National Speak Out Against Homosexuality Day.

On 15 April, the homosexuals and the pro homosexuals are holding their annual day of silence to support their unnatural and disgusting lifestyles. They are doing this in school, a place that should be free of indoctrination and political agendas.

I wanted to give the rest of us a chance to practice our right of free speech by speaking out against these perverts and their supporters. Your first choice should be to remove your child for the day and spend some quality family time discussing why homosexuality is un-natural and supporting it is wrong but if that is not possible. Peacefully, use your rights and passively resist the efforts of a few to decide what the rest of us should believe and how we should act.

Speak to your children, friends, co-workers, even your crazy neighbor that you usually avoid. Explain to them all what you are doing and why. Encourage them to pick a side, I am willing to gamble that the vast majority of Americans do not know about, approve of or support the homosexual agenda.

If necessary, remind them that other “alternative lifestyles” are not pampered, sheltered and considered to sacred to discuss, they also do not use American schools to push agendas. Schools are support to educate and not indoctrinate. No special interest group is beyond reproach.

At the very least, if you do nothing else, call your school and ask if they let the students openly support homosexuality and if so, demand equal time to promote the traditional lifestyle. By drawing attention to the gay agenda, these groups should expect a reasonable and equal reaction to the outrageous use of schools time to support a single point of view.

Doing nothing is passive support and passive support is still support.

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16 Comments on “National Speak Out Against Homosexuality Day.”

  1. tgusa Says:

    If people are really born that way how come the overwhelming majority of homosexuals are white and from the USA? I think it is cultural phenomem more than anything else. Of course out here the Ca Senate just passed a bill that oks the queering of grade schoolers. Now if I did something like that I would be booked for a felony. Don’t matter though, few if any conservatives raising young kids here these days, you’d have to be an idiot to do that. As the states demographics change from white to Latino and Asian I see more and more of this occurring, I am beginning to wonder if there is a connection? I get the feeling that many of these people don’t like people like me. Thats ok, I’m leaving, taking the flag with me when I go, last American to leave, and all that.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Yes I will be more than happy to RAISE my voice to demonstrate AGAINST the pro sodomy ER homosexual groups or gropes and thier lesbian ‘sisters’ propaganda.

    After all why let them trounce on my Freedom of speech when thier lifestyles are not benefical to the rest of society.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    I’m sick of this in your face so-called ‘gay’ agenda. I don’t care what they do behind closed doors. Nor should they care what any of us do in our private lives. They already have rights under the Constitution like the rest of us. They are just trying to get special privileges which I feel is out of the question.

    • islams not for me Says:

      Correct Frank the pro-gay political nut jobs are the real threat. The rest of us dont care what gay men and lesbians do behind thier bedroom doors.

      Just keep thier lifestyle choices out of politics and the so called ‘special rights’ crapzola!

      • tgusa Says:

        Aw cmon guys we need gay weddings, gay education, gay justice and gay religion, later we can have gay Baptisms and gay Bar Mitzvahs.

        • islams not for me Says:

          And gay mass beheadings?

          • tgusa Says:

            Gay mass, oh, ok, what the heck.

          • C.G.01 Says:

            do you want to keep your awful opinions to yourself. AS A BISEXUAL, I SEE WHY GAY MARRIAGE is beneficial. It helps them have a stable environment and more economic rights. THEY ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU, and if you ridiculous homophobes cannot see that, you might as well just die. As for CHRISTIANS, god says to love everyone. and since THEY ARE BORN THAT WAY, and GOD MADE THEM/ME THAT WAY, GET OVER YOURSELVES OR GO TO HELL! He made them that way for a reason, whatever it is. no one would choose to be like that.

          • leatherneck Says:

            I was born a Lesbian. I’m traped in a he-man body with a third leg. I’m a sick sick person.

            A co-worker asked me if the two Hooter girls getting it on was good gay, or bad gay. I knew right away it was bad, bad, oh so very bad naughty gay. I’m going to have to get a spanking now.

          • tgusa Says:

            I will keep my opinions to myself when you and yours dislodge your penis from our collective rear, how bout that? You don’t even know who you are talking to on this issue, you are an infant in comparison with my experience with what homos want or desire, still sucking on a bottle or something. You should keep you opinions out of the realm of kids, after all, that’s how the Catholic Church ended up with abusive homosexual queer preists.

            I used to be fairly tolerant of peoples private personal behavior, used to be, no, I still am. But not for you creeping gay fascism, no more. If you don’t like my views, and you don’t even know what they are, well, you are screwed and not just today but in the future. Heck you ******* cannot even take a joke. Nice squawkin with you Mr Opinion monitor. Tolerance is one thing, what you queers are doing is something else in deed and I don’t like it, actually I am beginning to sort of despise you and the akuylmgbtuvsv crowd for it.

            BTW, how you choose to have sex is not a really important national issue so get over yourself. I’m starting to think there is something to gayness and mental illness.

            Moreover, what kind of marriage do you want to hijack, Christian, Jewish, or perhaps Islamic? LOL.

          • tgusa Says:

            Moderation notification, the true sign of an uncomfortable truth.

            I may get moderated but so far all my posts pass muster.

  4. tgusa Says:

    I think I saw these leftists in Deliverance, they were attacking Burt and Jon.

  5. tgusa Says:

    I think we should also have a wear a turban to the airport day as well.

  6. ciccio Says:

    Science, hard science such as biology, has proven for at least the last 60 years that homosexuality is a natural state, that a small percentage of all species, fish included, are born homosexual. The scientific findings that the sociological and homosexual community
    want to sweep under the carpet are that there are no Alpha male homosexuals.

  7. Actually cg01 I have no choice but to RAISE MY VOICE to counter the stupidity and propagnada that lefties like you throw around as idiotic misinformation online.

    And so…

    1 gay marriage is not a right.

    2 By creating sodomy and lesbianism as basic human rights they might as well include all sexual activities as ‘rights’. These ‘rights’ would also include sex with animals and sex with children in the same legal standings..

    3 No matter what anyone says a gay man is not the equivilant of being black, filipino or other races.

    4 Any gay person can be any race. But being gay is not a race.

    5 gay people donot need ‘economic’ or other legal protections because of thier bedroom choices. Dont like that? TOUGH!

    6 The more you lefties throw around ideas like killing Conservatives, Christians or others who dont like your sexual choices or the political ideology that your ilk have created to beg protections from the US or other guvs. Doesnt make you anything more than gay nazis with a foolhard agenda directed from the heart of satan.

    7 God did not make you gay, bi, homosexual, lesbain or transgendered.Your ilk simply choose to be such. As human beings we are created male or female. It goes agianst our Creators designs to change what we are born as for our own selfish dirves. DEAL WITH THAT!

  8. Maria Says:

    Fault the rich and the very rich and the fortunate ones who opportune themselves to become rich then they have nothing to do but explore and conquer their sensualities by helping real homosexuals into thinking their lives are normal and then the rich get to sodomize the homosexuals and the rest of the country. The rich started it all this shit

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