Elections call for a Pre Combat Inspection

Elections call for a Pre Combat Inspection

By Ronin, 6 April, 11.
It looks like another round of US election madness will soon be on us. That means, extreme lies, lots of accusations, demands and threats from agenda driven individuals and groups. Are you ready?

Have you considered that the same people tossing around claims of tea party extremists and warnings of violence are lying, that they are the extremists? They could be more interested in stopping your rights and controlling you, than they are about voting for the best possible candidates, protecting this country and your values.

To protect yourself you need to prepare, take an inventory, find out what you need and go get it. Clean it, organize it and practice with it. It is doubtful that things will get better for you or your family, friends or co-workers, at least before the election. Who do you trust to fix this mess and why? Voting party over ability is not only stupid it is cowardice. Do you understand the issues enough to discuss them with others?

Consider every potential scenario. From nice peaceful election to a “disaster” requiring the election to be postponed. What rights do you want protected and whom do you think will do it and who will not? How can you argue your own views with friends, coworkers and strangers unless you know what you believe? You need to get ready to defend yourself, your values and your rights.

What is your tripwire, suspended elections, strict government crackdowns, foreign troops on our soil, gun control? Are you preparing for peaceful protests or insurrection? What do you think the folks on the opposing sides are doing?

Are we at war, are you preparing for combat? That depends on just how and where you see this country going. Which of the tens of thousands of protestors scattered across the dozen or so nations currently in turmoil saw this mess coming? How is this all working out for them? Do they seem safe, warm and cuddly to you? Did watching their governments fold around them work out for the best; do they really appear better off now? Is their government the savior or the problem?

Can we all vote ourselves into a better world or will hopped up nut jobs try and force their way of life onto you and yours? Since I do not know, I plan to plan. I will consider my options, my candidates to support and identify my opposition. I will prepare. I will help encourage others to my side, to vote and to watch all sides and most importantly. I will expose any lies, intolerance and groups using anything harsher than logical arguments to push any agenda. We are not savages and not violent unless attacked.

Follow your own judgment but I am guessing the next election is for all the marbles. Is preparing for an election the same as preparing for combat? Are you in this to win? Let us all hope for the best, a nice peaceful transition of power. I am not encouraging anyone to be violent or intolerant. What I am doing is reminding you that everyone might not be happy with your views as you are.

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6 Comments on “Elections call for a Pre Combat Inspection”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    The upcoming election in 2012 will be the most important in our nations history. The future will be decided , for better or worse, freedom and liberty, or more and ever expanding big government, impoverishment via confiscation through taxation, and socialism.

  2. tgusa Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that democrats were getting 50 percent of their votes through fraudulent ballots of one sort or another.

    • Ronin Says:

      I suspect that if the poll numbers stay this low the dems will make an excuse not to hold elections. They will attempt to hold onto power no matter what it takes.

  3. CavMom Says:

    Investing in precious metals… namely brass and lead.

  4. itsmud Says:

    Sharing a pretty good site for survival info.


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