New Census Figures Show Women Surpass Men in Advanced Degrees

Let’s see, now…  Women make more money than their male counterparts in the Tech  and Construction industries, and (sorry to be the bearer of bad news to all the rest of us guys out there) they are even  superior to men when it comes to tasting beer .  Now, new census figures show that women have surpassed men when it comes to graduating with advanced degrees.

Hm.  With all those inroads that have been made by women over the years, the feminist movement is looking a lot like the NAACP— antiquated superfluousness!

Maybe it’s about time for the feminist movement to shift gears and start concentrating on the last, real enemy of women’s rights:  Islam.

In a first, women surpass men in advanced degrees

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Census figures show women outnumber men for the first time when it comes to finishing college and holding advanced degrees.

Among adults 25 and older, 10.6 million in the U.S. who earned a master’s degree or higher were women, compared to 10.5 million men. Women, however, still lag men in subcategories such as business, science and engineering.

Yeah, but…women make more money in science  than their male counterparts do…

In terms of finishing college, women surpass men in earning bachelor’s degrees, by 1.5 million.


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2 Comments on “New Census Figures Show Women Surpass Men in Advanced Degrees”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    Just more man bashing crap from the feminist movement.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    That is the thing that surprises me the most about feminists – to stand so soundly against any injustice against women they perceive (real or imaginary), and then defend a political system, (yes I said political system), of Islam that subjugates women, (often violently).
    Often I read comments from muslim women in the mid-east defending their positions in society, and I think about Battered Women Syndrome, and ponder why these feminists are not shouting from the rooftops. On the contrary, they seem to aggressively defend the Islamic political system.

    Shameless plug of my blog article on Islam as political system (

    The only reason I can fathom for the discrepancy is that the men are not American or white. It seems these days that being either of those stigmatizes one as automatically being in the wrong. Political Correctness has truly taken our society over the edge.

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