Pacifists Revolution calls for Violence

By Ronin, 9 April, 2011

I have noticed a trend in the propaganda tossed casually about by liberals, the agenda driven social reformers and “community activists”. The new theme is encouraging violence as being necessary to attain their goals. Remember this theme: we are not pacifists.”

I will not put the links on this site as I do not want their message to spread, it is just not that important. The issue is not the call for violence, although disturbing, the bigger issues are less obvious.

There are two things that need our attention; the call for violence and what groups we need to watch. The call for violence is not new, some of the groups have been encouraging attacks against the system much longer than others. So far, I have seen no law enforcement involvement, they are ignoring these groups. Maybe they are busy watching the Tea Party and wondering why they are so tolerant, respectful and passive. Whatever the reason our law enforcement types are ignoring this trend.

The second issue is the wide spread of the problem. Groups that claim to be peace-loving forces for change are openly calling for an attack on our infrastructure (they are on tape). So far, I have not noticed any members leaving in disgust, calling the police or turning over the tapes to the news. Ok, I really did not expect any of those to happen but if I were in the audience at a Tea Party rally and the speaker’s encouraged violence that is exactly what would have happened. The speaker’s microphone would have been shut down and the speakers call for violence reported to local law enforcement. New speeches would have been made condemning the call for violence and a message countering violence given out.

You should have no problem finding videos from leftists calling for violence on liveleak, youtube and other media. If you really want to see the level of hate being casually tossed around, help yourself. It should not take you more than a few minutes to see them for yourselves.

Just to be clear here, I do not believe them. These people are cowards attempting to force change through trickery, corruption and graft. I doubt they are smart enough or brave enough to threaten America’s infrastructure. Nevertheless, I also expect that to change.

Here is how they will do it. They have started already. The leftists in power are working on making new friends, they are looking towards Latino gangs (using the immigration issue as a way in) they are slowly working in with the Islamic gangs in our major cities. I find it funny the street gangs in DC are converting to Islam in such numbers. I tend to dislike politicians and could careless if their failed policies have a negative impact on them. When the merge with more violent groups is made, you will see street violence and disruptions. The closer we get to the elections the more problems we will see.

So what do you need to do? Just quietly search out the videos, see the groups involved and spread the warning to your conservative friends. Trust me, most are gun owners and could easily take down a gang thug if it comes to that.

It would be fun to see the headlines if my pit “Mohammed” chewed up a street thug. I am betting they would never mention the dogs’ name. Anyway, I digress. So far, the threat of violence has failed. Groups designed to use tricks, intimidation and lies to build networks do not make good soldiers. If they were brave, they would have no need for tricks, intimidation and lies. They need to find violent friends if they really want to see violence.

The power in the US has always been the individual. Slowly prepare yourselves and if these groups do show their hand, your best defense is to defend your rights, your homes, your neighborhoods and yourselves. If you are not already carrying a weapon, you might want to start. You will need time to train with it and work out scenarios for home defense. Make sure you are legally allowed to carry and follow the laws of your areas. Remember, we are the good guys. As always, we will continue to monitor.

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10 Comments on “Pacifists Revolution calls for Violence”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    In respect to ronins wishes not to name the ‘group’ that has gone online advocating the demise of the USA.

    When those in the * party decide to use violence as thier forbearers did in Russia. They will suffer many causalties. Not merely in bloodshed but thier agendas will be disproved and thier system will forever be shown as unworkable and a cataclysmic

  2. tgusa Says:

    In their efforts to discriminate against traditional Americans they also are working very closely with alleged US courts. Its turning into the wild wild west again. Remember how they used to circle the wagons when attacked? We will see a similar situation taking place only on a neighborhood scale this time. Unlike them, our greatest strength is the ability to work together even from a distance, we don’t need givmint supervision, our community organization skills are unmatched throughout the galaxy.

    If there is one thing that is predictable regarding the left it is the fact that they will first attack the law and the people involved with the law. The law and the left, while they are busy fighting each other we are getting prepared, when they are finished neither one of them will have any credibility to speak of. The left believe that if they get rid of the law they can begin declaring victory. But getting rid of the law is just the beginning, the beginning of their end. One other problem that confronts them is, TRADITIONAL AMERICANS ARE REALLY PISSED OFF NOWADAYS!

    Neither the left nor the law are paying any attention to our Federal Constitution, our State constitutions or anything else that could be considered traditionally American. In these two’s efforts to, just get along, it has become a free for all of discriminatory practices, regulations and laws. Its a total disgrace and I have never felt so ashamed in my life. My only consolation is, I’m not one of them, thank the Lord.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Ca lawmakers(?) agree, we need to be armed after what we have done! Upside down Constitution alert.

  4. CavMom Says:

    Training going quite well. We have also added another (call name, Mo) … still a pup, but learning quickly.

    Due to my lack of faith in the Government, we are ensuring our ability to take care of ourselves, becoming quite self sufficient. (I can now bake bread with my nifty solar oven!)

  5. Big Frank Says:

    Community organizers! What a lot of BS and for sure a misnomer. Real ‘Community Organizers’ of old were the compassionate volunteers, dedicated into improving the community and helping a group move up the ladder. However this new generation so-called ‘Community Organizers’ are nothing more than rabble rousers, agenda driven political agitators, useful idiots, thugs, goons, and tools of the left.

    • tgusa Says:

      The great thing about Omama is he knows so little about America/Americans that every plan he comes up with we have already had to deal with at some point in our history. I wonder if Omama is familiar with, you can fool some of the people all of the time and you can fool all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

      Omama must think we were born yesterday, or born in Hawaii, same diff.

  6. Steve Says:

    Dear Pacifist/Commie/ Progressive,

    Bring your “Community Organizers” and I’ll bring my red-neck friends….how does that sound?

    • islams not for me Says:

      Dont forget the beer and the baseball bats and the shotguns.

      Might as well have a ‘party’ as we rid the world of more worthless commies.

  7. ER Says:

    I’m not sure what group you are thinking of, but of a few, one of a couple that I think needs to be watched is a convergence group that starts with an “L,” and at least in their dealings with me it was an invitation type deal with various levels

  8. tgusa Says:

    You won’t hear it on the news but Guvner Brown feels the heat. CBS LA. I can envision Brown lying in bed and thinking, Revolution, Civil war, just what side am I on? It’s confusing.

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