starting this revolution has been told to get lost by the fundamentalist other side. There is no goggling in islam, the dummies! I love it when a plan comes together, especially when I don’t have to do any planning. 🙂

  3. tgusa Says:

    The FCC is a threat to free speech, the EPA is a threat to the food supply, the current guvmint is a threat to our liberties, do you see a pattern developing here? Of course, I don’t think that shutting down the internet will save these leftists once people become really hungry. I would not want to be caught driving a car that runs on food when that day comes. We won’t need the internet to identify them.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Interesting article on Americans and revolution and the fake democracy we have and what we can do about it. “If people are not afraid of the dictatorship, that dictatorship is in big trouble.” Global Politician. These agencies go on and on unchanged, enabling the corporate soft dictatorship, but even soft dictatorships eventually implode. If you think about it, in terms of financial oppression, we American capitalist citizens have suffered the most.

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