DemonRats Trying to Slip in Another ‘Cash For Clunkers’


Cash for Clunkers 2: The Return of Government Motors

Kerry Picket – Washington Times

Ready for another cash for clunkers program? It looks like General Motors is attempting to replace it’s own consumer incentives with tax payer money. The car company, bailed out of bankruptcy in 2009 by the American tax payer, appears to be turning the government into an automatic rebate provider.

The Obama administration and their friends on Capitol Hill are floating around a proposal to change the $7500 tax credit for green vehicles. This change can be found not only in President Barack Obama’s budget but also a bill proposed by Senator Debbie Stabenow, Michigan Democrat., a 45 year old trade magazine company that provides automotive information, posted a Department of Energy document listing the department’s funding highlights. The proposed Obama Budget, changes the existing $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit “into a rebate that will be available to all consumers immediately at the point of sale.”

According to Senator Stabenow’s website, her proposed legislation, known as the “Charging America Forward Act” (S.298), “will provide consumers with a rebate worth up to $7500 for plug-in electric vehicles at the time of purchase.”

Essentially, if one were to buy a $41,000 Chevy Volt, the buyer gets a $7,500 coupon, so the final price is $33,500. In the end, the auto dealer assumes the risk of the government giving them this tax credit.

It is pretty convenient that Ms. Stabenow, who represents a state where GM is headquartered is pushing a bill that is also supported by Edison Electric Institute, whose president was loaned a Chevy Volt, Eaton Corp: the sole American producer of car recharge systems, and Battery Electric Vehicle Coalition, a lobbying group for the electric car industry.

In fact, Department of Energy’s David Sandalow told Bloomberg News in February the insta-credit would operate the “same way the 2009 ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program worked.”

The Detroit News reported Vice President Joe Biden said at an Indiana battery assembly plant, “You won’t have to wait,’ it would be like the cash-for-clunkers program.”


Of course, the first go-around with the whole cash-for-clunkers scam ended up fleecing the American public to the tune of 3 billion dollars ($24,000 per car sold) with little to show for it.  Well…that is unless you consider hundreds of thousands of perfectly good, classic cars reduced to mountainous piles of scrap metal to be worthy of praise:



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3 Comments on “DemonRats Trying to Slip in Another ‘Cash For Clunkers’”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Progs are against cars. General Motors should just fold their tent and move on. After what I have witnessed over the last month I would not buy any union products. They want you to trade in your reliable older car for a newer pos that will be in the salvage yard by 2020, and then you can buy another one, and another and another.

  2. PB-in-AL Says:

    I’m still driving my 20 year old Mazda, and will continue to do so. Just filled up today; she still gets 31mpg, and it’s long since paid for.

    It was about $7200 when I bought it new in ’91. Why spend nearly five times that to drive an R&D experiment? No thanks.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    Once again the liberal, do gooder manipulators in this administration are tampering with the marketplace. Once more they are screwing the working man and those at the bottom rung of the workforce. This so-called ‘cash for clunkers’ program decimates the used car market thus making cheap reliable transportation costly and prohibitive. Many still usable and good running cars will be scrapped, also driving up the used parts market. IMHO this scheme is just a subsidy for our ‘Dear Leaders’ supporters in the UAW, and a gift to the wealthy car buyer.

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