Mom Sues Preschool for Screwing Up Toddler’s Shot at an Ivy League School

Sheesh!  It’s a freakin’ preschool for crying out loud!  What did she think her toddler was going to learn there?  Advanced calculus or something?

Here’s some advice for her:  If you want to properly prep your child for life, then make that commitment to homeschool.

Our daughter is only 3 years old, never set foot in a preschool, and yet, she’s already read her first book, “Baby Happy, Baby Sad.”    That’s because we take an active role in her education.

Unfortunately, many parents fatuously think they are taking an active role in their child’s education by just dropping them off at school.

And, as the following article demonstrates, when the schools inevitably fail the parents’ expectations, these same parents don’t even think about blaming themselves.  Nope.  It’s always somebody else’s problem.

Look, I’m not saying that she doesn’t have a valid lawsuit; if the preschool promised that her child would be properly prepped for an entrance exam, then the preschool has not lived up to its half of the contract.  But, come on!  You can’t just dump your child on someone else and then wash your hands clean of any further responsibility.

I suppose in about 10 years, the parents will be busy filing suit against the preschool for their child’s drug use, too!

Libtardiness in action:

Mom files suit against UES preschool, claims elite school didn’t prep tot for entry exam


A miffed Manhattan mom has filed suit against a $19,000-a-year Upper East Side preschool, charging it wasn’t sophisticated enough for her four-year-old and failed to properly prepare the tyke for the city’s elite schools.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Nicole Imprescia says her daughter Lucia was forced to spend time with lesser-minded two- and three-year-olds while the attending York Avenue Preschool instead of focusing on test preparation.

The school told Imprescia it would “prepare her daughter for the ERB, an exam required for admission into nearly all the elite private elementary schools,” but as time went on, “it became obvious that defendant’s promises were a complete fraud,” the suit says.

“Indeed, the school proved not to be a school at all, but just one big playroom,” the suit says.

School owner Michael Branciforte declined immediate comment, except to say Imprescia’s charges were a “first” in their 30 years in business.

Imprescia’s suit seeks class action status on behalf of “all other consumers of preschool services provided by [York] during the years 2009 through 2011,” and cites many news articles on the importance of a preschool education, including one that said, “It is no secret that for many Manhattan parents, getting a child into the Ivy League starts in nursery school.”

“Studies have shown entry into a good nursery school guarantees more income than entry into an average school,” the suit says. “As a result, there is tremendous pressure to choose the right preschool.”


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2 Comments on “Mom Sues Preschool for Screwing Up Toddler’s Shot at an Ivy League School”

  1. CavMom Says:

    This is laughable. First that a preschool would charge those rates. Second that the parents believe that in paying those rates their hands are washed of responsibility.

    I assisted in a school for a few years and it is painfully obvious which students received additional help from home and which were left to wing it. Parents treat the public school system much the same as this woman and the preschool. “Take them to the door and your job is complete.”

    Happy to hear that Princess C is reading! Kudos to you and Mrs. Bulldog. All three of my sons were reading before kindergarten because we spent time reading to them every single day. Not only a great way to learn, but also a great way to bond.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    As a parent myself… The only ‘head start’ we parents can give our kids is to TEACH THEM OURSELVES!

    I have taught my 7 year old her letters, numbers, and colors and she learned to read and write. I am doing the same for my 3 and 4 year old too.

    I don’t know what the ‘Manhattan mom’ was thinking. Her job is not merely to gestate a child for 9 months and birth them. Her job for the rest of her life is to TEACH AND GUIDE her child (children) to live a successful life, not merely send her girl off to public school.

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