Canadian Election Results: Libtards Not Welcome, Eh?

Obama can’t be happy about this.  I’m sure it’s a bitter pill to swallow.  Good thing he has his OBL victory to cling to:

Canada’s Conservative Majority Trumps Left-Wing Revolution!

 – Judi McLeod  Tuesday, May 3, 2011 – CFP

Take heart America!  The Obama Regime-supported Liberals were not just wiped out in last night’s Canadian federal election, they were routed right off the map.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, attacked by Americans like Robert Kennedy Jr. for his “religiosity” made history with a third election victory—and first solid majority.

The Liberals forced back from 77 seats when the writ was dropped to a paltry 34 elected and leading at the time of this writing,  were the hope of President Barack Obama’s former financial advisor Larry Summers,  Samantha Power, wife of Obama czar Cass Sunstein, among others.

In the stinging humiliation dealt the Liberals,  Leader Michael Ignatieff lost his seat.

In Harper’s historic victory, Liberals,  known as Canada’s once “natural governing party”, were left in third place behind the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Bloc Quebecois, whose Leader Gilles Duceppe lost his own seat, became an overnight rump.  It was the first time since 1993 that Canada’s Separatist Party didn’t claim at least half of Quebec’s 75 seats.

Even with Osama bin Laden’s death dominating front page news, the news of the election travelled like wildfire beyond Canadian borders.  Canadians not only broke election day Twitter blackout—but knocked Obama’s Osama story down to number [2] position, worldwide.

The main strategy of the revolution-bound far left, with the spread of disinformation by Council of Canadians and others that had Harper selling Canada out to the European Union, boomeranged when Canadians went to the polls to give Harper a majority of 166 elected and leading seats.

Respect for the mainstream media, which had predicted a much tighter race with the possibility of a, NDP Jack Layton-led minority,  took the same nosedive as the Liberals and Bloc Quebecois, leaving Layton alone in the post-election fight against the Tories.

The election proves the great divide between the far left and average Canadians.

The number one issue for Canadians was the economy.  The number one issue for the lib-left was revolution.

The message for Obama?  Your revolution isn’t welcome on Canadian soil.

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21 Comments on “Canadian Election Results: Libtards Not Welcome, Eh?”

  1. teach5 Says:

    A very good sign! Perhaps a precursor for 2012? BHO can only ride the bin Laden wave until people have to get back in their cars which are currently running on $4.31 a gallon gasoline. Then they’re reminded that we’re prohibited from being independent of the OPEC slobs, and he likes it that way.
    Very good news indeed!

  2. sylvia stevens Says:

    I wouldn’t think to much of the Victory he has much to prove and if he fails then we’ll be rid of the conservatives for mayby another 75 years. Carefull now their’s reason why his majority has been allowed. He is their and it isn’t to rule the Canadian people it’s to support them by way of improving the economy and quality of life for all Canadians. I am looking forward to seeing what he does with the power…after all it’s only 4 years. Congradulations.

  3. Robert Boyter Says:

    Sir. You are an ass, and this election is a great step backward. Stephen Harper seems to me to be George W. Bush without the charisma. A man devoted to rolling the clock back to the 1920’s if not the 19th Century. The Mulroney years seemed endless, but this is a travesty.

    Robert T. Boyter

    • LOL!

      Sounds to me like someone’s a sore loser, eh?


      • tgusa Says:

        1920s LOL. More like the 7th century.

        • Hehehehe. I’m thinking you mean, as in the way the Libtards in Canada have fatuously embraced Islam, dragging Canada back into the 7th century? Yup, you’re right. Sounds to me like Canada could use a nice, healthy dose of 21st Century Conservatism to pull them out of the rut the Libtards have stranded them in for decades. Heck, relatively speaking, the roaring ’20s were a great time to be alive. So, what’s Robert T. Boyter whining about anyway, eh?


          • tgusa Says:

            Yes, the roaring twenties were a time of great change similar but not the same as the time we are living in now. The difference is they were moving forward, the development of film and radio cars and machinery while we are moving backwards. For example, if the people of the twenties were in charge of NASA we would have a base on the Moon right now. But yet, we go round and round to nowhere.

            Of course NASA is reaching out to muslims, yes, they want muslims in space, better watch out aliens.

    • Ziks 511 Says:

      Sorry Robbie boy, sounds like you’re off your meds again.
      Why all the vitriol??

  4. tgusa Says:

    I have noticed that as with the USA Canada has allowed many refugees and their wives to come to North America and settle. These people are supported by liberal welfare programs which monies are stolen from others. On the other side, the UN has not settled these people outside of the west, it has been exclusively the west. In 75 years we will probably see a continental war and that war will be fought by the refugees (oh brother) and their indigenous peoples. I’m sure the people of tomorrow will thank the left for that. No doubt the left could care less, after all it is all about them and the now, screw tomorrow and the children of tomorrow, right lefties?

  5. William Kresowaty Says:

    This is a ridiculously skewed analysis of the Canadian election results. Just another example of what’s wrong with American right wing opinion makers and what’s making America almost ungovernable. Rejection of the Liberals was not a rejection of the left wing. The even further left wing NDP went from 37 to 102 seats. The combined anti-conservative vote (all the other parties which won seats are left-leaning) percentage was 61%. Many of the Conservative seats were won simply because the left and centre left parties split the anti-conservative vote. As usual, with your brand of journalism, facts are ignored or falsified and media which is balanced is painted as left biased. Who pays you to say this stuff?

    • LWP Says:

      This commentary by Mr. Kresowaty is exactly right. The crushing of the Liberals by the NDP, especially in Quebec, is a sign that Canada is moving LEFT. Sorry Judi, you’ve got it all wrong. The time when Canada will have a social democratic government (or a democratic socialist one) with the NDP in power is now visible. History is moving in the correct (not right) direction here.

      • Well. No problem then. So, what is Mr. Kesowaty getting his knickers all twisted up over?

        By the way, are you free for work as a spin doctor? I need one for my campaign in case I lose; I can see that you clearly have “the gift.”


      • True Westerner Says:

        God I hope not! NDP Platforms are predominantly socialist in nature and when they got into power provincially in two of our provinces they nearly bankrupted them.

    • Kresowaty,


      You are too funny, my friend. You can twist and bend the analysis any which way you so desire. However, when it comes right down to it, the Canadian People have spoken; The Conservatives have won. Get over it, suck it up, and quit being such a sore loser.

      As to your hilariously whiny comment that “rejection of the Liberals was not a rejection of the left wing,” you are obviously afflicted with liberal amentia and living in la-la land. However, I have come to expect no less from Libtards like yourself. Why, just a few years ago, I recall Libtards hailing the election of Barack Obama as a rejection of Conservatism, Republicanism, Capitalism, the Right Wing, you name it, the Libtards hailed the demise of it. In fact, a quick search on Google using several of those search parameters reveals over 1 million hits.

      The American people were told over and over again by a liberal media that We the People had given Obama and the Democrats a mandate, and that mandate was liberalism and socialism. Funny, I don’t seem to recall being asked what mandate I voted for, but I digress.

      Anyway, the Lame Stream Media was giddily writing article after article hailing the imminent death of the Republican party. There were even polls on legitimate news websites that asked their readers if they thought the Republican Party was dead. 58 percent said yes, start planning the funeral.

      Then, something quite unexpected happened. The REAL American People woke up and organized via the Tea Parties!

      By the time the 2010 mid-term elections rolled around a mere 21 months later, the Liberal media was still busy laughing at the Tea Partiers and painting them as inconsequential, racists, nut-jobs, you name it. Then, election night 2010 hit like a tidal wave! The Democrats lost a historic number of seats in Congress, thus giving Obama a political slap in the face and saying, “we DID NOT give you a mandate for socialism and liberalism, you freakin’ moron!”

      So, all that being said, might I suggest you stop whining to me about your “wittle boo-boo,” go back, lick your wounds, and then organize a more cohesive campaign strategy for the next election cycle?


  6. Mike Says:

    Your “analysis” of Canadian politics leaves something to be desired. The Liberal Party is not a left-wing party in Canada, it’s centrist, and has been veering right for the last decade.

    You claim that the left-wing “revolution” was “trumped”… the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The NDP is Canada’s left-wing party, and they took an unprecedented number of seats and became the official opposition for the first time in history. As of last night the left-wing in Canada is stronger than it has ever been in history.

    Harper won with only 39% voter support last night, and the NDP’s rise could very well see them take power after four years of Harper’s Bush-like policies and contempt for democracy and our Parliament.

    There is no doubt that Harper has achieved his goal thanks to the vote split, and it clearly reflects a conservative shift in his favour. But equally significant is the rise of Canada’s left-wing party from 37 seats to 102, a far greater increase than Harper achieved.

    Your impressions of Canadian culture and politics is utterly baseless and biased, but hey, have fun preaching to the converted in your echo chamber. Not surprising from someone who responds to comments from people who actually know what they’re talking about by calling them names. I guess that stuff works on conservatives, the rest of us actually exchange ideas, not epithets.

    Take care.

    And don’t bother calling me a “Libtard”, I’ve never voted Liberal.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      What’s with all the hate Mike? Folks get a fair shake here unless they crap on the site like you just did.

      Pound sand.

    • Mike,

      Do you really want me to explain how wrong you are, or are you just another drive-by Canuck who is still whining about losing the election?

      Let me know if you seriously wish to parley. If so, then I would be more than happy to abnegate my Dr. Bulldog persona to discuss your Progressively programmed misconceptions. Bear in mind, however, the discussion will take up large amounts of bandwidth as the elucidations will not consist of cutesy little soundbites of which most are accustomed to. I will even go so far as to adduce the Liberal Party’s very own issues vs. the Canadian Conservative’s in this last election to prove my point.

      Are you prepared? Or, are you a poltroon?


      • tnr Says:

        Doc, there is no use wasting time discussing politics with Canadian leftists, they are always right, even when they are wrong…

        Read these two articles in lieu and have a good laugh :

        The REALLY New Democrats:

        Layton tasked with turning unseasoned caucus into Opposition

        […]the swell of NDP support — in Quebec in particular — was largely a product of promises Mr. Layton made but was never in a position to keep.[…]“When the NDP was the third party, it had relatively little power and the result was that Layton could say whatever he wanted to appeal to whatever constituents he wanted,”[…]

        • “Doc, there is no use wasting time discussing politics with Canadian leftists, they are always right, even when they are wrong… “

          Yes. You are right, of course. A century of leftist programming and Progressive propaganda has them thinking left is right, right is left, up is down, down is up—and, two plus two equals five.


  7. Ed Shaw Says:

    Congratulations, Canadian conservatives. We consider this an aborted attempt by the far left to take power.
    Here in America, we are busy taking Barry’s best shots.
    Keep an eye on Donald Trump.

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