Colorado: 11-Year-Old Arrested Over ‘inappropriate’ stick figure drawing

“Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death. I have committed even before setting pen to paper the essential crime that contains all others unto itself.” –Winston Smith (from the 1984 movie)

Welcome to the neo-1984 Orwellian police state where  a child is now a criminal for merely setting pen to paper:

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ARVADA, Colo. — An 11-year-old Arvada boy was arrested and hauled away in handcuffs for drawing stick figures in school, something his therapist told him to do.

His parents say they understand what he did was inappropriate, but are outraged by the way Arvada Police handled the case. The parents do not want their real names used.

They say “Tim” is being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder and his therapist told him to draw pictures when he got upset, rather than disrupt the class. So that’s what he did.

Last October, he drew stick figures of himself with a gun, pointed at four other stick figures with the words “teacher must die.”

He felt calmer and was throwing the picture away when the teacher saw it and sent him to the principal’s office.

The school was aware that the boy was in treatment, determined he was not a threat, notified his parents and sent him back to class. His mother, “Jane” was shocked when Arvada Police showed up at their home later that night.

She says she told her son to cooperate and tell the truth, but was horrified when they told her they were arresting him and then handcuffed him and hauled him away in a patrol car. His mother says she begged police to let her drive her son to the police department and to let her stay with him through the booking process but they refused.

They put him in a cell, took his mug shot and fingerprinted him. He says he thought he was going to jail and would never be able to go home again.

According to the police report, “Tim” explained he made the drawing to release anger and would never hurt teachers or anyone. At first school officials did not want to press charges, but changed their mind when police called them later that night. A juvenile assessment report shows he’s never been in legal trouble before and is at low risk to reoffend.

He’s charged with a third degree misdemeanor, interfering with staff and students at an educational facility. The system says it’s doing what’s in the best interest of the child. But Tim’s therapist says handcuffing an 11-year-old and putting him in a cell over something like this is “quite an overreaction” and does much more harm than good.


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11 Comments on “Colorado: 11-Year-Old Arrested Over ‘inappropriate’ stick figure drawing”

  1. tgusa Says:

    In the last 24 hours a couple of OC Christians were martyred by somali muslims. Eleven year olds drawing pictures = a clear and present danger. Muslim jihadists gunning down Americans = not a clear and present danger. There are forces in this country that are very very sick. This kid will grow up to distrust the authoritarians and the line is getting very long. Personally, if they had tried that with any of my kids they would be booking me for a much greater offense. As with many Americans this kind of crap just makes me want to go berserk, but I guess we need to draw them a frigging picture first. In this screwed up world it is safer to go after the kid rather than the homicidal maniac, somebody might get hurt.
    The truth, leftist union authoritarian abusers = a clear and present danger. I think it is something within these unions that turns their members into garbage, of course the bigger the pile the more flies it attracts.

    • tgusa Says:

      If these forces want to figure out whether or not they are doing the right thing they need to ask themselves, would you do what you are doing to a jihadist?

    • Gee, I wonder what they would do to us now-and-days; ’cause I remember when I was 11 years old and everyone was singing on the school bus:

      Joy to the World, the school burned down
      And all the teachers died.
      But what about the principal?
      He’s hanging from the flagpole
      With a rope around his neck
      With a rope around his neck
      With a ro-ope arou-und, around his neck…

      Yeah, now they’d probably shoot us all at dawn. Thanks to progressive commies using 9/11 and Columbine as an excuse (a.k.a. – “never let a crisis go to waste” ), we have “progressed” into an Orwellian police state, for sure!


      • tgusa Says:

        Our HS principal did not merit a song, we all referred to him as Donald the Duck.

      • CavMom Says:

        We had one too Doc:

        “Glory glory hallelujah,
        Teacher hit me with a ruler.
        I smacked her in the the head
        with a rusty piece of lead
        and we aint seen that teacher no more.”

        (Of course our parents would have taken the belt to our butts had they ever heard us sing it… But, we would not have been hauled off to jail)



  3. Big Frank Says:

    IMHO Had been a Russian vessel that was hijacked and the 4 crew members murdered while negotiations were supposedly in progress, there would be no prisoners or perpetrators left to stand trial. Pirates must be eliminated not placated.

  4. Annmarie Says:

    The poor kid-fancy landing in a prison cell, at 11 years of age..I would move out of that State..
    Something is very sick and unhealthy..

  5. So the kid is getting treatment for a mental disorder (ADD is real but I think most of the kids don’t really have it and we do over medicate but that is a side issue) and is told to draw pictures to help calm himself and it works. Now the picture in question was inappropriate but instead of taking this up with his therapist they arrest him for “interfering with staff and students at an educational facility” even though he didn’t do anything or even try to show it to anyone (not to mention was trying to throw it away)? Yes I think the kid does need to talk to a mental health professional but he was doing that and it is something that should have been brought up there. Also kids draw violent things all the time (we also played games about war, the police, ect.) it usually means nothing.

    Now I understand that since he is already seeing someone you might want to watch him more and I will not say the school was wrong in looking into it because of the content of the drawing but send him to his therapist not the police and if you have to send him to the police make sure they get in contact with his therapist. The police in this case should all be fired.

  6. Big Frank Says:

    IN many states and cities there are officers assigned to the Juvenile Division, they wear plain clothes, are specially trained beyond regular police duties, counseling etc., and have a separate facility to avoid the stigma of a police precinct. They only handcuff if they feel the need to. If this child was taken in to custody in this manner if at all necessary it would have been much less stressful to the young lad. In my county even the Juvenile Detention Facility is run by DYFUS (family services) and is not part of the regular county justice system. This whole incident is more like a third world banana republic Police State.

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