White House Releases Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate!

Okay, can we now get on with the real problem?  Obama’s dual citizenship and split allegiances.

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22 Comments on “White House Releases Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate!”

  1. velvethammer Says:

    Quick question. Would race on a 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate be specified as African?

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Hmmm… Somethings fishy here…

    Why doesnt it list obamas weight and inches at birth?

    My own birth certificate a mere ten years later provides my weight and inches when I was born.

    A real or fake birth certificate does not mean that obama has done America any political favors. Its his ideology that worries those of us who arent ‘birthers’.

  3. jinaeve Says:

    maybe I just want this to not be real but questions still needs to be asked, if this is a legitimate certificate, why has this been such an issue the last 3 years? And… if this is legitimate, why are we now just getting a copy? Does it take 3 years to find the original or 3 years to create a really good forgery?

  4. tnr Says:

    But… is a Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) the same thing as a Long Form Birth Certificate ?

    and what about this :

    it looks a lot more real than the one released today… or let say… at least better forged…

  5. True Patriot Says:

    Hold on Patriots. This newly released forged BC my group was warned about back in Dec 2010; that the WH was working on a new release of a BC.

    This forgery has been copied from a woman, last name Nordyke back during the time this fraud was born in Kenya.

    This may possibly be the most desperate move the WH has made to date.

    We have kept the pressure on these Communists thugs since they first slid illegally into our WH.


    The Kenyans are outraged Obama & thugs have gone to great lengths to cover up his actual birth at Mumbasi Hosp in Kenya. Obama over and over again before becoming Sen. of Illinois is on tape and on record saying his birth and young childhood in Kenya.

    His own grandmother said she was there in Mumbasi Hosp when he was born.

    Obama’s Mothers Passport proved she was in Kenya before, during and well after Obama’s birth.

    Yes Ann Dunham knew that far back, O’s birth in Kenya would be a problem for Obama’s US Citizenship, so her mother in Hawaii put a newspaper announcement in the Hawaiian paper.

    This carefully orchestrated scam upon the American people is not going away, because some criminal thugs in our White House, produce a forgery to shut everyone up.

    Abercrombie could not find a B.C. Tim Adams the former official from Hawaii swore under oath that there was no birth cert. in Hawaii on Obama, & was later threatened with bodily harm so he changed his statement out of fear for his life.

    The passport agent Lt. Harris Quayles found Ann Dunham’s original passport which proved she was in Kenya before, during and after O’s birth. A day later he was found shot in the back of the head, murdered for which, no one has been arrested.

    Now Patriots, look at where this propaganda is coming from. The frauds in the White House.

    Does anyone really believe this new fake is the real thing.

    You are all smarter than that, but Obots are counting on you shutting up.

    We will not be silenced by this forgery.

    They will not allow it to be tested by forensics, & if so it would be a goon they hire.

    Fox guarding the Hen House analogy.

    Wake Up They are lying.

    The Usurping Liar has produced another Fake BC. It has taken 3 years because they wanted to make the forgery look real and pass the scrutiny of the American people, who are once again being lied to.

  6. True Patriot Says:

    And this 2nd forgery of the BC lists O as African. In the 60’s the terminology for DNA would list Negroid.

    Busted again the lying frauds. This coverup is so massive it is beyond belief the lengths these criminal thugs will go to covering for their fraud and Jihadist.

  7. jinaeve Says:

    I keep coming up with questions…


  8. tgusa Says:

    Well my Commonwealth of Massachusetts BC from around the same time as BHO’s clearly states my race, or as it is written, Color = White. Caucasian was not used I don’t think I heard that word until the mid to late 70s perhaps early 80s. Also, back then we did not consider a student as an occupation, as democrats would today. Yes he would have been listed as black, perhaps negro. He is still not a natural born American, a natural born Americans BC sez something like, Father; Wxyz Abcdefg. Residence; Groton, Mass. Place of birth, Kansas City, Mo. Occupation, US Army. now that is a natural born Americans BC, Kenya ain’t in the USA, student idn’t a job and African is not a color. Oh and Caucasian wasn’t a term that was used back then, LOL. Besides, that paper looks more like a guvmint check than it does the manilla(not the city) paper that was used back then. One more thing, in Hawaii are they in the habit of using all capital letters when typing names? Mine isn’t that way, perhaps there were better schools in Massachusetts than there were in Hawaii.

    • tgusa Says:

      Oh and it only took four days to record BHOs birth while it took them three weeks to record mine, could just be sop for the Army though, slowpokes. Also, the clerk has to certify,guarantee that the info is legit and they must sign it stating that fact as well. How much yopu want to bey BHOs clerk is dead, doesn’t exist, never did, or was born somewhere else?

  9. tnr Says:

    and the age of Stanley Ann Dunham should be 17… not 18… she was born on November 29th 1942… that means that in August 1961 she was still 17 …

  10. tgusa Says:

    I suspect that BHO released his fake BC in an effort to curb questions regarding the rest of his fake life. It has now gone beyond the BC and all of this questioning enrages liberals so I’m going to continue to do it.

    • PAM SHANKLIN Says:


      • tgusa Says:

        Can you believe these liberals? First they allow millions of illegal Mexicans to stay here which forced us all to have to show our BCs and just about everything else just to get a job (but don’t ask them for ID to vote). BHOs dad was not an American citizen, Hawaii has only been a state for about fifty years but many Americans who’s dads are Americans and who are older than the state of Hawaii don’t have any standing! Baloney. Hawaii and the democrat media and liberals are a complete disgrace, throw em all out of the country.

  11. tgusa Says:

    I have a, COPY OF RECORD OF BIRTH (evidently I was born alive, I think) but it clearly states that it is a copy of the original that is on file in the clerks office should I need it. It even goes as far as listing, right under the seal, the Year, the Volume, the Page, and the Number. Seems relatively cut and dried, you are either on file or you are President of the United States of America.

  12. PAM SHANKLIN Says:


  13. gaetano Says:

    My father was born in Italy. He became a citizen of the U.S.A. Then I was born. If I wanted to run for president I would be qualified,because both of my parents were U.S. citizens. Obama’s father never was a citizen of the U.S. It doesn’t matter where Obama was born, so long as both of his parents were U.S. citizens. Is this so hard to comprehend? He still cannot be a legal president with only one of his parents being a U.S. citizen. That doesn’t mean that obama is not a citizen ,It means that he can’t qualify to become a president of U.S.A.

  14. gaetano Says:

    You liberals understand all of this, but just want to keep the fraud going. Have a ball. This freaking fraud will not be covered up anymore. We know that the government is in on the coverup to protect themselves from fu%%%%% up the vetting process that was forged by Nancy Pelosi, and that the only way Obama will be ousted is by voting him out. There is no way this man wins in 2012.Obama will not ever be prosecuted and will just become history,but it will be a hell of long time before the government ever gets caught with its pants down again.

  15. gaetano Says:


    BET ON IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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