Open Mic Exposes DemonRats’ Marching Orders to Paint Tea Partiers As Extremists

Today, I have noticed that many commentators to the Chuck Schumer open mic debacle are missing the real story here.  The real story isn’t about the partisanship which exists in Washington, D.C.  Nor is this a story about how the DemonRats have been instructed to paint Republicans as extremist.

No.  If you really, really listen to what Chuckie is saying, he is saying that he has been instructed to paint the Tea Party members of Congress as extremists, and, by extension, those of us who put the Tea Party candidates into positions of power—the American public:

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8 Comments on “Open Mic Exposes DemonRats’ Marching Orders to Paint Tea Partiers As Extremists”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    The senator called our ideas ‘extreme’ but didn’t call we ‘tea parties’ extremeists.

    Whats horrifically obvious is that this demo-crapic senator won’t stop spending and cease increasing Americas debts.

    This is why we need to get rid of those who are lifelong politicians who support agendas and not thier people.

    • Don’t be fooled by the PC wrappings. You are the product of your ideas. When libtards and lefturds say to their minions that your ideas must be portrayed as extreme whenever talking about them, what they are really saying is that you, personally, are an enemy of communism and must be demonized relentlessly in the eyes of the public.


      • islams not for me Says:

        I’ll agree to your summery Doctor Bulldog.

        The leftists and libbies like to call us Convservatives the ‘extremists’ and yet igonre thier own ‘extremeists’ and the political changes they made to American society and culture.

        It seems to me that they are as much a hypocrite as the jihadi moslems they try to potect.

      • tgusa Says:

        Upchuck Schumer; TEA party extremists are sapping our precious bodily fluids. The contemporary democrat party, stranger than strangelove.

  2. tgusa Says:

    LOL. Crat senators cannot stop talking about TEA party Americans. They are TEA party obsessed. LOL, while the crats are arming AQ in Libya they are calling TEA party Americans extremists! Kind of makes the TEA party point imo. I don’t know why anyone would listen to crat senators or reps, they are not even relevant in the eyes of the Resident.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    I like to cling to my weapon, and Bible.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    Chuck the Schmuck AKA ‘Chuckie Cheese’ has some nerve pointing hurling the extremist label on the Republicans and their TEA Party faction. This poor excuse for a Senator is most extreme in his Leftism, Liberalism, and all of the out of control and reckless spending that he and his fellow DemocRATS slam through the Senate.

  5. Mike Says:

    I just don’t think people are buying this crap anymore. Schumer is a snake who will lie through his teeth to get his way

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