EPIC FAIL! – Nancy Pelosi: “Drill Baby Drill Won’t Lower Gas Prices”

Apparently, Nancy flunked economics 101; The Law of Supply and Demand.

Her ridiculous  comment is just more insanity from the world of Lefturds who will do and say anything to advance their green agenda at your expense (as in; from your wallet to their pocketbook—“Su dinero es mi dinero!” ):

Pelosi: Having More Oil Won’t Lower Oil Prices
Posted by Aurelius

Clearly Nancy Pelosi has never heard of “supply and demand.”  It’s a simple concept, really: the less of something you have, the more expensive it is because of its scarcity and vice versa.

Apparently no one ever told this basic concept to disgraced Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi.  Taking to Twitter, she exclaimed yesterday:

The problem is, as usual, the facts simply do not agree with Ms. Pelosi.

Read the rest of this over at Pundit Press by CLICKING HERE.

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2 Comments on “EPIC FAIL! – Nancy Pelosi: “Drill Baby Drill Won’t Lower Gas Prices””

  1. Big Frank Says:

    Nazi Pelosi, AKA Nancy Ligosi, does and will say anything the ‘machine’ instructs her to parrot. No one in the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ can make a public statement unless it has been authorized by the Czars and Commissars in the ‘Ministry of Truth and Information’. Remember recently, ‘Chuckie Cheese Schummer’ was instructed to bash and call the ‘Tea party’ folks extreme. IMHO any utterance or statement from the DemocRATs or the left has only one source.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Follow Nasty Pelousy and you will end up with happy meal toys being banned. We cannot drill our way to cheaper oil but we can ban our way to healthy bodies, LOL. Hey libtards, its not the toy that’s making you phat, its the dozen cheeseburgers with a big bag of fries on the side followed by five or six apple pie thingies.

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