Border Agents Catch 13 Illegals Wearing U.S. Military Uniforms And Driving Van With Government Plates

Of course, only three of them have been detained.  The others have been repatriated back to the land of “Meth-ico.”   Thank you Janet Nappylatino!

Also, there were two libtarded Americans arrested along with the illegals.  Apparently, they were the “brains” behind the operation .  Stupid is as stupid does:

Border agents catch 13 illegal immigrants all wearing marine uniforms ’embroidered with the name Perez’

By Daily Mail Reporter
23 March 2011

* Two Americans arrested with gang

Border Patrol agents have caught 13 illegal immigrants wearing U.S. Marine uniforms at a checkpoint near San Diego.

The immigrants were in a van that was stopped along Interstate 8 on March 14.

The van had a U.S. government licence plate with an altered number, Border Patrol spokesman Michael Jimenez said.

He did not know where the group obtained the military uniforms. There are reports that each of the 13 uniforms were embroidered with the surname ‘Perez’.


Two U.S. citizens who were with the immigrants were arrested on suspicion of alien smuggling.

Three of the immigrants were being held in federal custody as witnesses and the others were returned to Mexico, their country of origin, he said.

It is not known if the two U.S. citizens who were arrested have been in the military.

Officials believe the van entered the U.S. at Calexico. The vehicle is registered in Yucca Valley California.

The fake number plates actually belong to a van registered to the U.S. Marine Corps.

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7 Comments on “Border Agents Catch 13 Illegals Wearing U.S. Military Uniforms And Driving Van With Government Plates”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Three immigrants? Immigrants? So that’s what they call Mexicans that come here and steal American jobs. They have the support of the democrats as usual. A long time ago I got told that one of my boys would not receive the teaching that he was capable of as the teachers were b usy teaching Mexicans to speak English. Turns out that when they learn English their first words tend to be gringo go home, you stole our land. My response to them is, no, you go home, to Spain. I and most others out here have had it and believe me it is contributing to our demise. Many of us will not hire companies to do work for us, we are only buying what we absolutely have to have and its all because of this crap.

    Mexicans have had plenty of time to get with the program but they have refused. Its time to say, get out, take your kids and don’t come back. Many of us have come to despise this Mexican invasion but we also understand that they have elected enablers who are just like the drivers.

    Democrats and Republicans are giving away our country, resources, jobs, education etc etc. And all we get is dumb and dumber. I believe Mexicans want a fight over this and you know what, bring it on.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    So according to this liberals plan…

    Buy USMC uniforms online (OR at the PX assuming they are US MIL)

    Steal US GUV License plate

    Acquire van enough for 13+ persons

    Of course the forgot the US MIL ID and dog tags for these mexi-Marines…

    And of course without other US Guv IDs on the van they assume they won’t get pulled over. LOL! That backfired on them…

    It will be interesting what these dummies were tryiong to do.

    My thoughts…

    Mexi-mob or MS13…

  3. Dukem Says:

    Sneaking in country in military uniforms? Caught behind the lines? Sounds like spies. The consequence for military spies is a firing squad. Let the military court trial begin.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    IMHO these perpetrators were sent back in a hurry, I hope that a thorough investigation of the entire plot is in progress.

  5. Mark Harness Says:

    Obama’s not doing anything because he wants to keep his Hispanic constituency base. We have to get the message out to the Hispanic voters that when the illegal aliens come, they compete for their jobs. That’s the problem with the Republican party. They need to open their mouths and speak up more !!!

  6. Puskas Says:

    Keep crying bitches we are gonna take over this madafakin country pussies

  7. Your comment makes you look like an idiot racist ‘puskas’. And by the way… How about going back to your ‘home’ and fix the problems your guv has done to the mexicant people.

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