New Mexico: Teacher Made Kids Beat Unruly Kindergartener

I can’t say it enough:  Homeschool your children:

Report: Teacher made kids beat student

Teacher is still employed at the school

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011 Reporter: Alex Tomlin – KRQE

MORA COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – A mother claims boys in her son’s kindergarten class beat him up, and that the teacher told them to do it.

Rolinda Dunmire rushed to pick up her son, Amos, from his class on Friday, Feb. 18, after his teacher called and said the boy was acting up. When she got to the school, her son was crying.

“[The teacher] approached me and said that my son had hit another kid and, to punish him, she had all the boys in the class beat him up,” said Dunmire.

Dunmire claims the teacher had eight other boys line up and start swinging.

Mora Independent School’s Superintendent Thomas Garcia said the district was aware that something happened and is doing a full investigation, but the teacher remains in the classroom.

Garcia said since there is no claim the teacher actually made physical contact with the boy, there is no reason to pull her out.

Really?  Give me a break!  That stench you smell most likely emanated from a teacher’s union…

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3 Comments on “New Mexico: Teacher Made Kids Beat Unruly Kindergartener”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Just get used to it and quit complaining, this is the s****y country that you have. These people are ghetto trash and we see it everywhere. Actually, because most Americans tolerate this stuff they are probably ghetto trash too.

  2. tgusa Says:

    These people, democrats, and all their special interest groups need to get the patriots they need to defend their ideology from within their own ranks. This kid is a product of a heterosexual relationship, but the crats want to treat homo marriage as the same as hetero marriage. Well let the homos and unions and illegal invaders and teachers and principals and politicians and on and on, let them provide the troops to defend their ideology because kids like this are not a part of them.

    They might as well murder us because we are not going to be forced to become part of them. Of course if that happens that would guarantee that they have to fight for what they have, physically, and all by themselves.

  3. As I was reading this story I remembered a ritualized beating on the old Startrek the next generation towards Lt. Worf.

    What happened to that young boy was a disgrace. I hope they get rid of the idiot teacher. Teaching with violence at that age is immoral and unethical!

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