Detroit: Child Protective Services Calls In SWAT to Assist in Forcing Homeschool Mom to Give Child Medications

Look here, you fascist lefturds who have infiltrated Child Protective Services all throughout America, children are NOT your property!  You didn’t carry them for 9 months and go through the pains of childbirth to bring that precious life into this world.  Nor did you spend sleepless days and nights nurtering that life while dealing with a mountain of malodorous, mephitic diapers.  Nor did you feel the joy that comes with watching that life take its first steps.  Bottom line:  You DO NOT love that child like a parent loves that child.

No.  If you would have had your way, that precious life would have been snuffed-out in the womb by your buddies over at Planned Barrenhood.  So, unless there is an obvious abuse of a child which immediately endangers that child’s life, then you better keep your damn, grubby hands off our children!  We don’t need, nor want any of your totalitarian, fascist help! 

For those of us who are homeschoolers, if you object to unnecessarily over- immunizing your children (as do Mrs. Bulldog and I), might I suggest you object on religious grounds and file appropriate paperwork with your state?   As far as I know, with the exception of Mississippi and West Virginia, every state allows parents to reject immunizations based on religious beliefs.  You just need to fill out the appropriate paperwork for your state.

To find information concerning your state, might I suggest you go here, first?:

Don’t delay!  The fascists in many states are trying to get rid of religious exemptions for immunizations.  Best to already have all that paperwork on file before SWAT comes busting down your door:

SWAT Attacks Home School Mom for Refusing to Force Med Child

Kurt Nimmo

Detroit mother Maryanne Godboldo faces multiple felony charges and is being held on $500,000 bond after a 10-hour standoff with a heavily armed police SWAT team. Godboldo was protecting her 13-year-old daughter from unnecessary medication ordered by the state.

Godboldo’s daughter was born with a defective foot that required amputation of her leg below the knee, which led to Maryanne becoming a stay-at-home mother after her birth, according to Health Impact News Daily.

Despite her handicap, the child swam, sang, danced and played the piano. However, as the home schooled girl approached middle school age, she apparently wanted to start attending public school, and therefore had to “catch up” on immunizations the state insists are required under color of law.

According to her aunt, Penny Godboldo, the girl suffered an adverse reaction to the immunizations. “She began acting out of character, being irritated, having facial grimaces that have been associated with immunizations,” Penny told the Detroit News.

Maryanne Godboldo sought help from the Children’s Center, an organization claiming to help families with at-risk children. Godboldo told relatives the medications ordered by the doctor worsened symptoms, including behavioral problems.

When Godboldo refused to give her child the prescribed medication, Child Protective Services became involved. CPS obtained a warrant to remove the girl, but Maryanne reportedly refused to surrender the child to the state.

Police claimed Godboldo discharged a firearm in her apartment during the stand-off and that is when the SWAT team was called in.

Maryanne’s attorney, Allison Folmar, claims her client never shot at police in a report in the Voice of Detroit, which reports that the police sent the “Detroit Special Response Team (SRT) officers who descended on the home with a tank and assault weapons. Video footage shows individual officers staking out the house, taking cover behind trees with their weapons, as in a military operation,” reports Health Impact Daily News.

The Detroit News reports that Godboldo has an excellent reputation in her community, and during the 10 hour standoff many people from the community offered to help with the negotiations, including ministers and community activists.

Wayne Circuit Judge Deborah Thomas finally convinced Maryanne to surrender with a promise her daughter would be turned over to a relative. Family members, however, say the girl was grabbed by the state regardless of the promise.

Maryanne Godboldo was arraigned before 36th District Magistrate Sidney Barthwell Jr. on charges of firing a weapon in a dwelling, felonious assault, resisting and obstructing an officer, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Her bond was set at $500,000.

“I’m shocked by the amount of the bond. I never dreamed it would be set so high and she wouldn’t be free to care for her daughter,” said an outraged Deborah Thomas.

“Child Protective Services was trying to force her child to take a dangerous medication, Risperdal, against her will. We have been able to get a court order signed by [Wayne County Circuit Court] Judge Richard Skutt, staying the administration of this drug, which is not approved by the FDA in such cases. That’s why they put her in Hawthorne, so they could dope her up,” family attorney Allison Folmar told the media.

The Godboldo case is yet another example of CPS working in league with the police in order to kidnap children. Godboldo was obviously an excellent mother and not a threat to the police. The fact they sent a tank to her apartment is more evidence that the state will react in a violent knee-jerk fashion when its authority is challenged.

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35 Comments on “Detroit: Child Protective Services Calls In SWAT to Assist in Forcing Homeschool Mom to Give Child Medications”

  1. tgusa Says:

    They’re breakin up families? Over drugs? Why those, oh nevermind. She should have claimed to be from Mexico, or a jihadist, or something.

  2. tgusa Says:

    I have a cousin who is older than me, he was born prior to the use of the polio vaccine and not far from where I lived, I was born after the testing and received the vaccine, he contracted polio, yeah, the damage never goes away, I didn’t. Medications I steer clear of, for myself and my kids, vaccinations are a different story, I don’t really buy the hype surrounding them. To each his own. I will have to sat that after years of seeing his withered limbs I don’t regret it.

    • Yeah, polio is one thing, but have you seen all the crap they now mandate that you must immunizing children for?

      Pretty much the last straw for Mrs. Bulldog and I was when they immunized our daughter for chicken pox! CHICKEN POX, for crying out loud!

      They even require immunizations for measles and mumps here in Missouri. Did you survive your childhood without immunizations against those childhood diseases? Sure you did. There is no need to cram a bunch of chemicals into your child to protect him/her from chicken pox, mumps, measles, and any other number of simple childhood diseases.

      On a side note, I just did a quick search and discovered that Idaho, just yesterday, passed legislation that would require students to get even more state mandated immunizations. Do you know what was in that list? Chicken Pox! What the hell? When did chicken pox become such a life threatening disease that we must risk injecting our children with potentially life-threatening chemicals inherent in just about all vaccines?

      Here’s one for you to chew on: When a child is born, many hospitals are required to give the newborn a shot of vitamin K (Aquamephyton). What’s so bad about that? Try death.

      Here’s the insert for Aquamephyton:

      How many parents are told by their pediatricians that there is a risk of death associated with Vitamin K injections? Not Mrs. Bulldog and I! We didn’t find out about that until years after our daughter had been injected with Aquamephyton. And, it wasn’t a pediatrician or some concerned nurse who told us. No, it was while I was doing some research on vaccines and immunizations that I stumbled across that little tidbit of information.

      Of course, our daughter obviously survived that injection, but how many others didn’t? Do you seriously believe that we would have given the doctors our approval to inject our daughter with Aquamephyton if they would have told us that it might kill her? Hell no! And, that’s exactly why they won’t tell you about all the risks involved unless you specifically ask them what those risks are.

      Considering that many vaccines have side effects worse than the disease, at some point, a parent needs to draw a line in the sand say enough is enough! We need to actively limit the number and types of vaccines and immunizations the government is forcing our children to get.

      Therefore, one way to rein in the government is to use our religious freedoms against them. Signing a declaration of objection to immunizations and vaccines for religious reasons takes the government out of the equation and rightfully puts parents back in control over their childrens’ lives.

      I mean, really, do you trust a commie eugenicist like Cass Sunstein to tell you exactly what “immunizations” your child MUST have? Not I, my friend!


      • tgusa Says:

        Thats funny, because me and my brothers all looked forward to getting the Chicken Pox, my mom wanted to make sure we all had it at the same time, hey, the pox are a pain in the butt, but, nothing to fear. ROFL

        I agree, the statists have no business in your kids medical affairs. Besides, there is no vaccination for AIDS but the statists endorse behavior that leads straight to it. We have morons seeking to call the shots today, LOL.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Of cousre when some parents go berzerk after they steal their kid I won’t blame the parents. What happens when the police can no longer roll up and surround your house because the entire neighborhood is hostile towards them. Right now they stand in the middle of the street, unconcerned by the surrounding community but if they keep going down this road those days will be gone. With all the violent problems in our country I fail to see how they have time for this crap. I have heard rumors that some police are collecting pensions in one state while taking another job in another state. Hint, watch our Florida, for double dipping Ca unionists.

  4. tgusa Says:

    I hate to say it but recently we have seen what types of people have gravitated towards the state. Many of them are not good and decent people, not all of them but a good many, many others are just plain incompetent, beneficiaries of corrupt statists. The reason for this is over the last thirty years this is the type of person that the state has reached out to. To compound problems statist unions protect the bad ones, over time it gets worse and worse. The truth is many people just won’t work in that sort of surrounding, they have their standards and in the past have just tried to go about their lives outside of all of it. But now we see that it doesn’t work out that way. Over the last thirty years we have witnessed what is best described as a cancer eating away at our institutions. We deserve better than this, it is not too much to expect that our institutions of justice are held to a higher standard than we demand of our military overseas.

    Thirty or so years ago the Feds finally admitted to organized crimes existence and the proceeded with a crackdown. It is almost as if organized crime needed to find a safer place to operate and what better place than the state. Of course with us chasing around after jihadists that we won’t admit exist we have ever littler time to pursue standard, run of the mill, American crime. This is one helluva way to run a country.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Sorry for hogging the thread but, you can go back to the future in much of this. For instance, antibiotics, many times not needed and actually a hazard in the long run to the strengthening of your immune system. Turns out that Iodine works terrific on many infections.

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    Scarry stuff. The Police should have stated this is not a lawful order, and refused to attack.

    Were they told a lie?

  7. tgusa Says:

    That’s the problem, there are so many illegal, unconstitutional and discriminatory laws in place that the police cannot even tell the difference. We used to hear it all the time, we are a nation of laws, a nation of laws that depends on a majority respecting the law. What we really have going on is a clash of civilizations within our own borders. If this continues there will be no other choice but to disband the union. If we follow the laws of the republic the left will tell us that we risk riots and whatnot, well, the left is already trying to burn down the house so, lets get it on baby.

  8. PAM SHANKIN Says:


  9. Cora Says:

    Gotta face it, our rights are being trampled to death. I am a nurse and although I never had the flu, the hospital last year tried to force employees to take the vaccine. Now the vaccine is hit or miss. It depends if they accurately determined the virus that will be out that year. It is a virus too which can mutate. After the NY nurses went into a legal battle with the Board of Health, claiming violation of rights, the hospital I work in backed down. This year those of us who did not take the vaccine had to wear masks for 3 months. Talk about being singled out. I wore mine proudly and explained to pt’s and family why I wore the mask. They were understanding. It is troubling in subtle ways they are trying to make people take things even though it is the right to refuse. At some point in time I guess a refusal wont work. I guess they will have to haul me off in chains too.

    • tgusa Says:

      I have a number of nurses in my extended family that I am around all the time. I never wear a mask around them nor have I ever had a flu shot even though they regularly ask me if I want one. I remember back in the 70s when they first tried a national scare campaign over flu shots, I think it was pig flu, well they were threatening to force everyone into compliance. Really, lots of people were talking about it. It was quite an issue as this stuff was new and back then people were actually concerned about the increasing power of the state. Alot of people who are for it(statist power) today were against it back then. I remember, me and my friends were looking forward to them chasing after us if it came to that. None of us were afraid, you know, sometimes boys just like to be chased a little.

      Funny how things change but yet they sort of remain the same. I’m hoping these people will change back into what they used to be.

      • tgusa Says:

        Perhaps I will show up to the next family get together wearing one of these.

      • Big Frank Says:

        My son and daughter-in-law (she works in the health field) changed pediatricians due to the fact that he insisted, almost demanded, they and their son get flu shots. He was told to buzz off (not in such kind words) and they changed doctors. All of my adult children always asses the need for anything medical, they always question instead of blindly accepting ‘Doctors’ orders’.

  10. martin Says:

    Children are the Lord’s gift to parents. The State’s duty, as a minister of God for good, was to protect and secure the parental rights of the mother while insuring both mother and child were not harmed. The mother was exercising her God given inalienable right and duty to protect her child from the State which she believed was intent on harming her child. In this case it appears the State has become an enemy of God and the people by an armed attack against a law abiding citizen and mother.

  11. islams not for me Says:


    How about one of these?

  12. islams not for me Says:

    Or maybe…

    This is your brain on liberalism, leftyism and islam…

    • tgusa Says:

      That’s the one they thought they could train with the colored blocks and an erector set and stuff huh? Sort of like the 1951 Thing From Another World, where the scientist wanted to make friends with the thing.

    • tgusa Says:

      I never forget a face like that.

      • islams not for me Says:

        Nah… Nothing so dated… Just the last “Resident evil” movie…

        • tgusa Says:

          Yeah, colored block guy. I like older movies, they don’t come with the modern libtard bs or a “message”. Idiots, we watch movies as an escape of sorts.

          • tgusa Says:

            We need to send Doc in there with his super friends lunch box.

            Now you’ve done it, I guess I will have to watch some horror tonight.

          • islams not for me Says:

            K don’t get too carried away… Those darn zombie movies give me nightmares… And I still watch the stupid things…


          • Hey! I had a Super Friends lunch box! How’d you know about that? LOL


          • tgusa Says:

            With what is going on in our country right an occasional horror movie is a welcome relief. I’m not a real fan of the slasher movie, the typical man eating zombie flick, I do like one with a good plot. Personally I prefer what they call film noir or dark film, where the story twists and turns, everyone has a nefarious purpose and nothing is as it appears to be.

  13. islams not for me Says:

    Doctor Bulldog

    Ronin told us all that you had a ‘superfriends’ lunch box at one time.

    As for myself I think I had ‘dukes of hazzard’ and I think others… But I can’t remember…

  14. tgusa Says:

    I think the left has co-opted the plot from the 80s TV series V. The primary difference between the series and real life today is the series visitors are space aliens while our vistors are just alien. Obama is the modern John, Napolatano is an ugly version of Diana. The visitors have their community organizations, the police and media are on board with the visitors. Scientists, intellectuals and any others that oppose the visitors are smeared as terrorists. The visitors proclaim that they are here in peace, they only desire to bring hope and change and all kinds of wonderful new technology. In the series the visitors go right over the head of world leaders and seek out the boss of the UN. His mission is to sell the rest of us out, the UN proclaims that the visitors have come in peace and anyone who opposes them are against progress. They are here to help us with our environment, this in spite of the fact that they have destroyed their own habitat back where they came from. Yep, its the plot from V alright. Perhaps we need to put up large red Vs for victory in strategic locations all around the country. Watch out Americans, they look like us but underneath they are creepy lizard people. They are not here to help us they are here because they are hungry and we are the main course.

    • Big Frank Says:

      ‘Big Sis’ may not be of this earth.

      • tgusa Says:

        No doubt. Could be shes an alien/human spore similar to the one that was hatched in the second set. What is interesting is the first offering of two episodes is not too bad but the second offering of three episodes is a pc barf fest. Every stereotypical leftist meme that we see today is part of the script. Eventually you just cannot watch any longer, makes you sick to your stomach.

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