The Justice Departments goes Socialist

By Ronin, 10 April, 2011
Thanks to a very special woman for sending this in.

The (I will not lie and say U.S.) Justice Department has gone Socialist.

Take a quick look at the quote at the top of their website ( it explains everything. This information is not new, these changes go back awhile but I figure since they never changed, we should let them know that we are still watching them.

“The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”

Department of Justice employees say the quote originates from British lawyer, C. Wilfred Jenks. Jenks was a leading proponent for international law in the 1930’s. He advocated for global rights and was a member of the United Nation’s International Labor Organization (ILO). He wrote essays to support the progressive agenda of a global common law. In short he was a progressive POS.

The ILO lead by Jenks is credited with putting in place the first Soviet senior member of the UN organization. He also created an environment that allowed the ILO to give “observer status” to the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and to issue anti-Israeli statements. We all know what friends of humanity the pukeestainians are.

The ILO statements precipitated efforts by the U.S. Congress to withdraw U.S. membership from the ILO in the mid-1970s due to the organization’s leftist leanings.

“It was Jenks’s efforts that helped make the ILO a tool of the socialist and communist movement,” says one of the DOJ lawyers. “We used to joke about how fitting it was that this was Janet Reno’s favorite quote to use in speeches, and now the Obama folks think it encapsulates out department’s mission.”

Suggestions to highlight quotes from the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights or quotes from the Founders, the Federalist Papers or prominent American jurists were quickly shot down by the Department of Justice’s media and new media teams, according to DOJ sources familiar with the design process, and the White House communications shop was given input to the overall design as well. Is anyone surprised by that?

The danger of an American justice organization following an international justice organization is simple; they are not bound to our constitution. If for example, a national emergency caused the 2012 elections to be suspended, I would expect problems might make living in certain parts of the US hazardous. Naturally, our friends in the U.N. would help restore order. Those forces would follow international (U.N.) laws, and values, not ours. What could go wrong?

Wow Ronin, from a simple quote you jump right to foreigners operating inside the US. You might ask that and I would have to say, that is where I jumped. Why, what evidence do I have?

Let me break it down, a global movement needs global rules, that requires global help to help with the annoying rule enforcement. The groundwork is being made. To control a populace you need a few things: you have to control money, shelter, fuel and food.

We do not have to worry until we are faced with a collapsed economy, a collapsed housing market, high energy costs and climbing food costs, uh, oh. A full collapse of the American dollar and every currency will fall faster than obama can lie.

An outside military force operating in the USA would cause a few of us to pick sides. Be ready, is all I am saying.

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8 Comments on “The Justice Departments goes Socialist”

  1. tgusa Says:

    “The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”

    What tripe. You would have to live in a bubble to swallow that crap sandwich. Using that philosophy Iranian law or National Socialist law could be applied, it all depends on what the prevailing “will of mankind” is. I love the way these fools use words like mankind, there is no universal “mankind’ there never will be either. Even at the level of the Ivroy Coast we see one group of people going after another group of people, North Koreans, South Koreans, Libyans vs Libyans, even fly specks such as Bahrain are in upheavel. Thankfully we in the USA have our constitution to protect us from the “will of others” this, isuueing from the life of the people, some of whom are not nice people. I really don’t care what the justice dept thinks or believes, after all, they are only a department and don’t even rate in the Constitutional power scheme. Besides, even the justice dept will tell you, “The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”

  2. True Patriot Says:

    They went Communist Marxist Lunatics. The Dept. of Injustice.

    Holder i think is going down very soon, and so is the illegal fraud muslim Obama. The truth on all these thugs will set America free from the grips of tyranny.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    I am quite pleased with our republic with the rule of law. There is no need for modification, the Constitution of the United States is a perfect document and greater effort must be exerted to assure that those we elect into office abide by it. These charlatans that come along from time to time and want to change our system must be challenged and revealed for who and what they are.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Here is a link to an article on the Oklahoma city conspiracy. American Thinker. many of us knew there was something fishy about the whole mess. Looking back,Ok city has muslim written all over it but it appears that the justice dept was and is more than willing to smear others for the crime. We are in trouble because the muslims have not infiltrated every aspect of our guvmint they have been welcomed in, sought out, its not safe to even speak with any of these people. They spend lots of time and money wheedling their way into every nook and crannie using our laws against us, claiming racism, demanding minority status, and then they sit quietly and report. The muslims have done a William Munny on Terry Nichols, say anything to anyone and We will come back and kill everybody in your family, we will kill all your friends and your friends pets as well! Hell, we may even come back and kill everybody in your whole dang town and anyone who ever visitted there too!

    • Big Frank Says:

      Myself and others in my circle of friends have always had suspicions as to the true perpetrators and planners of the Oklahoma city terrorist murders. Rather than the usual foot dragging in most that takes decades in Federal cases, there seemed to be a rush to convict and execute Tim McVey,dead men tell no tales. Much of the obvious aspects of the crime were ignored or brushed aside, the crime was too large for so small of a group to pull it off.

  5. tgusa Says:

    If we tear away the poster of hope and change what lies beneath is a collection of white leftist professors and lawyers. Of course these people have waited until they could use the cover of a guy from hope to really push their change. When it fails they will recede into the classroom leaving you know who to take all the blame. Just look and listen to them, they spend half their time reminding us that he is a black man. This in spite of his bi racial heritage. If you disagree with all of his stupid ideals you must be a racist…?

  6. tgusa Says:

    Take a look at the state dept. The ambassador has been used as a way to spread this putrid leftist culture on the rest of the world. But, in spite of this massive effort the rest of the world rejects it. Many countries laugh at us, others feel as if they have stumbled onto a gold mine of stupidity and cultural rot that can be easily exploited. The American ambassador is supposed to be an ambassador of American values not a tiny fringe of anti American values.

  7. Leatheneck Says:

    Holder is probably a closet BLT Marxist member.

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