White House to Release Photo of Bin Laden

This via Michelle Malkin:

Looks like the White House may release at least one photo of dead bin Laden and perhaps more pics and video of the raid.

Take everything bungling deputy national security adviser John Brennan says with a grain of salt, of course […]


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9 Comments on “White House to Release Photo of Bin Laden”

  1. tgusa Says:

    How about the release of the conning tower video of the services?

  2. True Patriot Says:

    I guess they got the photoshop machine fixed. They burned one up forging the 2nd BC.


  3. Gonzo Says:

    Why is old Star Trek episodes suddenly coming to mind:

    Captain Obama: “Scotty, how long until the photo editor can perform at warp speeds”?

    Scotty-ish techno dude: “Capn’, the color flux inducer is fried beyond all recognition. I’m having a new one synthesized now, but its gonna take time.”

    Captain Obama: “How looooooong Scotty?”

    Scotty-ish techno dude: “I need at least a day to make it work safely.”

    Captain Obama: “Dammit Scotty!! I don’t have a full day! I need warp imaging NOW! You have 3 hours!”

  4. tgusa Says:

    Now they say they won’t release any photos, too gory and later, too inflammatory. Liberals are suffering from whiplash in order to avoid backlash.

    • Ronin Says:

      obama did not mind releasing pictures of our dead or of abused prisoners. Then again he also took credit for the work of our military-they same military he wanted to withhold pay from.

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