Farrakhan Says the Commie-Muzzie Revolts Will Hit America, Too

If you watched Glenn Beck last Thursday, then you’ll understand why this rant from a Lefturd like Farrakhan is important:

UPDATE Below the video.

Farrakhan: Mideast uprisings will come to US

By Becky SchlikermanChicago Breaking News

Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted on Sunday that America faces imminent uprisings that mirror those in the Middle East.

“What you are looking at in Tunisia, in Egypt … Libya, in Bahrain … what you see happening there … you’d better prepare because it will be coming to your door,” Farrakhan said in a booming voice, thousands of followers cheering in his wake.


By the way, did you know Farrakhan has plans to embrace the Scientologists and bring them into his fold to help strengthen his Lefturd revolution?:

The Nation of Islam believes in a UFO called “the wheel” or “the Mother Plane.”

Farrakhan has described a 1985 religious experience in which he ascended into a flying saucer and heard the voice of Elijah Muhammad predicting historical events that came to pass.

Can you say “nutjob?”   Remember, Obama and his wife hung out with the Farrakhans…

For about four hours, Farrakhan spoke and jumped from topic to topic, citing religious texts.

He praised Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.


“… L. Ron Hubbard  himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds … Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized,” Farrakhan said to a cheering crowd.

Gee, I didn’t know L. Ron Hubbard wrote for Crackas only.  Silly me.

Anyway, in case you still can’t figure out why this little speech was so important, here’s Glenn Beck to put it in perspective:

You can CLICK HERE to watch this episode of Glenn Beck in its entirety.

UPDATE:  Still think Glenn is nuts?  Well, here’s a little more information that has come to light from Farrakhan’s rant yesterday:

Farrakhan: Libya’s Gadhafi remains a friend
AP – via Yahoo News

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan says Moammar Gadhafi has always been a friend and he won’t distance himself from the Libyan dictator.


Farrakhan didn’t talk specifics about the deadly uprisings in Libya, but the 77-year-old said no leader has been loved by 100 percent of his people.

Farrakhan also said that if Gadhafi is persecuted for crimes against humanity, the same should apply to former President George W. Bush for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yeah, but Bush didn’t order the Air Force to drop bombs on all you Lefturds who protested his actions, now did he? [CLICK HERE]

Of course, Farrakhan is probably banking on everyone having long-term memory loss, or something.  Well, let me help refresh some of those aging neurons:

By Steve Miller
February 19, 2002
[Original link dead:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/20020219-278564.htm%5D

[Purchase article here:  http://goliath.ecnext.com/coms2/gi_0199-1571052/Farrakhan-blasts-war-on-terrorism.html]

The Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, denounced the U.S. war on terrorism in a speech at a weekend conference in Los Angeles, and suggested that President Bush should be tried for war crimes in a court like that at Nuremberg which sentenced several Nazi leaders to be hanged after World War II.

“There’s a lot of ugliness in America the beautiful,” he said, “ugliness that can be turned into beauty.”

Mr. Farrakhan encouraged Americans to criticize U.S. policy in Afghanistan and its war on terror and said a “shadow government” was readying a war on Iraq.

“True patriots,” he said, should speak out against bad policies.

“If the truth were known, there would be a Nuremberg trial for American presidents. I cannot allow them to use the American soldier, black, brown and poor white, to fight a war that is unjust and wrong.”

So, given that Farrakhan has suggested in the past that Bush should be tried for war crimes, methinks that if Farrakhan were consistent in his thought process, Qaddafi—or Gadhafi, or whatever Lame Stream Media spelling of his name is in vogue these days—should be brought to trial for war crimes.   Hmmmm…  Just something to ponder.

Farrakhan visited Gadhafi in the 1980s and has since considered him a friend of the Nation of Islam, which espouses black nationalism.


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16 Comments on “Farrakhan Says the Commie-Muzzie Revolts Will Hit America, Too”

  1. tgusa Says:

    I think that this would be one of the greatest favors Louie could do for the citizens of the USA. So chances are we won’t get that lucky. When thje left revolt against the taxpayers who is going to pay their outrageous salaries, who will provide their extravagant benefits? Who needs teachers when theres no one around that wants to learn? The democrats have been really effective, how many leftist minorities can even read or comprehend L. Ron Hubbard? My guess is, zero.

    Before they muster their armies they had better complete Michelle’s obesity training and too much salt, well, that inhibits your revolutionary capabilities. They are eliminating the happy meal toy so that will no longer be a distraction but before they attack they had better pull up their pants and stuff.

    So Louie thinks a bunch of geezer panthers combined with Tom Cruz, bitterly clinging union malcontents, Cheech and Chong and fat and stupid leftist minorities are going to show up at our doors? Democrats have become the party of Manson but in comparison Manson is fit as a fiddle with the intellectual capacity of a brain surgeon.LOL.

    • “Nobody’s gonna’ do nothin’! Anybody does any killing around here, I’ll do it!”

      LOL! Nice one!


      • tgusa Says:

        We also hear that America will become Mexicanized. LOL. Mexico’s success is largely due to the USA being right next door. But Mexico’s prosperity, such as it is, stops at the southern border of Mexico. Mexican civic responsibility is quite different than American civic responsibility, polar opposites in fact. After a time the USA would not look like our neighbor next door, we would both resemble central America at that point. I would say that even a small minority of Americans could face down both the southern invaders and these leftist lunatics and I believe history backs me up.

  2. tgusa Says:

    If you want to read an interesting book that at the time it came out was very controversial check out Future Shock. I’m not saying its some sort of prophecy but many of the things the book lists have come true.

    From Wiki; In the book, Toffler defines the term “future shock” as a certain psychological state of individuals and entire societies. His shortest definition for the term is a personal perception of “too much change in too short a period of time”.

    The book says that individual societies have a certain amount of change they can tolerate but once that threshold is crossed all hell breaks loose. The losers will be the ones who are thought to have brought ruin on the majority, guess who that might be? And that is why we hear the left constantly trying to transplant that responsibility on greater society. The question is, will society buy the, you are responsible bs, my survey sez, no.

    • tgusa Says:

      The leftist who shot up Arizona appears to have succumbed to Future Shock, just read his questioning ramblings and see for yourselves. We have seen more and more of this in a slow and steady progression. We will see more. We are dealing with people who have exceeded their capacity to absorb change and its driving them crazy.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    My kind helped tha people of color to get full civil rights. Long over due I’d say. Now, we have become evil demons. WTF over?

    • tgusa Says:

      My neighbor came from Mexico as a boy. He now has his own business. He married a white girl and is very close with her family who are fr9om Washington, that stands to reason as whites are historically the most tolerant of peoples. His kids are as American as you or I. Most of the successful Mexicans here marry outside of their race, I guess they prefer to live as Americans in America rather than as Mexicans i n America. Its part of the big lie Leatherneck, but don’t let it bother you, the top of the heap always get the most crap dumped on them. Anyone who we see not assimilating into the American way don’t want to, they should either shut up or leave.

      Check out this Gallup conservative/liberal poll from The New American , interesting.

  4. I suppose Im supposed to be scared of ole fairykhan. But am not.

    His religious syncretism involving , ufo beliefs, black islamic racism (black power) and now his praise for fellow false religionist hubbard doesnt mean he is a jihadist.

    It only means he is a freak and a idiot.



  6. Big Frank Says:

    Screwy Louie Farrakhan, AKA Calypso Louie is a true race hustler financed by all of the dupes and the rackets that he is involved in the hood and in the prisons. He is well known for his strong arm and thug tactics. The PC political class and MSM tiptoe around him out of fear of being accused of being racist. He and his band of black supremacist demagogues were implicated in the brutal slaying of Malcolm X, the trigger man went to prison but Farrakhan walked, it was was suspected that he ordered the hit. He like all of the other racial racketeers are very dangerous and are constantly stirring up dissension in the minority community.

  7. tgusa Says:

    No doubt Farrakahn votes a straight democrat ticket.

    • tgusa Says:

      My greatest Earthly wish is to see islamaniacs and leftist democrats sharing the same space, I’d pay per view it.

  8. dailyrasp Says:

    Canada is going to have problems down the road due to vertually uncontrolled immigration. Politicians pandering to islamists is a real problem here.

  9. tgusa Says:

    We are already witnessing a commie muzzie revolt and they are loosely linked. The revolt is in direct opposition to what has been happening in the USA with the TEA party and such. I honestly believe the commie/muzzie union will try to get us involved in another war as a distraction. The muslims want their caliphate, the commies their international brotherhood of highly paid unskilled workers. I’m wondering how non communist Americans will feel if in the next ten years Afghanistan and Iraq join with the new caliphate, which I believe will be based in Turkey.

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