New York School Bans Student Christian Club

Just because Klansman Justice Hugo Black of the United States Supreme Court, in ruling on Everson v. Board of Education, fatuously included a portion of the KKK’s pledge which calls for a “separation of church and state,”  that does not mean that teachers are allowed to dictate whether or not students can practice their own religion on school grounds.  It means that teachers cannot force students to practice a religion (like they routinely do with Islam), nor can teachers stop students from practicing a religion. 

To help any teachers out there who are confused about all of this, let me break it down into one simple word which will save you untold time and money;  “neutrality.”

Obviously, the principal of the Hicksville Union Free School District in Central Islip, NY, does not quite grasp such a simple concept:

School Bans Christian Club

By Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio

A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a group of Christian high school students in New York who said their principal banned them from starting a Christian club.

“The principal said, ‘I don’t want any of these Christian clubs at my school,’” said David Cortman, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative advocacy legal group.  The ADF filed the lawsuit Monday against the Hicksville Union Free School District in Central Islip, NY.

“Public schools cannot ban Christian student clubs simply because they are religious,” Cortman said. “If officials at government-run schools did their homework, they’d know that students have a constitutionally protected right to express their beliefs.”

Last October, students at Hicksville High School requested official recognition for the Frontline Club. They had a dozen classmates willing to join the club and had secured a faculty advisor. However, the principal denied their request – and said she did not want a Christian club in her school.

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3 Comments on “New York School Bans Student Christian Club”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Perhaps that administration should read their own Code of Conduct

    From it they would find words such as “tolerance”, but mostly importantly, they would find that their own document conveys to students the rights to:

    Present their point of view and advocate for their civil rights provided those activities are
    consistent with a safe, healthy, orderly and civil environment.
    2. An opportunity to take part in all district activities on an equal basis regardless of age,
    race, RELIGION, { <– EMPHASIS ADDED } color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability, provided they are otherwise qualified to do so.

    I guess the principle only believes in her own viewpoint.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    Funny thing that the school district is not nameing that principle on thier website. Neither is that website discussing the WHYS that principle wants to get rid of Christianity at the school he leads.

  3. Bob Says:

    “I don’t want any of these Christian clubs at my school,”
    However,crips, bloods, drug dealers and thieves are A-OK!

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