Germany Scolds Hungary Over New Constitution: Says Its Conservative Values Are “Hardly Compatible With European Union Values”

And just what are those EU “values?”  

Try pro-abortion, anti-Christian, pro-queer marriage, and (until recently) anti-balanced budget! 

Seems Hungary’s new constitution has committed a major sin in the eyes of the EU because it protects the life of a fetus, has heavy references to God and Christians, defends traditional marriage, and actually puts a debt-limit on the government!

Here’s a translation of the preamble that I’ve kind of decoded and cobbled together with the help of Google’s translator.  Apparently, Google needs some major help with Hungarian and I don’t speak a lick of it—nor could I find an English version of Hungary’s new constitution on the Net:

God, Bless Hungary

Statement of National Faith / National Declaration

We, the members of the Hungary Nation, assert our responsibility to say the following for all Hungary at the beginning of the millennium:

We are proud of the fact that our King Stephen, the Saintly Patron of the Hungarian State for a thousand years had built a secure foundation and placed our Fatherland in the line of a Christian Europe.

We are proud of our forebears, who persisted for that, who have fought for the freedom and independence of our Land.

We are proud of the great spiritual [another version inserts “intellectual” here] accomplishments of the Hungarian people.

We are proud that our people had defended Europe for centuries and whose common values were enriched by their talents and enriched its industry.

We recognize the role of Christianity in the persistence of the Nation.  We value the country’s various religious traditions.

[I had a hard time with Google’s translator at this point.  I’ve omitted a few lines which talk about how the Soviet Union ripped apart Hungary in the last century and some other stuff that I haven’t a clue as to what Google’s translation program was trying to say.  Anyway, the preamble continues with:]

We respect the freedom of other peoples and cultures, we seek co-operation of all the nations of the world.

We believe that human life is based on human dignity.

We believe that individual freedom can only unfold in cooperation with others.

We believe in the importance of living together within the family and the nation, held together with the basic values ​​of quality, faith and love.

We believe that the community and the power of every man’s honor is based on the work performance of the human spirit.

We affirm the fallen, and the poor.

We believe in the citizens of the State and the common goal of peace, security, order, justice, freedom, and completion.

We believe that genuine “people’s power” is only where the state serves the citizens of their affairs fairly, impartially handling abuses.

We respect the historical achievements of our constitution and of the Holy Crown, which grants [?] Hungary the continuity of constitutional government.

We do not recognize the historical constitution due to the suspension of foreign invasions.

[I skipped over a sizeable section here where Hungary’s constitution refuses to recognize 1949 and all the destruction and tyranny wrought by the Nazis and the Soviet Union.  Apparently, Hungary has an axe to grind—and with good reason:]

We believe, after decades of leading a morally shaken [lifestyle?] in the 20th century, the need for spirituality and spiritual renewal.

We are commonly formed [?] in the future to the dedication of young generations. We believe that our children’s and grandchildren’s talents and persistence will make great again [the nation?]of Hungary.

Basic Law based legal systems, contracts in the past, present and future of the Hungarians, [provides a] living framework that reflects the nation’s will and the form in which [we] want to live.

We, the citizens of Hungary are ready to co-function [?] [with] our country on the creation [and] order of the nation.

(The Basic Law End:)

We, the 2010 April Országgy Assembly elected on 25 representatives of God and man [assume?] responsibility for [holding] Hungary first [with] the basic law of the uniform as determined with the above.


Nope, no problems there.  That is, unless you are part of the Godless, socialist European Union:

Germany to Hungary: New constitution breaches EU values


BRUSSELS – Germany has warned the conservative Hungarian government that its new constitution, passed by parliament on Monday (18 April), is not compatible with European Union values.

“We are observing the developments in Hungary with great attention and some worry,” German deputy foreign minister Werner Hoyer said in an emailed statement. “The media law adopted at the start of the year shows an attitude towards fundamental rights which – despite some amendments – is hardly compatible with European Union values.”

“Our worries over the media law are made worse, not better, by today’s adoption of the constitution and its future implementation,” he added.

The Hungarian parliament approved the document 262 votes to 44, with the Socialist and green parties boycotting the vote and the far-right Jobbik voting against it.

Opposition groups protested the new constitution over the weekend, saying that the document is being rushed through without proper consultation and accusing the ruling Fidesz party of undermining democracy.

Although most political actors in the country agree that the old constitution, put in place in 1989, contained many deficiencies and required a thorough make-over, critics complain that they have only had a few weeks to analyse the document.

Last week, the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, the body’s advisory group established in 1990 to comment on new constitutions in eastern Europe, issued a scathing criticism of the document.

“The current process of preparing the draft new Constitution in view of its rapid adoption … raises a number of concerns that would deserve careful consideration by the Hungarian authorities,” the commission said in a statement.

“These include the lack of transparency of the process and the distribution of a public draft of the new Constitution only on 14 March 2011, a few weeks before its planned adoption, shortcomings in the dialogue between the majority and the opposition, the insufficient opportunities for an adequate public debate on such a fundamental process, and its very limited time-frame.”

The European Commission for its part has washed its hands of the matter, telling EUobserver that the constitution is for Hungarians to decide and that the country remains a constitutional democracy.

Andrew Arato, a Hungarian expert in constitutions in new democracies, said of the process: “Under an opposition boycott, and involving an absurd process of popular consultation through sketchy and deficient mail in citizen questionnaires, it lacks all genuine aspects of participation and inclusion.”

Winning a two-thirds majority last year together with its coalition partners, the Christian Democrats, Fidesz passed the threshold required to change the constitution.

The new text, heavy with references to Christianity, protects the life of a foetus “from conception” and preserves “the institution of marriage between man and woman”.

Neighbouring governments are also nervous about wording that declares Hungary’s “responsibility for the destiny of Hungarians living outside her borders,” and that the government could use this new language to offer voting rights to ethnic Hungarians residing in neighbouring states. A quarter of all ethnic Hungarians live beyond the country’s borders, mainly in Slovakia, Romania and Serbia.

Earlier wording giving parents extra votes has since been removed, although the government still hopes to move forward with the plan legislatively in the medium term.

Despite the German government’s criticism, the new constitution does contain tight rules on public debts, a change Berlin wants all EU governments to make.

Critics say that it is not their opposition to such policies that has produced their criticism of the document, but that they will now also require a two-thirds majority to overturn these policies, a development that is highly unlikely.

The government for its part, terms the text the ‘Easter Constitution’ to symbolise the ‘rebirth’ of the Hungarian nation and rejects complaints that the government has pushed through the document, saying that they opened discussions on the paper a year ago and that opposition parties boycotted the process.

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6 Comments on “Germany Scolds Hungary Over New Constitution: Says Its Conservative Values Are “Hardly Compatible With European Union Values””

  1. Big Frank Says:

    IMHO the European Parliament AKA the ‘Throne in Brussels’ or the seat of the dictat’ gets very nervous when EU nations show any intentions of retaining their home rule or national sovereignty. God bless the Magyars. I have visited their country and enjoyed their hospitality on many occasions. They like the Finns are rightly becoming very Euroskeptic.

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    The reborn Roman Empire would have been OK with the document, if it had read all gods, not G-d.

    When one is not in the world, the world hates you. Look at Israel, and the unwashed Americans like me. Always clinging to their Bibles, and weapons. It’s enough to drive Lucifer crazy!

  3. PB-in-AL Says:

    Headline: “Germany scolds Hungary…”

    Proposed headline: “Hungary tells Germany and EU: MYOB, this is OUR constitution!”

  4. tgusa Says:

    The next thing you know Germany will be saying that part of Hungary belongs to them….

  5. tgusa Says:

    It just occurred to me that the European leaders have managed to do what Hitler and the Nazis were not able to do, from a united Europe. However, the Nazis permanently changed Europe by killing or driving out most of the Jews. Now the Euros have another group that holds a twisted obsession regarding Jews, but in this Europe there are few Jews to hate. That’s ok though because non Jews are the next best thing to kosher! Many of us still believe that European Nazi collaborators got off easy after the war as result of the emerging enemy the USSR. The ramifications of the second world war are still being played out today. But then it is written, vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

  6. tgusa Says:

    Of course the WWII the American British alliance obliterated the Axis powers, the Italian fascists and the German national socialists. The short lived alliance between the allies and the USSR left the communists in place and the communists are largely responsible for what Europe has become today.

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