God Cancels Earth Day in Missouri

Yesterday, Earth Day fell on Good Friday.  So, naturally, I was a little curious to see which celebration would win out in media coverage by the local television stations broadcasting out of  St. Louis. 

The morning shows were rife with Earth Day references.  Nary a one that I saw made any references to Good Friday.  In fact, I almost threw my remote at the television while watching Let’s Make a Deal.  You see, some godless eco-freak commie over at FreemantleMedia (the production team behind Let’s Make a Deal) had the *ahem* brilliant idea of celebrating Earth Day by making all the automobile prizes be hybrids only.  Naturally, the host, Wayne Brady, made a little speech in the opening segment explaining that all the cars were hybrids in celebration of Earth Day, blah, blah, blah.  And, throughout the rest of the show, viewers were inundated with references to Earth Day, ad nauseam.  It was almost as sickening as watching all the BS Earth Day programming flooding the airwaves of our local Proletariat Brainwashing Service (PBS) station.

Anyway, I was getting quite annoyed that everybody seemed to have forgotten about Good Friday; replacing it instead with a celebration of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday under the guise of celebrating environmentalism with some hippie-dippy concoction called Earth Day.    After all, what’s more important:  Some dead, mass-murdering commie dictator or someone who died for our sins and actually came back to life?  I’ll put my money on the latter.

As I sat there watching the media’s exclusion of God and Good Friday in favor of a nauseating plethora of fawning and over-the-top coverage concerning some stupid communist Earth Day paganism, I thought to myself, “So, this is what it has come to; replacing a traditional Christian celebration of God’s love for all of humanity with an orgy of  paganism?  God can’t be happy about that!”  And, further contemplating all of this hedonism on Good Friday, I couldn’t help but wonder if God even cared enough about all of this to turn this particular Friday back into His Day.

I wondered about that a lot…

Now, let me set up the rest of this story by pointing out here that the local weather forecasters had been warning about some troubling developments in the upper atmosphere over Missouri for the past few days.  In fact, our Little Princess has a bucketful of golf ball sized hailstones taking up precious cargo space in our freezer that  she collected a couple of days ago when the first round of thunderstorms ripped through the area and hit Bowling Green with a tornado. 

Normally, we are pretty jaded here in Missouri when it comes to bad weather.  After all,  the saying around here in these parts is that if you don’t like the weather, just stick around for a few minutes and it’ll change. 

However, when the  boys from the Discovery Channel’s hit show “Storm Chasers” begin to  set up camp in your neighborhood, like they did ours…  Well, let me just be the first one to tell you from personal experience that this is definitely not a good sign!—The dookies are about to hit the fan!

Around the 6 o’clock hour, the television stations began shutting down coverage of their day-long Earth Day orgy and switched over instead to reports of a massive supercell thunderstorm headed our way.  About an hour later, the emergency alert sirens began sounding in our area, signalling a tornado warning had been issued.  So, instead of seeking shelter like sane people do, Mrs. Bulldog and I went outside to watch the skies.  Yeah, well…it’s not as crazy as it sounds;  We have a great view of the skyline and can get a pretty good idea of when and where we need to go to seek shelter should a tornado decide to head our way.  Anyway, as we were watching the skies, we saw a HUGE funnel cloud forming about ten miles south of us, heading east towards St. Louis. 

Now, I’ve seen some EF1’s and EF2’s in my time, but this tornado was a completely different animal.   It was huge, black, and just downright ornery looking!  Here we were, about ten miles from the heart of the beast, and yet the low-lying clouds directly above us were all whizzing by at breakneck speeds in long arcs encircling  and getting sucked into the epicenter of the tornado—almost like having ringside seat on the event horizon of a black hole.  Also, there were these long, intense bolts of lightning arcing and dancing all around the center of the storm. 

It was quite an awe inspiring moment for all of us watching it.  Believe me, you really had to be there to truly appreciate the breathtakingly beautiful surrealism of it all.   It’s just another reminder of how truly microscopic we really are when it comes to the power of God.  I say, “God,” and not, “Mother Earth,” or, “Nature,” for reasons I will explain later.

Anyway, you have all probably heard by now that the tornado ripped through the St. Louis area, destroying homes and ripping apart sections of the St. Louis Lambert Airport.  Initial estimates are that it achieved EF4 intensity.  From what I saw of it in its earlier stage, I have no doubts about that!  Amazingly enough, however, there have been no reported deaths or serious injuries.

Okay, now let me explain the God angle in all of this:  This morning, the day after our local airwaves had been infested with a hedonistic orgy of Earth Day celebrations and references, I awoke to live coverage of the damage done by the tornado in the St. Louis area.  Now, get this; somewhere overnight, between the time I went to bed and the time I awoke, the local reporters had affectionately named this tornado, “The Good Friday Tornado!”  

Think about it:  A monster tornado rips through St. Louis on Earth Day, which just happens to coincide with Good Friday, and the normally secular reporters who have been touting Earth Day all day long suddenly have a Come-To-Jesus moment and name it The Good Friday Tornado and not the Earth Day Tornado!  That’s some powerful, God Almighty type stuff at work there, my friends!

Sure, I’m not so foolish as to think that there weren’t maybe a few pagan reporters in the mix who didn’t want to have anything to do with trashing their precious Earth Day by naming this thing The Earth Day Tornado.  And, as a Gaia worshiping eco-commie reporter, what better way to wash your hands of this tornado coinciding with your precious Earth Day than to go ahead and let the Christian faction of the newsroom name it the Good Friday Tornado?  However, God moves in mysterious ways.  No doubt, the eco-commie reporters fell right into His trap!

Today, I have been treated to story after story on the news about Ferguson church members celebrating Good Friday and watching the “Passion of the Christ” together when the tornado hit, ripping off the roof of the church, and everyone miraculously escaped unscathed. 

I’ve heard stories about people who came home from Good Friday services only to find their homes completely obliterated by the tornado and thanking God that they had gone to church and not stayed home. 

I almost fell out of my chair when one of the local television reporters recounted that he had been at Good Friday services when the sirens went off and everybody moved downstairs to safely continue church services.  

I have lost count of the number of times today that the local newscasters have said, “Thank God that no one was killed or seriously injured, ” and/or, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to [fill in the blank]” —I have even heard more than a few of those, “It’s nothing short of a miracle!” come out of the mouths of local reporters.

The fact that yesterday was Earth Day has been all but forgotten in the St. Louis area.  However, what has not been forgotten is that yesterday was Good Friday—a time when we Christians celebrate God’s love for all of mankind.

You see, despite all the time, money, and effort of the ungodly to replace Good Friday with their pagan Earth Day celebrations, in the end, God merely sighed a little and all of Earth Day was cancelled here in Missouri.

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4 Comments on “God Cancels Earth Day in Missouri”

  1. tgusa Says:

    The Television media and entertainment industry are highly commercialized and ad driven. Every ten minutes they try to sell you three or four more carbon based items. Their environmental footprint is probably only rivaled by cars but we are even seeing them pushing their way into our vehicles. They are basically trying to sell us stuff that they will use to accuse us of environmentally unfriendly activity. Buy more stuff, so we can bitch about it.

    The best way to help the environment is to not watch Lets Make a Deal and any of the others. Now when the National Central American broadcasting conglomeration starts telling me to turn them off, well then I will know they are serious. We have the internet now, but then that is somewhat driving their insanity, They are the horse at the turn of the motor age. They will have a role in the future but certainly not what it used to be.

    If you really want to help the Earth you can go here. They have a really nice free screen saver. You can buy CDs or you can just keep getting the free collections that they put up as the seasons change.

  2. Leatheneck Says:

    Agreed. This country has earned it, so be prepared to go every day.

    I’ve had all my field gear on twice in 24 hrs here in North Texas. In an hour, or two, I might have it on for a third time.

    Happy Resurrection day.

  3. tgusa Says:

    A creepy picture is worth a thousand words. Easter storm ravages White House. John Carpenter couldn’t have done it better.



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