Christian Girls Forced to Convert to Islam

We have highlighted many similar stories over the years. This article is only about one country-pukastan but this is an old story and these crimes are found anywhere you find islamic cult members. Almost all of these stories show both the abuse and a general lack of concern by what passes for law enforcement in islamic countries. It is important to note that it does not matter if the islamic country in question is considered moderate by the incompetents in the state department. Most of them still believe there is a moderate islam, fools.

By Agenzia Fides, 13 April,2011, Fides.orq
LAHORE, Pakistan (Agenzia Fides) – In Pakistan forced conversions to Islam, rapes and forced marriages are on the rise. The victims are mostly Hindu and Christian girls, belonging to religious minorities, complain Fides local sources. This has been a worrying phenomenon for the Church in Pakistan for some time and that the Church is trying to address, looking for the cooperation of institutions but it is an uphill battle.
-To be fair, a good number of rape victims in islamic countries are muslim girls foolish enough to trust an uncle or a cousin.

“The Christian girls are the weakest and most vulnerable, because their communities are poor, defenceless and marginalized, therefore easily exposed to harassment and threats. Often they do not even have the courage to denounce the violence,” says a sister to Fides.

The sister hides and assists the girls who have managed to escape. “But the trend is worrying: There are hundreds of cases a year registered and those that come to light are only a fraction,” she says. In a society that tolerates discrimination of religious minorities, especially of women, the dominant religion and related social position are used to impose tyranny.
-Everyone of the Christians supporting islamic groups and encouraging interfaith cooperation is providing passive support to the criminals encouraged by the cult of islam. Passive support is still support.

A report sent to Fides by the Centre for Legal Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), which takes care of legal assistance for Christians who are discriminated against and persecuted in Pakistan, confirms this issue, reporting some terrible cases that occur mainly in province of Punjab.

Sidra Bibi, 14 year old Christian in the district of Sheikhupura in Punjab, is the daughter of a worker in the cotton industry. A Muslim from the village had his eye on her and began to molest her, and eventually abducted and raped her before threatening her with death. Physically and psychologically abused, the girl became pregnant. She managed to escape from her tormentor and is now back, in a state of exhaustion, with her family. Police have refused to accept her complaint and now the CLAAS lawyers are handling the case.

Tina Barkat, 28 year old Christian, was approached by a Muslim friend who, after being friends with her for several months, asked her to convert to Islam. Her family began to read her verses of the Koran, kidnapped and threatened her, and then gave her in marriage to a Muslim family member. The lawyers have a current action to dissolve the marriage.

The same fate has befallen Samina Ayub, Christian, aged 17, who lives with her family near Lahore. Kidnapped by a Muslim, she was forcibly converted to Islam, and renamed Fatima Bibi and was forced to marry in the Muslim rite. Her family reported the abduction but police have not prosecuted those responsible. The case remains unsolved and the family calls for the mobilisation of civil society to save Samina.

Shazia Bibi, a 19 year old Christian from Gujranwala, in Punjab, worked as a maid in the house of a Muslim woman, the owner of a grocery store. The Muslim boy from the shop was in love with Shazia. In agreement with the owner, they held a conversion and forced her into marriage. The plan was successful but now, thanks to Shazia\’s family the case has ended up in court.

Also, two other Christian girls, Uzma Bibi, 15 years old, from Gulberg, and Saira Bibi, 20, a nurse from Lahore, were taken by force by Muslim neighbours, converted to Islam and then forced to marry in the Islamic rite. The families of the girls, shocked, have reclaimed their daughters and the cases are currently before the High Court of Lahore, represented by lawyers provided by CLAAS.
-You can help, call the state department and ask them why we are not allowing persecuted Christians refugee status. Call your elected officials and ask the same question. If they blow you off, ask them again at a public event.

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11 Comments on “Christian Girls Forced to Convert to Islam”

  1. True Patriot Says:

    Its time to nuke these savage 7th century bastards out of existence. They are not fit to stay on our planet.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Whats good for the goose…

    Here is what I would do…

    1 Allow ALL CHRISTIANS to come to the West as refuges. And give them the training to live a good life in the West.

    2 Create new laws that would battle Theorcatic groups like moslems.

    3 Since moslems love to punish Christians in thier home ‘turff’… punish moslems in the West if they commit illegal activities in the name of thier ‘religion’ with fines, executions.

    4 Create a international force that can help the families of kidnap victims in islamic lands by retrieving the victim and exterminating the criminal kidnappers.

  3. islams not for me Says:

    As long as Coptic or other Christians allow these types of things to happen to thier own it will only encourage the moslem criminals and jihadists to exterminate them.

    Christians of the middle east RISE UP! DEFEND YOURSELVES! OR Die….

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    The Father’s of these women should be assulting the moon god worshipers on a 3/4 moon at 0400hrs, or during a storm from hell.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Knowing that these girls are being forced into relationships with filthy muslims rapists and molesters makes me sick to my stomach. Pretty much the entire worl;d is becoming fed up with muslims, eventually muslims will have to hide or be killed on sight, like hydrophobic dogs. You are right, muslim law enforcement is a joke, it is worse than a joke as the muslim police side with these slimebags every single time.

    The Christians in these countries don’t want to have to move, they shouldn’t have to. Perhaps it is time to put together civillian teams of rough riders and mean men to go into these rats nests and get the girls back, Kill the bastards that did it and kill everyone in their family too. If muslim police get in your way, kill those bastards as well, after all, this is a society wide undertaking, eff em all.

    • tgusa Says:

      And we know damn well that people like the Bush’s understand that this is a cultural thing spread across the islamic world. All of our political class has spent a good amount of time in Saudi Arabia and the greater ME. How can people like that profess their Christianity? We see US Senators who hate their fellow Americans so much that in their delusion they hold hearings pretending that it is muslims that are the oppressed. This behavior, among the left, the Clinton’s, the right and the Bush’s and others on both sides is the most disgusting thing I have not only ever encountered but worse than anything I could have imagined. Its sick and disgusting and leaves a black smear on our reputation, yeah, the left likes to pretend that we already had a big black mark on our nation and now we can say that they are right..

  6. tgusa Says:

    The Chinese are cracking down on Christians right now. The muslims are kidnapping Christians right now. I say boycott them both, oh well ok, let the Chinese sell prayer mats and korans to the muslims. Lets see how profitable that relationship will be.

  7. qwerty Says:


  8. Gonzo Says:

    Thanks for the article. Issues relating to Pakistan are very timely, and I researched your article and discovered several links to sites regarding similar stories.

    What is so deplorable is that in these cases, the rape victims families are either ignored by the police or actually threatened by them. One case actually made it to court, and the “judge” sided with the rapist/kidnappers/scumbags, even going to far as to rule that it is appropriate to convert girls in this fashion as young as 7 years old.

    So fear-struck and oppressed are Christians in these regions, that they pressure other Christians NOT to make an issue of this happening to them, for fear that Muslims from this “religion of peace” would retaliate by engaging in further violence against them.

    Even worse, it appears that this happens in other countries in the mid-east.

    links to these assertions can be found here:

    (btw, just let me know if providing links like this is uncool, but I thought the info may be an eye opener to those yet to lift the fog).

    • islams not for me Says:

      As a ‘senior’ commentor on this blog I am sure Dr Bulldog and Ronin are ok with links. I’ve used alot of them to to help support my fellow ‘islamaphobes’ on this blog.

      • Gonzo Says:

        Thanks, I appreciate that. To be completely honest about it, I should point out that the link is to a post on my own blog. But again, the reason for the link back was to provide access to links with supporting information about this shocking practice SUPPORTED by Islamic leaders. I dont think some people would believe this even if they saw it with their own eyes on location in Pakistan. There are those who are THAT blind by the precept that this religion is just like that religion, and us critics are just bad people.

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