Two Members of Mahmoud’s Official Security Forces Arrested For Massacre of Jewish Settler Family

I’m sure Obama will be condemning this atrocity at any moment now…  Any moment…  Maybe after a couple more rounds of golf…

Anyone for a game of cricket?

U.S.-trained forces arrested in brutal slaying
5 members of Jewish family killed inside their home

By Aaron Klein – WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – Two members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ official security forces were arrested in conjunction with this past weekend’s bloody massacre in which five family members were brutally stabbed to death inside their home in the Jewish village of Itamar, WND has learned.

The names of the apprehended suspects will be released to the Israeli media within hours but were revealed to WND by security officials working on the murder.

Two cousins are now in Israeli custody and are suspected in the slayings. Ahmed Awad is an officer in Abbas’ Preventative Security Services in the northern West Bank city of Nablis. Iyad Awad is an officer in Abbas’ General Intelligence services in Ramallah.

Both the Preventative and General Intelligence services of Fatah are armed, trained and funded by the U.S.

It was not immediately clear whether the duo were arrested for planning the attack or for personally carrying out the murders.

Since the late 1990s, the U.S. has run training bases for PA militias. The U.S. also has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid and weapons to build up the PA militias.

Since 2007, the U.S. has stepped up its efforts at training the PA, including a new, advanced program for Palestinian police to train 500 to 600 cadets at a time at the American bases.

The U.S. currently operates training bases for the PA police and other militias, such as Force 17 and the Preventative Security Services in the West Bank city of Jericho and the Jordanian village of Giftlik.

Yesterday, WND was the first to report that cells from the PA’s so-called military wing were involved with planning and carrying out the killings.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the “military wing” of Abbas’ Fatah party, at first released a pamphlet taking responsibility for the attack and then quickly retracted the statement.

Many Brigades members, including much of the group’s senior leadership, double as members of Fatah’s U.S.-backed security forces.

Top sources in the Brigades leadership in the northern West Bank city of Nablus confirmed to WND that members of the Fatah group planned and helped to carry out the attack.

The sources claimed the attack was not sanctioned by the Fatah leadership but was planned by Brigades members who were acting on their own.

Also, the sources said the actual perpetrators of the attack were sleeper cells from Hamas, while the Brigades leaders planned the attack, provided logistical support and aided in the Hamas agents’ escape.

If accurate, this would demonstrate unusual cooperation between Hamas and Fatah rivals.

The U.S. administration has labeled Fatah as a “negotiating partner” for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Last Friday’s massacre, in the northern West Bank village of Itamar, saw Palestinian assailants stab to death the Fogel family – father Udi, 37; mother Ruth, 36; 10-year-old Yoav; 4-year-old Elad; and 3-month-old Hadas – inside their home. Two other children in the house at the time were not hurt in the attack, apparently because the terrorists did not notice them.

Israel National News reported the initial findings of the investigation show the terrorists stabbed the Fogel family’s sleeping 3-year-old in the heart and slashed the throat of his 3-month-old sister.

The assailants apparently entered the Fogel’s home through a living room window. They did not notice a 6-year-old boy sleeping on the couch and continued on to the bedroom, where they slashed the throats of the father and newborn baby sleeping there.

The mother, Ruth, came out of the bathroom and was stabbed in the doorway. The evidence shows she tried to fight the terrorists.

The Palestinians found 10-year old Yoav reading in bed when they stabbed him to death.

They apparently also did not notice a 2-year old asleep in his bed but murdered the 3-year old with two stabs to his heart.

After that, the terrorists reportedly locked the door of the house and exited through the window.

The Fogel’s 12-year-old daughter returned home only to find the horrific scene. She reportedly ran out of the house screaming.

According to reports, she was not able to initially enter the locked house so she woke up a neighbor, who assisted her in waking up one of the sleeping children inside the Fogel home who had had not been noticed by the terrorists.


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6 Comments on “Two Members of Mahmoud’s Official Security Forces Arrested For Massacre of Jewish Settler Family”

  1. I am terribly saddened for the Israeli family.

    And sickened that my fellow Americans would train the animals / islamofacists to murder innocent people.

    I have no doubt that the 2 islamonazis are getting the sh** kicked out other and thier fmailies will also suffer the wraith of the IDF.

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Classic moon god worship. My heart goes out to the Jewish family, and people.

    As I posted on Pajamias Media: It is not for me to tell the Jewish folks what to do, but there is a reason I have a large German Shephard, and a 12 guage.

  3. PB-in-AL Says:

    The religion of peas strikes again. Atlasshrugs has actual photos of this horrific event. Granted, the japan situation is such to grab most headlines. However, this should be prominently featured in the congressional hearings.

  4. Annmarie Says:

    All, I read in British papers, were Israel making more settlements because of murder of family of five.. The housing has nothing to do with the brutal murders last Friday night.. A family of 5- 3 children and their parents were murdered in their beds..It just makes me sick to my stomach, what a wicket thing to do.. Until the Pal’s love their children and want a safe place for their kids to grow-up and respect life, we will get nowhere with this wicket bunch..

    • PB-in-AL Says:

      As Doc and Ronin have illustrated time and again on this blog, the evil philosophy that is islam doesn’t respect life of any sort, children, women, men, animals, nothing. It is a cult of death.

      If they can’t find kufars to kill, they kill each other: “I’m more pious than you”.

  5. islams not for me Says:

    Российские спамеры сосать

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