Two USAF Airmen Shot Dead in Germany by Muzzie

The Religion of Peace strikes again.  The sad thing is that our government continues to insist that Islam is a peaceful religion.  That’s of little comfort to the friends and families of those who are dead:

US Airmen Shot Dead At Frankfurt Airport

Two US Air Force personnel have been killed after a gunman fired on a bus outside Frankfurt airport.

Air Force spokeswoman Major Beverly Mock said German police have the suspect in custody and that she could not release any further details on the victims until their next of kin have been told.

Two other people are said to have been injured in the incident and police have reportedly arrested a 21-year-old suspect from Kosovo.

That’s just a roundabout PC way of saying he’s Muslim.  90 percent of Kosovo’s population practices Islam.

The shots were fired at a bus carrying US military, police have confirmed, but the motive for the attack was not immediately clear.

Let me venture a guess as to the motive:  “Death to America” + “Kill the Infidels” + Islam = Dead Americans.  Nope, you don’t even need to know calculus to figure that one out.

It happened in front of terminal 2 of the airport, which is continental Europe’s second-biggest, a spokesman at the airport said.


The airport is not far from Ramstein air base, the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe, and the US has several other bases in the region.


“The suspected gunman has been arrested. There are two dead and two seriously injured.”

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10 Comments on “Two USAF Airmen Shot Dead in Germany by Muzzie”

  1. Leatheneck Says:

    Another day of making Muhammad proud, even after America bombed the Serbs helping the moon god worshipers. Also, I guess that oil pipeline is no guaranty Islam will not murder American service personnel leaving an Airport.

    It is to bad, the Airmen did not assault through the ambush. It would have made a better headline.

  2. tgusa Says:

    These two guys are dead for one reason and one reason alone. In the days following 9-11 this event could be understood. But in the years since, with all of the news and reports of radicals in European countries, those countries appeasement, there is absolutely no excuse for these buses not to have armed guards on the, well no excuse but one, islamofasict sensitivity, these men were killed over blind outreach constructed by the moronic.
    General Dipstick is responsible for this, but he is busy right now, diddling tea bags.

    Perhaps the military has changed because in the olden days this would have been labeled dereliction of duty.

  3. As much as I despise moslems attacking we ‘kaafirs’ there is some good that will come out of this.

    1 The more moslems tell us to our faces that they are a ‘religion of peace’ and yet thier documents tell them to kill us the more hypocrtical they will be viewed as.

    2 The more attacks moslems do to the non muslim means that we have every right to push those moslems out who support such actions and send them back to mecca dead or alive

    3 Eventually I suspect some many people will no longer believe moslems and thier lies that we as non muslims will enforce new laws to limit thier activities in the west and force them back to where they come from.

    4 The larger more horrific attacks against we ‘kaafirs’ will only cement our drive to destroy islam with every means necessary till there is no more islam at all. Those who continue to support them will be allowed to leave or be destroyed.

    • tgusa Says:

      Interesting thing is, the western solder and the artist both face the same threat, now that’s a rally point.

    • tgusa Says:

      And really, the muslims wanting to outlaw the Bikini, that should have been enough for any heterosexual westerner right there. Even the male democrat who likes to wear a bikini should understand that. WTH has happened to us in the west, at what point do we stand up and say, no, we will not change to appease you!

    • “The larger more horrific attacks against we ‘kaafirs’ will only cement our drive to destroy islam with every means necessary”

      Agreed! As the saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”

      Seems the Muzzies—despite all their attempts at Islamaganda in an effort to falsely paint Islam in a peaceful light—can never quite remove the vinegar Islam inevitably brings to the party. In the end, this will certainly be their downfall.


  4. tgusa Says:

    Director Blue; state dept spokesman sez this incident similar to Giffords shooting. Oh yeah, that was the one that the sheriff blamed TEA party speech for causing. These sick and lawless people. Its easier to understand how six year olds become a threat when we examine to mindset behind these evil people.

    • tgusa Says:

      The big story out here is a girl whose mother married a filthy pakistani islamist. Evidently, the young girl is hiding, was being hid by a caring family member because her disgusting mother and step dad were trying to sell her off into slavery through an arranged marriage. Calling Carl W Goss, please pick up the yellow courtesy phone.

      • tgusa Says:

        I’m pretty worried though, now she is in the hands of the authorities, good chance she may be denied her God given American rights. One hell of a mess has been made with this pandering crap and young American girls are hardest hit. Bastas.

  5. Leatherneck Says:

    Where did the little jehadi get his weapon? Which Mosques did this puke get his butt in the air at?

    Lone wolf my arse!

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