Obama Locked Out of White House

What?  No one gave him a key to the White House?   Or, did he just lose it?

It’s probably right next to that long form Birth Certificate…

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4 Comments on “Obama Locked Out of White House”

  1. Maybe George Soros got ticked at him for some reason and took his key away.

  2. teach5 Says:

    Why not just leave a key under the mat?

    • Um. Probably to keep Obama’s crackhead friends away from the silverware… Just a theory, mind you. 🙂

      (Just to refresh everyone’s memory—since those lefturd sycophants in the Lame Stream Media won’t do it for you—click HERE, HERE, HERE, and a predictable, yet nonetheless interesting, drug law that Obama signed with little fanfare while everyone was being distracted by Elana Kagan HERE)


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