Tens of thousands protest Christian governor in Egypt

Islamic apologists and their stupid lies aside, Egypt has shown its true face. Christians are a persecuted class and locals have no problem reminding them of it. You are supposed to believe two lies in this article:

1. Egypt is tolerant of other faiths
2. Egypt is moving towards a democracy.

If you believe either one of those lies, leave this site and rejoin your global warming group. You really do not have the intellect to stay.

The rest of you read on and enjoy your Easter Sunday. Remember to Pray for the persecuted Christians inside the USA and all over the world.

BY MAGGIE MICHAEL, 23 April, 11 (AP)
CAIRO — Tens of thousands of Egyptians led by hard-line Islamists escalated their protests Friday over the appointment of a Coptic Christian governor in southern Egypt, deepening mistrust between religious communities during the bumpy aftermath of Egypt’s revolution.
-I do not consider it as much of a revolution as a US betrayal.

More than a week of protests seeking to unseat the governor of Qena province are testing the ability of Egypt’s transitional military rulers and the interim government to handle an Islamic movement capable of rallying large numbers behind its hard-line agenda without jeopardizing the future of a democratic Egypt.
-Tens of thousands protesting a vote because they lost it, sounds like democracy to me (sarc).

Since President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster in February after an 18-day popular uprising, ultraconservative Islamist groups have been flexing their muscles and vowing to take a more active political role as Egypt charts its transition to democracy.
-Did I miss the counter protest? You know the one that demanded democracy over the normal islamic bull based around the ramblings of a 7th century pedophile?

Friday’s demonstrations were the largest so far in the campaign against the newly appointed Qena governor, Emad Mikhail, and coincided with Good Friday services for most of Egypt’s estimated 10 million Christians.
-There are probably more than ten million. I have been to Egypt, there are underground churches all over the place. Islam’s death grip is slipping fast

Protesters streamed out of the main weekly Muslim prayer services and gathered in front of the governor’s office and at other public squares, calling for Mikhail to be replaced by a Muslim governor.

Crowds barricaded vital train lines, blocked main roads and took over government buildings.
-And the police did what? Oh, that is right-nothing.

The bulk of the protesters were driven by a sectarian cause, believing it is not proper for a Christian to govern Muslims, who make up the majority of the population.
-Ok, you global warming believers have my permission to also fall for this uprising was caused by a sectarian group.

Egypt’s interim prime minister sent a key government minister in charge of security to meet with the protesters but he failed to persuade them to clear roads and train lines.
-Use force, it is what the pedophile mohammed did whenever things did not go his way.

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5 Comments on “Tens of thousands protest Christian governor in Egypt”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    democracy? More like another islamic theocracy. Just like the quasi one that already failed the Egyptian people.

    Maybe its time for them to go back to pharoahs…

  2. Big Frank Says:

    The apologist fools and lapdogs of radical Islam in the MSM and political class are always trying to convince us in the west to better understand and have a dialogue with the Islamic world. The results are always the same, they win ,we lose. IMHO one cannot deal with them in an honest way, it’s always their way or no way. There are so many horrific incidents of violence on a daily basis in the Islamic world to keep track of them all is impossible.

  3. tgusa Says:

    The leaders of the USA and the west are clueless in this war against islamic imperialism. We hand Egypt to the islamists and now Nato is dropping bombs in an effort to assassinate Kadafi. Meanwhile Assad is given a pass and US trained palisimian police are gunning down Jews. I look at what is going on and I have to say, whoever thought this plan up knew what they were doing, supporting and uniting islamists.

  4. tnr Says:

    More on the Egyptian Copts : They are not real Christian but Proto-Muslims or something like that 😦

    Read this :

    […]Consider the case of Fadel Soliman, a celebrated Sharia expert and Arab media darling. Director of the Bridges Foundation—which teaches Muslims “how to present Islam” to non-Muslims—Soliman also lectures at Western universities, churches, and governmental agencies, including the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

    His new Arabic book, Copts: Muslims Before Muhammad, which he has been promoting all over the media, including al-Jazeera, asserts that, at the time of the Muslim conquest of Egypt (c. 640), the vast majority of Egyptians were not, as history has long taught, Christians, but rather prototypical Muslims, or muwahidin, who were actually being oppressed by Christians: hence, the Muslim conquest of Egypt was really about “liberating” fellow Muslims. Soliman’s evidence is that the Arian sect, which rejected the claim that Jesus was coequal with God, was present in 4th century Egypt. Therefore, according to Soliman, the indigenous Egyptians were practicing “proto-Islam” hundreds of years before it was founded in the 7th century.

    As with much of modern academia’s approach to Islam, this thesis is based on pure fiction.[…]

    More on this page :


    • LOL! Muzzies sure are a pathetic lot. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised about a Muzzy rewriting history in an ignominious attempt to paint everyone who ever lived as Muslim. After all, Muzzies actually believe Jesus was a Muslim, so why not the Copts, too?

      Here’s a tip: NEVER trust a Muzzy to teach you history…


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